Project : Web Development

Website :

Client : Shan Ahmed

Project Date
: 12 may 2017

Industry : Motorbikes


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Motorbike Buyer

Motorbike Buyer is a trusted UK based company launched by Mr. Shan. The company promises the best valuation based on motorbike details. They effortlessly buy all kinds of motorbikes in Birmingham shire and all around the state. The best part is, the company accepts all types of bikes, whether they are damaged, broken, or invaluable in the market. After you finalize the deal, they offer instant payment without wasting a minute.


Mr. Shan came to us at Hukumat Networks to get help in Google AdWords because he launched a campaign by himself and wasted a lot of money on Ads that delivered unsatisfied performance.



After analyzing all the problems, we created a new website for him with original content and then started working on search engine optimization and pay per click campaigns.


That was the end of the summer season when we started working on the website, and it was probably the best time of the year because people avoid motorbikes buying/selling due to the significant rise in temperature. So, we planned to complete the site as early as possible and rank the website in the top 20 in Google within 4 months. Thus, our team worked effectively on the new domain and fixed hundreds of elements that were creating problems in ranking the site.



It was quite challenging to rank their website in the top 20 within 4 months because the competition was high, and the process was long and time taking. But our hardworking professionals worked day & night to achieve the goals. They implemented powerful strategies that delivered exceptional outcomes, which finally helped us in ranking their website on the top 20 results in Google, and the top 10 position in the competition.

We are further committed to listing them in the top 5 for competitive keywords, so they experience mind-blowing sales within 6 months.

Shan ahmed

Managing Director - Motorbikebuyer

Good work, I found them very interesting and hard working people. Also communication level is good. I’m hopeful to get some solid results from their efforts in coming months.

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