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Fabienne Marneau

As a young girl, She discovered the power of massage to alleviate His mother’s back and leg pain. At sixteen, He started practicing Yoga, then studied Chi-Kong and Meditation under a Shaman Master. After two years of Law school at the University in Toulouse, France.
I also learned many healing techniques such as Aromatherapy Magnetism, Sophrology and Reflexology. He has been an aesthetician since 1983 after moving to the United States.

Now he is starting up as an internet marketer and Influence Fabienne Marneau as a brand on Web Platforms.

Clients Requirements:

She recognizes the need for a Well Developed and Designed website can really drive a lot of potential clients these days.

Fabienne is starting as an internet marketer to sell her or other affiliate products and also as a Trainer.

she required a website that Represents Fabienne as a brand to make it possible we had to work very hard on her website to introduce her.

How We Helped:

Hukumat Network has developed and Designed SEO optimized, User-friendly and Mobile Responsive site for her on the main front of the site you can see her picture with Download Button To catch users interaction Visitors Interaction on Frist sight.

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Increase user engagement through enhanced usability, searchability, functionality, and social sharing

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