5 Signs that Your Website’s SEO is NOT Working

Losing sleep and all your peace over the fact that your current SEO strategy is not working and failed to return your desired ROI?


If yes, then this is definitely a big point of concern, and you have to deal with it with wisdom and patience without getting frustrated. Because you are not alone in this. 


There are thousands of companies that have failed to achieve sustainable growth. The reason is, SEO has become something we can all get behind. It’s a challenging approach and we have to come up with innovative ideas and techniques to outperform big players in the market.


So, if you also find yourself wondering why everything you do for your website doesn’t affect its ranking and growth, then this is the right article for you.


Here in this article, we have pinpointed some telltale signs that your website’s SEO is not working and what you could do to get better results.


You are failed to get enough traffic


One of the best signs that your SEO strategy is not working, you are not getting enough traffic on your website. 


This could happen due to a lot of important reasons. Some of the obvious reasons are


  • Your website is not indexed properly


  • You are targeting the wrong keywords.


  • You are not implementing the right title tags or following some best practices


  • The website is blocked from searches inadvertently


  • You are creating bad content or not optimized for SEO practices.


Now you know the interesting fact? Most of these problems can be easily alleviated when you hire a leading SEO agency that has dedicated professionals who offer guaranteed success and recognition. 



Not getting profitable conversions


Now on the flip side of the coin, for example, if you are getting a huge traffic volume on your site, but most of the visitors are not making a purchase or pressing your “contact us” button.


In case that, maybe the content of your site has failed to meet the requirements of your audience or might be your services are not addressing the needs of your customers. Therefore, it’s important to match the intentions of visitors in your SEO campaign. 


There could be a lot of other reasons as well. Let’s say, your website doesn’t have clear calls to action. So, when your website has pages that are not converting the audience, then you may need to ask several questions from yourself.


  • Am I targeting the right keywords for my business?


  • Does my content align with the keywords and services?


  • Am I giving the users clear intentions about my services?


Therefore, the most important thing to look at is, make sure you are offering value to your audience, and they are getting exactly what they want.


Your content is NOT SEO friendly, ineffective, and irrelevant


When it comes to SEO and marketing, content is king. However, the type of content you create to engage readers and convert the audience defines the strength. The content should be powerful enough to engage and convert the audience the moment they come across your landing page. 


Because most SEO experts and content creators tend to create insane amounts of content that doesn’t give any value to the readers. Instead of converting, they skip the long-form blocks and skip everything that seems useless.


So, the best tip is, whenever you create content for your site, ask yourself these questions.


  • What do our users want to read?


  • What keywords other competitors are using?


  • Should we use a professional or conversational tone?


  • What should be the length of content?


  • How often should we create content for articles and websites?


  • How can we differentiate our company from others in terms of content?


You have bad or broken backlinks


We all know that if you want your website to perform well in Google and Bing, n your website must point to a lot of reputed, high quality, and reliable backlinks. Because backlinks are basically an essential endorsement that strengthens the overall value of your company. 


What we mean is, when we create any piece of content, everyone should hopefully get engaged with the piece and liked enough that they assume others should also read it as well.


So, when they add a link of your site to the content, search engines immediately crawl the link pointing to the site and increase the overall authority of your site. The more links pointing to your sites, the higher the authority you observe in a short period. 


However, if you are generating spam, broken or bad links, it may affect the ranking and position of your website. You can generate high-quality links from


  • Directory submissions


  • Image submissions


  • Article submissions


  • Video submissions


  • Blog posts creation


  • Ad posting and much more


You are not making sure what you want to achieve


We have seen most entrepreneurs fail because they do not have clear goals and objectives in mind. They just go with the wind, without even having a proper objective of their website. 


This is probably the worst SEO strategy as you cannot be successful or get any return on investment. You need to track the performance, and for that, it’s important to come up with an effective goal. 


Ask yourself what do you want to achieve? What are your priorities and preferences?


For example


  • Do you want more traffic?


  • Looking to generate high-quality leads?


  • Want to earn huge revenue?


  • Or just wish to increase brand awareness?


When you have clear perspectives in mind, you can simply ensure positive results while following strong strategies for a clear objective.


Are you experiencing any unusual signs? Let the professionals know!


If so, then this is an issue that shouldn’t be taken lightly at any cost.


You should immediately consult with Hukumat professionals that have a proven track record in providing high-quality SEO services and letting people know what strategy could work and what’s just affecting the ranking of your site.


Once you get clear ideas about what’s damaging the performance of your site, you can take better steps towards improvement and stability.


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