10 Viral Instagram Video Ads that Got Huge Results


What do you think about that famous Taco bell Ad whose thriller clichés help sold more than 50 million nacho fries in a week?


Have you ‘seen things differently’ with Apple’s perspective Ad that scored 3.5 million views on YouTube only?

What about that Metro Trains Ad that received 5 grand prizes at Cannes Lion Festival and got 170 million views?


Well, thanks to the internet- these are the all-time famous video Ads that continue to mesmerize the audience till date. These Ads got spectacular hits and crossed millions of views due to their dazzling theme, delightful graphics, and superb creativity. For the audience, it reinforces the idea to enjoy the fruitful benefits of amazing products; and for advertisers, it tends to drive more sales, more views, more engagements, more brand awareness, and more popularity.


However, with the rise of social media and its irreplaceable impacts, it’s not hard for people to advertise their products in front of a massive audience, especially when they have an option to run video Ads.

To enlighten you more, let’s start from the breakout star of the social family.

Yes, I am talking about your favorite ‘Instagram’ that has more than 1 billion active monthly users.


Instagram Video Ads have turned hundreds of people into internet celebrities in 24 hours only. Remember that ‘13 reasons why’ Ad on Instagram? It made Dylan Minnette extremely popular and one of the most followed celebrities on Instagram.

With so many active people scrolling through their Instagram feed, you can get started with a killer advertising campaign and generate millions in just a matter of days.

Here I am going to present top viral Instagram Ads to take inspiration from. Also, provide a guidance about viral Ad marketing for rapid business growth.


Let’s see how these Ad campaigns have managed to position themselves higher on Instagram.


Best Instagram Marketing Results

1. Apple Watch


This watch Ad by Apple features dark neon shades that have some eye-catching slow-motion sequence. This video has got popular among all the Apple lovers as they have introduced the best way to gain the audience’s attention by adding a little variation into the video that people are expecting to be static. Advertisers have done an epic job by presenting that information in an interesting manner.

Above all, you can also view the colorful background rings of watches that engage people until the end. This video Ad got 9,012,490 views and also double figures in terms of sales.


2. Marvel champions


Marvel Champions invite fans from all over the world to play this iconic game originated from Marvel Universe. They have used this video Ad and created auspicious characters and animation that their audience wants to see from the series. They have built visually appealing fighting sequences that incredibly shows the power of characters.

The video Ad is much intense for Marvel fans as they visualize motion and bright colors with interesting characters which make people choose this game over others. The game was released in 2014 and got 4.3 rating in the play store, which makes it one of the most-played fighting games in the world.


Best Instagram Marketing Results
Strong Instagram Marketing

3. Nestle Nido Fortigrow


With Nestle Nido Ad, moms can easily kickstart the learning process for their children without wasting a minute. This Ad basically motivate moms to teach their children some important learning tips about sharing, so they can create a huge difference in the future.

As mothers are much sensitive about their kids so the advertisers tend to add 5 tips for mothers through which they can better teach their growing ones about the importance of sharing and learning.


The Ad has gone viral as soon as it launched and received instant 6,499 views in microseconds with millions of purchases in 24 hours worldwide.


4. Dove


Getting healthy and nourishing hair is equally important to enjoy the life of your dreams. This is what Dove teaches us through this compelling Ad that says ‘don’t let damage hold you back’.

They have also used powerful emotional appeal by showing girls using straighteners and hair curlers that are known to damage hairs. However, with Dove, they will experience unbeatable damage in the long run.

The Ad has got whopping 50,813 views in seconds and drives billions of revenues per year worldwide through these Instagram Ad campaigns.


Strong Instagram Marketing
Strong Instagram Marketing

5. Robinhood


Sometimes an advertiser just needs a simple approach to communicate his message well to the target audience.

This is applicable in the Robinhood video Ad that has a shiny black background which is showing several white stock names in white letters revolving around the screen. This immediately grabs the attention of the audience and make them stare until the end.

The idea is to engage readers in a different way that looks unique to today’s vibrant and colorful images. With this advertising concept, they have secured a 4.5 rating in the play store, more than 10,000 downloads, and hundreds of positive reviews.


6. Haagen Dazs


The purpose of this inspirational Ad is to show viewers the power of a hook on their free cone day. The Ad features two most captivating ideas, one is the image of a scrumptious strawberry ice cream cone, and second is a statement that says, “without honey bees.”

