Project : Website, Branding, Social Media, SEO, Paid Ads

Website :

Client : Tameraat
Project Date : 1st Sep 2021

Industry : Business , Real Estate


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Tameraat Marketing

Tameraat is one of the fastest growing real estate agencies in Pakistan that provide you with an opportunity to buy and sell properties in both residential and commercial sectors in Pakistan. The project is now a joint venture between Tameraat group and Hukumat Networks so they can achieve big milestones together, side by side!


As we all know that the demand and competition in the real estate industry are growing rapidly among investors, companies, and brokers. Due to this fierce competition, there is a lot of pressure on real estate developers to bring new ideas to the table. The owners of Tameraat group realized that it’s not possible to grow without an intuitive marketing strategy. 

They had zero leads, insufficient bookings, and almost no online presence.

Therefore, they contacted our team at Hukumat and asked us to help in online presence so they can achieve leads, traffic, and calls.

Our Proposal:

We proposed lots of strategies and great ideas to the them. We advised them to design a website from scratch, launch paid ad campaigns, and also manage SEO activities for the best ranking and reputation in Google.

We started the project 6 months ago and set up different challenges and goals to achieve ultimate success. The challenges we had to accomplish were:

  • Build online reputation for company
  • Design a full-fledged website
  • Run SEO campaigns and ensure top ranking in minimum time
  • Win the audience’s trust so they can make more bookings
  • Increase traffic, leads, and conversions

Solutions Delivered:

Hukumat only works with a team that is wholeheartedly dedicated to its work. Following the same passion and energy for work, the team took the responsibility of designing a whole website by following the latest design and development practices. 

Our website designers, SEO experts, writers, and marketers worked in collaboration to come up with a plan that can offer guaranteed success in a short time. We decided to plan things like this:

  • Design Pakistan’s biggest real estate marketing website with long details for each society, make it responsive, and incorporate all general and technical features to make it look stunning. 
  • Created content for commercial projects and societies. 
  • Conduct detailed keyword research based on their projects and societies and include them in our content and ad campaigns.
  • Craft strategies for both on-page and off-page SEO and create several blog posts by including primary and secondary keywords.
  • Establish their Google my Business profile to rank them high on maps.
  • Carefully optimize on-page SEO elements by following a 50-point checklist including general and technical factors.
  • Launch different ads for Google and social media channels so we can target traffic from all platforms. 


After 10 months of brainstorming, hard work, and dedication, we got the results that anyone feel proud of. As we are partners now, we feel overwhelming and excited when we look at the results. 

Have a detailed look at the results below. This graph explains the steady progress.

See how we started things from scratch and now the impressions are just booming each day!

The same thing happened with the keywords we targeted. After implementing our SEO practices, high volume and competitive keywords climbed ranking from nowhere to page 2 initially, and then gradually after a few more weeks, we were able to rank them in the top spots on Google.

In a nutshell, we were able to achieve:

  • #1-page ranking within 5-6 months. 
  • More than 300 keywords were ranked on the first page of Google.
  • Ranked on some top keywords including Nest City, J7 Icon, J7 Emporium, Signature Hotels, Shaheen Enclave, Zem Gardenia, Ideas one Tower, and many more…!
  • The website received 2000+ visits every day from paid and organic ads.
  • On an average, we receive 50+ queries everyday.
  • Established a strong social media presence
Tameraat Stats
Naeem Mahsud
After seeing incredible progress, we are more than happy and decided to partnering with Hukumat so both companies can achieve more success in the future.