Project : Web Development

Website : We buy vans

Client : Shan Ahmed

Project Date
: 2017-2018

Industry : Vehicles


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We Buy Vans

This case study also belongs to our premium UK based client Mr. Shan Ahmad. After getting successful results for his motorbikes buying/selling site, we got a chance to work on another business So, whether your van is broken, damaged or accidental, you can submit the information, and the professionals will get back to you with detailed van valuation.

Mr. Shan came to us and requested to create a well-designed website for vans and get the site rank at the top of the search results for the most competitive keywords.



Our experts designed an engaging website in 25 days that buys/sells vans and crafted a strategy to rank the site in search engines. To manage that efficiently, our experts shifted the website on UK based hosting server as well as listed the site on several web directories and Google my Business.



After working on fundamental elements, we started building high authoritative backlinks and fixed on-page SEO, which mainly includes site speed optimization and bounce rate management. We also researched the competition and targeted competitive keywords to rank your site higher in search results.



Our robust website design and SEO strategies helped us win the competition, and after a few months of hard work, we ranked the site on the first page of Google.


The site captured hundreds of leads in the first four months and got ranked on various keywords used frequently by the target audience. Furthermore, we also doubled the traffic and increased the process of lead generation by 75%.


Shan ahmed

Managing Director - We Buy Vans

I can say loud and clear that my website built by Hukumat Networks is #1 in design in whole UK industry. Happy to have Hukumat as my main marketing gun.

we buy vans