Project : Web Development

Website :

Client : Umer Hayat
Project Date : 09 May 2019

Industry : Blogs

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Cute Parrots

When it comes to running our own projects passionately, you won’t find anyone better than Umer Hayat.


Yes, we are talking about the CEO of Hukumat Networks who has achieved many milestones since its inception. CuteParrots are one of those accomplishments that were started about 6 years ago.


His love and fondness for parrots led him to create an entire website dedicated to these little creatures. It’s not only a website but a whole new guide for people who want to train their parrots and know the secrets to keep them healthy & happy.



To get it off the ground was not an arduous thing for us as we know the secrets to make projects successful while creating a full-fledged strategy- and since we are experts in that, we took a start from creating an engaging website.


Here is a summary of what we planned for Cute Parrots

  • Create a highly converting informative website
  • Manage content on regular basis after keyword research
  • Perform detailed SEO
  • Rank the site high in search results
  • Bring parrot lovers on a website and engage them to keep coming back



To identify ideal opportunities for Cute Parrots, we created a full-fledged SEO strategy and focused on developing an engaging website. This was our proprietary methodology to deliver long-term growth and sustainability.


Throughout the game plan for SEO and website design, we identified a lot of loopholes that could disturb the overall presence. So, we created some amazing solutions that included

  • A highly converting website
  • Complete SEO
  • High-quality backlinks
  • And fresh and unique content



Guess what? The results were unbelievable.


The website is now ranked as the third most visited website in the world by parrot lovers.


This was probably a remarkable achievement by Hukumat professionals that makes them an excellent choice for every niche and industry.


The traffic, impressions, and overall metrics were incredible. See for yourself!


Umer Hayat shared his reviews after seeing the results

Umer Hayat

Owner of Cute Parrots

Launching a website like Cute Parrots was an incredible experience for me. I wasn’t sure about the progress when I first launched the website and I had no idea that one day it will become the third most visited website in the world by parrot lovers. Thanks to my hardworking team of SEO professionals and website designers who went above & beyond to make it a huge success. I look forward to launching more successful projects in the future as my team is expanded and we really learned the secrets of growth and long-term success.