Project : Web Development


Client : Umer Hayat

Project Date : 5 June 2019

Industry : Business

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Rehbar. pk is one of the leading business directories in Pakistan launched by none other than a very successful entrepreneur Umer Hayat.


The platform invites you to list your business for free and get noticed by thousands of consumers who are already looking for your help. It is not only a platform for business owners but equally beneficial for consumers. They can find any business in their city, based on ratings, reviews, and recommendations.


Rehbar’s goal is to help and inform people about the right professionals working around them, so they can simply call them.


Let’s proceed to know what we have done to make it another achievement!



 Since it was a start, we had to roll out different strategies for website design and SEO. Our goal was to increase traffic and conversions and make it the most valuable business directory in Pakistan.


So, what did we do to increase its position?


  • Developed a website
  • Created an SEO strategy
  • Worked for organic conversions
  • Found ways to rank the site high in SERPs



Luckily, we have achieved our yearly goals so far. The project started in January 2020 and since then, we have left no stone unturned.


We created a roadmap and crafted strategies that give long-term results. Aim is to make it Pakistan’s No.1 business directory and so far, we are on the track already.



The results were as expected. The project took very little time to show its worth and potential because the Pakistan market was untapped.


Now Rehbar. pk is ranked as the most visited business directory in Pakistan.


The website is receiving continuous traffic and listings with a great spike in rankings as well.


The CEO Umer Hayat wrote some encouraging words while appreciating his team’s efforts.

Umer Hayat


I am really impressed with my team’s ability to live up to their promises. After website creation and on-page SEO, the website experienced a dramatic increase in traffic and leads. Not only that but we have also seen a great spike in overall ROI that exceeded from 0 to 75% in just a few months. The control was totally in our hands so we implemented all the strategies that could deliver exceptional results. Now you can see how is beating the cutthroat competition in the industry and stabilize its position as the most visited directory in Pakistan.