Top 5 PPC Call Trackers for your Business

You may have heard many times that tracking your return on investment to determine the success of your PPC campaign is the most important consideration.



Well, yes, we won’t deny this fact as we personally experience this many times like if your ROI is high, then the marketing strategy is working. And if it’s low, then we need to make further adjustments.



Therefore, we believe it has become important to play with lots of analytics tools that measure accurate stats and results.



For example, you can analyze the strength of your ad campaigns, check SEO metrics, determine offline materials, and much more.



However, there is always one thing every PPC marketer skips to measure- the success rate of phone calls. Because most of the time, you might have no idea about where the calls are coming from, what led to queries and conversions, who are the ideal customers, and what are their pain points.



As a result, unfortunately, you cannot determine the right potential for your calls. But don’t worry, we have good news to share.



You can manage everything more effectively with the help of PPC call trackers. These are basically the software that helps your PPC team measure all the details and identify the opportunities to adjust your phone call strategies while optimizing your conversion rates.


What are PPC call trackers? An overview


Call trackers are the software that helps PPC marketers determine the effectiveness of their advertising strategies. It includes both online and offline marketing practices by measuring the facts that why the customer called, and what happened to the conversion.



With call trackers, you can get detailed information about all the sources of leads. Besides, you can have a call recording facility and trackers of what campaign worked best for you to generate healthy leads. Not only that, but you can also get detailed reports to understand the customer’s calling behavior.


Top PPC call trackers


Now that you understand what PPC call trackers are, it’s time to move further and check what are those top call trackers that do the needful.




With HubSpot, you can easily prioritize your sales calls every day, make daily calls, and record them without any difficulty from your browser directly.



After that, you can log the call to the CRM using HubSpot’s call tracker automatically. You can efficiently sell more while making fewer calls and can even plan your daily calls as well.



You can contact your customers properly and prioritize the most ideal calls while setting up the queue regularly. The call trackers can help you make calls within seconds from your browser without even using your phone.



All you need to do is a single click and then get connected with your prospects through a voice-over IP. This call tracker will also log your calls automatically to HubSpot CRM.




If you want accurate 360-degree visibility into every detail of your call, choose Freshcaller. The tracker helps you get an idea about the customers as well as their buying journey while checking all the events within your call.



It also has a call lifecycle feature that gives random details such as the caller’s name, the person who answered the call, and the details about call transfer. You can also check how the call went and if there are any extra charges associated with the call or not.



Besides that, you can also check more than 50 events in all incoming and outgoing calls to check their effectiveness.



You can even figure out the proper reason behind your customer’s good or bad experience by measuring the overall call handling time, call duration, transfer, answering time, and much more.




If you want an efficient, result-driven, and performance-based cloud call tracker to help your sales and support team, then nothing could help you better than CloudTalk. The call tracker already powers more than 2500 phone systems as well as call centers. You can easily maintain your local and global presence with international phone numbers.



Especially if you are running your call center, you can manage things virtually from every destination around the globe and maintain healthy relationships. By using CloudTalk, you can easily get access to different features that boost customer interactions and make the workflow even more effective and reliable.



The call tracker helps you create custom call queues, automatically record calls, listen to the calls from the browser as well as make internal calls for every agent or department.



You can also send automatic text messages, notifications, schedule conference calls, and much more.




Now you have an opportunity to track all the calls instantly and then figure out the most effective marketing campaigns by using an advanced call tracker named WhatConverts.



The tracker helps capture every lead that comes through your phone call, and then track the sources easily.



It also features a custom IVR menu that helps your caller hear a menu and help them select various options, so you can direct calls to a more appropriate connection.



It enables your team to qualify all the incoming calls as leads when the calls get to an end. You can also get a geographic call routing feature that helps direct incoming calls to your business location that is closest to the geographic location of your caller.




Google’s search policies are innovating every year to offer a great compelling experience to its audience.



The key is to reach your audience at the key moments when they need your help the most. In order to make that experience more pleasant and welcoming, Google AdWords brings a lot of dynamic changes every year. In fact, there are a lot of notable changes expected to become a part of Google AdWords strategy that offer people more benefits and opportunities for growth.



I am sure the new AdWords experience is going to blast the world due to its unprecedented features and updates. In fact, the UI features are also expected to receive massive upgrades in the future.



So, the new experiences are now opening the doors of huge success for your business so it’s a must for every advertiser to take the golden advantages of Google AdWords for their business.



The new features and updates may take some to get used to, but once you incorporate them and experience the benefits, you will be able to weigh all the positive points more effectively. Therefore, if you want to make your campaign vastly superior, it’s time to put special attention on your advertising campaigns and learn how it targets the most relevant audience for your business.


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