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Earning on Facebook is quite easy specially for affiliate marketing work. We would advertise for you and could produce effective images for your page.

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Facebook Advertisement

All the large and small companies spent billions and millions on advertising especially in the traditional media like newspapers, television, magazines, billboards, directories or radio. With every new day, a new media channel emerges. Today, the audience is increasingly online, so the digital channels have become a new frontier for advertising. People prefer to browse social media channels and different websites to extract the current knowledge rather than reading a magazine or newspaper.


Hukumat Facebook advertisement

Hukumat is dedicated to helping you create ads having prolonged imprints on the mind of viewers to facilitate companies. You can advertise your company online to reach millions of customers. Display marketing helps you to boost your ad and showcase your business on high traffic websites such as magazines, newspaper sites, music sites, fashion and lifestyle and much more. Such websites are having higher daily audiences’ traffic other companies to flash their banners.Internet advertising has become a crucial part of most of the marketing campaigns. This digital advertising has overtaken the newspaper and other traditional marketing campaigns. 

Research revealed that an anticipated amount of $72.09 billion is spent on the digital advertisement in the entire United States in 2016 while this number is expected to raise up to $113 billion by the end of 2020.Facebook is one of the staple parts of almost every social media marketing campaign. It indicated that the social media advertising is central the virtual world. This type of marketing is your best advertising bet for quick ROI. The professionals of Hukumat SEO Company helps you lead the digital world with the Facebook advertising. Our customer’s friendly service allows you to resolve all your dilemmas regarding marketing. You can chat with us and remove your queries.


What statistics say about the Facebook Advertisement?

Facebook has become the biggest player in the digital world. Hukumat SEO Company helps you take benefit of the Facebook ads.Want to get more followers, sales, leads or likes? Avail the services of Hukumat SEO Company!

Some statistics will reveal its importance in the digital world:

  • Facebook blows the entire marketing world when it comes to displaying ad spending. It captures 35.4% of the entire display ad spending in the United States.
  • The total social ads revenue of the Facebook was more than $6.8 billion in the year 2016. It is expected that Facebook alone will top the social ad spending by 2018.
  • Social media advertising statistics indicated that more than 95% of the social media managers believe that Facebook offers the best return regarding

Different Ads Placements

Facebook offered different ad placements which can either help you to increase traffic towards your websites or promote your products. Different ad placements have different purposes. Here is a breakdown of Facebook ad placements that can assist you in various ways:

Facebook Sponsored Posts

These posts are used for promotion which receives additional paid reach. It allows users to boost a post or create an ad. With the sponsored posts, you can get your company’s updates to attract new followers.

Sidebar Ads

These ads appear in the right column on all the pages. With the sidebar ads, you can have a direct connection from our website to yours. With a single click on that ad, the readers will instantly get more information about you.

Remarketing Campaigns

It is a strategy that allows you to advertise to customers who have already shown interest in your service or product. The Facebook remarketing campaign is extremely beneficial as it increases your ROI to a larger extent. Studies revealed that it drives higher conversion as compared to the other marketing platforms. The best thing about the remarketing campaign is that it allows you to expand your market reach.

Display Marketing

Facebook also offers display marketing which helps you showcase your business on high traffic websites. It is revealed from research thatFacebook has 1.18 billion users on a daily basis and every user spends almost 50 minutes per day on their facebook account. So, facebook display marketing can be extremely beneficial.

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This social media platform has a broad offering of ad types that fulfill the needs of every business owner. After testing different ad formats, the experts of Hukumat will help you get the best results with the right ad type. 

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