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Looking for app maintenance services to secure your app? Let’s discuss with Hukumat!

 You can get the most out of your business and leverage huge benefits.Therefore, at Hukumat Networks we provide complete assistance in maintaining and supporting your app to ensure that it remains competitive, secure, smooth, and efficient.


Our app development specialists rescale your already-built applications using some innovative and proven methodologies so we can keep the apps up and running to further multiply your revenues.

By considering the nature of your business and all the requirements, we provide completely personalized application maintenance solutions as well as expert technical support that doesn’t only boost the performance of your app but also improves its scalability, reliability, and portability of any mission-critical system.


At Hukumat Networks, we have a team of experts who have years of knowledge and experience in running and maintaining apps. From simple business app to e-commerce apps selling hundreds of products, we manage everything with perfection and excellence.


So, let’s book an appointment today and schedule a meeting to discuss your project.

Why should you hire the best app maintenance companies for support?

When you hire mobile application maintenance companies, you get to see scalable solutions for mobile app maintenance that specifically offers prolong uptime, provide support to the huge client base, optimize the performance of a server, improve UI/UX, and boost your business process management (BPM) solutions. More importantly, all the solutions comply with regulatory concerns while keeping all the integrated services running efficiently.


We have experience in android app development & maintenance, iOS app development & maintenance, and Windows app development & maintenance.


We also help in deploying your apps on the Appstore so you can save yourself from technical complexities.

Some well-defined Mobile app maintenance features

Providing complete maintenance and support services to android and iOS users while following persistent strategies that work in the long run. To provide a superior user experience, we offer some unique and well-defined features such as

Monitoring apps

Feature extension

Continuous testing

Minor and major enhancements

Migration of apps to other platforms

Quick response to queries

Reviewing apps online

Testing and fixing bugs

Improved user experience and interference

Enhanced usability

Security maintenance and support

Some next-level app maintenance services we provide

Bug fixes

Bugs are harmful to your apps that disturb the overall functionality. We help eliminate all the bugs from your code after thorough testing and analysis.

App updates

We provide timely, useful, and valuable updates for your apps. We also create some compelling and creative descriptions for your apps that offer more value.

New feature implementation

Our app developers integrate innovative and unique features so you can expand all the business possibilities and offer added value to your audience.

OS and library updates

Did you know new libraries and operating systems come out every year to serve better performance? We make sure that we use them for your business as well.

Code maintenance

We hate poor coding and some abandoned apps that offer no use to the audience. We believe maintenance is a necessary thing and we are happy to do it.

Data migration

If you want to migrate your data from one app to another, we can do it smoothly and easily. We offer an exceptional migration process with minimum downtime.

Application security management

Our experts perform regular check-ups on your apps so we can determine any security breaches and keep all the documentation organized.

Performance enhancements

Different new updates slow down the speed and performance of your app. So, we ensure that your app loads at skyrocket speed within seconds.

Why choose Hukumat Networks for app maintenance?


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Affordable costs

Certified and qualified experts

What do you get when hire an application maintenance agency?

Ongoing support and maintenance

Receive timely release

Boost app stability and enhance projects

Improved quality of services

Migration to emerging technologies

Reduced costs of ownership

Tools and technologies we use

Android Studio

React native

Ionic framework

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If you are experiencing a lot of performance issues for your apps, or just lacking documentation, we are here to help! We have been in the business for 14 years and know what it takes to launch a cutting-edge app development solution while maintaining all the essential aspects.


So, if you have a project and need guidance to up and run the app efficiently, you can always talk to our specialists. We are happy to help you 24 hours.