Display Marketing

 Display Marketing

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Display Marketing

All the large and small companies spent billions and millions on advertising especially in the traditional media like newspapers, television, magazines, billboards, directories or radio.
With every new day, a new media channel emerges. Today, the audience is increasingly online, so the digital channels have become a new frontier for advertising. People prefer to browse social media channels and different websites to extract the current knowledge rather than reading a magazine or newspaper.
Hukumatis dedicated to helping you create ads having prolonged imprints on the mind of viewers to facilitate companies. You can advertise your company online to reach millions of customers. Display marketing helps you to boost your ad and showcase your business on high traffic websites such as magazines, newspaper sites, music sites, fashion and lifestyle and much more. Such websites are having higher daily audiences’ traffic other companies to flash their banners.


Why should Display Marketing be a part of your Advertising Strategies?

Display marketing is emerging at an instant pace. If you want to dip your feet into the water of display marketing, then these following reasons will motivate you to take the plunge:

  • Display ads often include graphics contents that can be styled and designed as you want. It includes videos, graphics and audios. Such ads are often captivating and attract a large number of people leading them to click on your ads and learn more about your services or products.
  • The visual content of the display ads can increase awareness regarding your brand among people. Customers can gather information about your brand by simply looking at it.
  • With display ads, you get updates that may be monthly or weekly and therefore informs you about the number of times your ads are being clicked. It also helps you to know whether your ad is working or not.
  • Display ads are often pretty inexpensive.Also, you can easily make changes in your campaign on the basis of the performance of your ads.


Statistics about Display Marketing

  • A study found that native ads are viewed 53% more as compared to banner ads.
  • Percentage of clicks on display ads using several placements and formats is pegged at 0.06%.
  • About 8 % of internet users are found to account for 85% of click on display ads.
  • One study also found that about 31% of people respond to online display ads by clicking on them while 27% search for the brands or products.
  • It has been found that display ads can increase conversion up to 60%.

Types of Display Marketing

Some varying formats make display marketing a versatile strategy for advertisers to reach their potential customers. Some of these forms are discussed below:


Remarketing is the most common type of display marketing. This technique allows you to reconnect with all your previous website visitors. It is particularly used to re-engage customers via email. These campaigns are generally very fruitful campaigns which can increase your ROI instantly.

There are different options available for remarketing which includes standard, dynamic, email list and video remarketing.

Adwords Display Marketing

There are lots of business owners and marketers who prefer to use the AdWords display marketing because it delivers measurable ROI. It is quite challenging for a website owner to find the lead source that scale. It allows you to customize your campaigns. SEO can take months to see results while the AdWords display marketing gives you faster results. It is an amazing workaround for every emerging business.

 Facebook Display Marketing

Facebook is another great platform for display marketing. Statistics have revealed that Facebook has 1.18 billion users on a daily basis and every user spends almost 50 minutes per day on their Facebook account.

Bing ads Display Marketing

If you want your ads to attract a large number of customers, then you can do this by adding display marketing. Bing ads is an advertising solution that is optimized for search advertisers and is built by a search platform. With Bing ad display, you can only pay for clicks which in turn will deliver your ad to your relevant audience.

Display marketing has become the most popular and effective advertising channel for the marketers of the entire world. It builds a strong image of a brand and increases the awareness of the users with that brand. Investing in display marketing help the people tackle various challenges of marketing easily.

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