A-Taxi is a taxi transport company, Ownes its own fleet of vehicles and drivers.
Located in Antwerp, Belgium.

They provide transport services in the region of Antwerp. Their primary service is transport to and
from the airport from different part of the city and surrounding areas.



A-Taxi partnered with Hukumat Networks to help them overcome the following challenges.

Penalized from Google Search, When the owner first contacted us about his site, It was not
showing in the search results and the client was not able to identify the problem.

Zero Rankings in local Search Engine, There was no landing page shown in the local search
engine. Because the site as deindexed and penalized from Google.

Zero Traffic, Because the site was panalized and not showing up in the search results, there
was no traffic inflow on the site.

Zero Conversions, There were no conversions.


Hukumat Networks worked with A-Taxi to implement the following solutions.

Identifying the reason for Penalty. 
The first and foremost task was to identify the cause of the penalty and fixing that.
In this case, it was excessive use of same anchor text due to which site was deindexed from Google. There was some very bad link created whcih also casued the site to get deindexed. The site was not mobile friendly. Was not following google by-laws. It is considered a bad practice in SEO to use excessively the same anchor text.
We Also identified major flaws in development, like, no use of H1-6 tags, Meta tags and descriptions, Robot.txt was not present, scheme was not integrated, css and java was to much used. Mobile was not user and mobile friendly. There were almost no call to actions.
so we designed and developed the site from scratch.

Local Search Engine Rankings.
As the business was local market based, We micro-targeted the Antwerp region in our SEO campaigns. And our strategy was to rank the keywords in the local search engine rather than the global. That worked out quite well and the site started showing results.

As a result of our hard work and intelligent marketing plan, Our client got conversion from the site. Below are the charts and graphs taken from the google analytics and web console. are taken

cropped-logo-Janssen )


Indexing and Traffic: As you can See in the  graph to the right When we got the site. It was deindexed and there was no traffic coming to the site. But we got the site indexed and ranked it in the local search engine at the top. Which derived the local organic traffic to the site.

Conversion: You can See the conversion rate stands at 21.94%. Which is a lot considering the industry competitions and user inflow. It is a graph of 60 days until today. In two months he has gotten 1,100 customers to their desired locations.

How Hukumat Networks Can Help
You Achieve Conversions?

If your company is looking to achieve the same results as A-Taxi, contact us.
Hukumat Networks has a proven track record of helping clients achieve Rankings and conversions and we’d like to help you do the same. Contact us today to find out how we can bring winning results to your next marketing campaign.