Now the statement sounds incomplete and create curiosity in users about the next sentence. They want to know the rest of the details so they will keep watching the Ad and then at the end, they will find out the Ad is in support of honey bees.


More than 90% of users switch to a brand when they find out they are supporting some good cause, so the idea of relating Free Cone Day to honey bees is much impressive to gain more attention.


Instagram Marketing Techniques
Instagram Marketing Techniques

7. Buzzfeed Tasty


Tap a recipe and let’s start cooking with Buzz feed tasty! This video Ad invitation highlights One Top stove product.


Advertisers tend to show their audience the benefits of their new product and guiding them about how this is going to work and will make their cooking process easy. So, viewers can check all the details of the ingredients as well as other elements before continuing with One Top stove.

They have tried to make the product more vibrant, appealing, and engaging by introducing red steak to the video. In contrast with the logo, they have used the same light blue background that is perfecting the Ad with 27,970 views and hundreds of comments.


8. Tophatter


In this cool video Ad, Top Hatter shows some useful winning gadget that actually inspires viewers after seeing its effectiveness.

The video features how this amazing gadget can make your ride easier and more comfortable. Users will feel more inclined to purchase the car duster car when they will find out how much dust it can wipe away in seconds.


Instagram Marketing Techniques
Instagram Marketing Techniques

9. CS Racing


Do you like racing games? If so, this Ad is all you need to unlock the new adventures in racing.


The video Ad has high-quality images as well as resembling live-action filming which further motivates people to install the game immediately from the play store.

Moreover, CS Racing has also reminded its audience that the clip is mainly a gameplay, and not some kind of appealing edited video, it helps viewers to know that this game is as awesome as it looks like.


10. Quip


Do you like electric tooth brushes?

Quip offers smart solutions and make your brushing experience more pleasing and comfortable. The video Ad efficiently conveys a simple message in multiple slideshow steps.

The experts have broken down the ideas that why they are the best solution to bad toothbrushing and transform it into the soothing chunks.


Instagram Marketing Services

What does it take to go viral on Instagram?


Many people have the least ideas about how to go viral on Instagram and thousands of views to make the post circulating everywhere. Well, going viral is not that easy. You need to incorporate several techniques for your video Ads so your products get seen and inspired from all around the world.

To make your videos Ads go viral, you need to post that unique idea that can rapidly spread everywhere on Instagram and shared by thousands of users.

However, if your product is not so competitive, going viral is much difficult for your business. There are some benchmarks set that decide which content will go viral and which idea can get more appreciation among users.

There are numerous factors involved that can help you create a compelling viral copy that can get thousands of views in 24 hours.


  • Check how many shares your Ad receives.


  • How many likes and comments your post have?


  • The average amount of people engaged with the Ad.


  • Total number of clicks received on the Ad.


  • And how compelling is an idea.


100,000 hits can help your Ad go Viral


You must be wondering how many clicks you actually need to go viral on Instagram. Well, to create a strong brand impression, you need at least 100,000+ views and likes with several comments on the posts. No matter if you only have hundreds of followers, if your Ad campaign is strong and powerful, you can easily beat the competition in hours.

Though achieving that milestone is not as easy as it sounds. Being an advertiser, you need to focus on multiple elements that can contribute to the success of your video Ad. You need to have a lot of things in your favor so you can engage more and more people towards your brand.


Ready to run a powerful viral Ad campaign on Instagram?


Well, you know all the secrets to taking your business to the next level by simply running a viral Ad campaign on Instagram.

But keep in mind, viral Ad campaigns on Instagram are also quite tricky, and only experts can handle the odds well. The number of views and engagements you are seeing on Apple watch Ad might not be so high if they do not describe the idea uniquely.


Thus, if you belong to a marketing industry and want a fantastic Ad campaign that brings in more likes and views, it’s important to maintain a balance between incorporating ideas that are just meant to gain attention with unnecessary colors, graphics, and animation and not offering anything fruitful, and then providing something useful with ineffective graphics, music, color and the overall Ad theme which make your users believe that this product is not so useful and just a waste of money.


The above examples of popular viral Ad campaigns on Instagram will help you analyze the balance between the usefulness of Ad and tactics to make people believe that they are the best company in the world for this product.

So, what are your thoughts on the video Ads we have mentioned above?

Have you ever come across any of these Ads?

Are your favorite Ads successfully made it to the list?

Or there is something else you would love to share with a massive audience?

Let us know your suggestions, and leave ideas in the comments section so we can enlighten you more about the relevant subject.


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