How to Create a High Converting Landing Page for PPC?

Let’s say, you have got your marketing budget set. Your search ads are going well, your website pages are well optimized, generating healthy traffic, and your social media ads are driving more leads every day. (I know it’s a dream situation for every PPC marketer, but let’s keep imagining)



Your website is receiving lots of qualified visits every hour. But unfortunately, your sales numbers are not increasing, and you are failing to generate good conversions. So, what should you do? Change your marketing strategy and create a new one? 


Not yet.



Because we think it’s not about blaming your strategy when you are receiving traffic every day, it’s about implementing some modifications and fine-tuning your campaign.



Thus, the first thing you might want to observe is, what’s the reaction of people when they first visit your ad? Are they spending time on your webpage or just bouncing back?



If this is the situation, then probably you need to make a high converting landing page. Yes, because if the landing page is not competitive and compelling, then how could you expect visitors to become buyers?



You don’t need people to only visit the page. In fact, you need them to convert and become your regular customer. So, let us make it easy by highlighting some important tips that help create a wonderful landing page for PPC.


Create a dedicated distraction-free page for getting traffic



People who click on your shopping ads are serious about buying something and maybe ready to shop on the spot. So, they need clear help within seconds. your traffic is ready to spend, and people want to take immediate action.



Now when you take such qualified traffic to your homepage, you actually make a big mistake, in fact, a blunder.



Because visitors will find a lot of options there. They might want to check your other services, visit your blog page, scroll through your social pages and check the testimonials. This homepage has distracted people from taking a specific action, as a result, you have lost the right customer.



To avoid this, you need to send that paid traffic to a well-optimized, dedicated, and focused page. This will increase your chances of getting plenty of conversions without distracting them from other areas.


One landing page for one ad


Since you create one ad to address the needs of your customers, it’s important to follow the ‘one’ rule in every place. Create one landing page for that ad, which is more aligned to the meaning of your ad. It increases the chances of getting high conversions.



So, all you need to do is generate high focus. This ‘one’ rule will help you a lot in the long run. Create one ad for one landing page and set one goal with one offer.



This means you need to create multiple ads for multiple pages if you have a lot of products to sell. This way, you would immediately see a great boost in conversions as your focus is not divided. People will click more on the offers as you are efficiently addressing one problem at a time which is not shifting their focus.



From the main heading to the content body, and subheadings to CTA, every element counts a lot- which is why make sure you follow the ‘one’ rule every time while creating an ad or landing page.


Create a strong title


The title is the first thing every visitor sees when they first visit your landing page. Therefore, your title or heading should be compelling and engaging so you can keep people stay on the page. Otherwise, people will leave within seconds and hence choose another competitor. 



Here are some tips to create an attractive title.


  • Mention the most attention-grabbing and juicy benefits of your offer.


  • The title must address the basic need of the customer.


  • Make sure the title reflects the content of the ad.


  • Do not forget to add a subheading with the title.


  • Highlight unique selling proposition



Another point to focus on is, your title should be short, compelling, precise, and contains only 8-10 words. The purpose is to not say anything extra but just entice visitors so they can stay on the page and read it till the end.



An example of a strong title


Choose the most attractive and relevant image


Besides the title and content of your landing page, another element to consider is, add a high quality, attractive and relevant image.



This is going to be the first image when people visit your landing page, so it should be catchy and not distract the audience from the actual point of the ad. This image occupies a primary area on your page, so it plays a vital role in drawing visits to the ad.



According to experts, it’s not recommended to use stock images. People have already found them plenty of times on different websites. So, it’s better to create a custom image that defines the content of your ad.


Create a compelling copy that hooks the audience


Once you successfully entice the audience with a compelling title and brilliant image, the next step is to keep them glued. Make sure they don’t bounce back after landing on the page.



Engage them and convince them to keep reading and checking the benefits of your services and offers. As you know most people are selfish, they don’t spend money unless they find any benefit in your offer. So, you have to tell them that this is the most beneficial thing they are seeing right now.



Whatever benefits your offer provides, mention all the features, specs, and characteristics that could make the product hypnotic. 



To make your copy easy and engaging, make sure you follow these tips.


  • Don’t use heavy words and long paragraphs. The sentences should be short and easy.


  • Add one benefit in one bullet point


  • Try to use lots of white space so the content don’t look overwhelmed


Prove your authority- connect trust signals


People love to do things that they see others are doing. They believe it makes them a part of the community and they are following the trend. That’s the reason, more than 95% of the audience checks reviews before making a purchase.



Now what you need to do is, show people that you are the authority in the industry and most people love shopping from your brand because you are simply the best.



Give them the real reasons to choose you. Instill encouragement, motivation, and confidence in your offer. Try to prove your authority so people can’t press the “back” button in search of any other offer. 



There are some easy ways to do this


  • Add testimonials from satisfied customers


  • Include all the positive reviews of products and services


  • Flaunt the popular clients you once have served 


  • Highlight mentions of your brand on different respected publications.


  • Display some certifications you have achieved in the past.


  • Show the numbers of happy clients


Determine the length of your landing page that reflect your goals


The total length of your landing page will directly affect your conversion rate. Generally, there are two primary types of landing pages. Short and long.



Both types have their own advantages, so you need to ensure what type could best reflect your goals. 



Have a look at some important pointers before creating a short or long landing page.



Why a short landing page?


  • Gives high volumes of less qualified leads.


  • Best for low commitment actions


  • An ideal solution for providing free resources



This is an example of a short landing page



Why a long landing page?


  • Generates comparatively fewer leads but better in quality. 


  • Lengthy page- big offers


  • Best for selling products and services


This is an example of a long landing page



Generate an effortless call to action


Getting the audience to do everything you want them to do is definitely a challenging thing. Whether it’s filling a contact form, downloading an eBook, or creating a new sign-up. You have to work hard to make them do what you want.



Therefore, your call to action should be rock solid. This is the first thing that your audience sees when they visit the landing page. And if they get inspired, they must look for an option to take further action. If your call to action is strong and addressing their need, they must click it immediately and follow the next procedure. 



To make a super compelling CTA, your wording should be strong and effective. Refer back to all the personas. Like what could drive them to take your desired action? Give them no other option than to convert.



For example, 


  • Shop now, 


  • Click here


  • Sign up to avail discount and


  • Save big, are some intelligent CTAs that convert people immediately.


Another example of a good CTA


To conclude


So, in summary, if you want to convert more and more people every day, it’s time to follow the tips intelligently so you can create winning PPC campaigns.



With great focus, dedication, and a steely desire, you can succeed in your mission. In case you need any help in Google AdWords or PPC, Hukumat is happy to help; after all, we have managed thousands of campaigns in 14 years.


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