Internet Marketing Strategies driving Engagement to Car Dealers:

The automotive industry is the one taking pride in all the innovation it makes. There was a time when it was considered to be lagging behind to adapt to the emerging technologies. But today they have realized the fact that there is an uphill increasing trend of role of internet in care related decision.

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With having car shoppers relying on,online world to research and to get real time advice, the automotive industry now ensures and enhance its online presence more than ever.

In short people get them engaged in online research to seek information related to dealerships, vehicles, service centers, and parts suppliers. It also serves the industry professionals to access what their buyers are interested in. Also it offers an opportunity to the automotive professionals to reach a wider audience as compared to earlier. There is no more restriction related to location of the car dealers as well as manufacturers as they can access their customers across the world online.

According to an article published in November 2015, it was stated that:

The average car shopper these days usually visits the car dealers twice while searching for the perfect vehicle. The reason behind is the fact that car shoppers turn to their mobile phones research about the car models, find the lucrative deals, and reach to the real time advice.


Underlined are certain internet marketing strategies that we facilitate our customers with:

Website Development:

Depending on our experience we have come up with a successful web development methodology. Our methodology constitutes seven steps i.e. ensuring that website has perfect design, envision, built, it is attractive, engaging, examining, and connecting. Under umbrella of website development we also offer the following:

Site Speed Optimization and Bug Fixes:

Page speed is one of the online tools determining the page speed of the website. Higher this score will be, faster will your page be loaded. Aim of the websites is usually to achieve as close as possible to 100. We ensure that you enjoy bets site speed and even that bug free in every manner.

User & SEO Friendly Site Design:

People like to explore the websites that are easy to navigate and hence we offer user friendly solutions for our valued customers. Also we make websites that are easily crawled by the search engines. It allows them to understand the content on the website and ensure the visibility of the site at the first pages.

Social Media Management:

Social media management is facilitating for the automotive industry. It helps them in ascertaining their target market to add to the sales volume. However, several studies have revealed that automotive industry has so far been unsuccessful in making best use of the social media marketing for the rise of revenue. Underlined are some of the social media strategies that we, for our automotive clients focus:

Social Media Strategies to Engage the Car buyers:

  • Target audience using Facebook:

Facebook ads are one of the ways of providing facilitation to certain particular audience. Also it will be helpful in everything that may be helpful in accessing what is the actual demand of your target audience.

  • Present the Stories of the auto Shoppers on Instagram:

In order to define identity of your brand, it is always fruitful to get in to partnership with the influential bloggers. Sharing your stories on Instagram is indeed one of the ways of to enjoy accessing more targeted and a bigger audience.

  • Pin the inventory on Pinterest:

Pinterests is indeed a new era for the automotive dealership. It would be very right to say that most of the people are at early stages of adapting to it. To be specific, 80% of the women are concluded to be the user of the platform and hence there is an illusion among car dealers that this platform should not be adopted.

  • Using YouTube to influence the car buyers:

Optimization of videos description plays a significant part in the decision making related to car buying. With more than 43 billion of people on this social media platform enables the car dealers to convert the simple fans in to reviewers, the platform engages the people very well and influences them effectively.

  • SEO Management:

If you want to enhance the overall visibility of your automotive website in search engine then effective SEO is always at help. Our SEO strategy constitutes on site optimization, planning as well as execution of content strategies and last but not the least authority development within your niche. We make sure that all this is in compliance with latest SEO guidelines and practices.

We audit, craft and execute SEO campaigns to help you achieve your business objectives. Our SEO strategies will ensure that your automotive business website remains at the top of the search engine. We will craft content to attract the potential auto buyers and make them your customer.

Pay Per Click (PPC):

PPC is one of the kinds of online advertising. Ads are created and displayed right above the search results of Google with the help of certain keywords. These keywords can be on social media pages and businesses pay once the customers actually click on the displayed ads.

We as experienced professionals know it very well about how ads should be created to not only attract the customers but to force them to click them too. We are well aware of the fact that PPC is one of the eccentric advertising models for the businesses that are tight on budget.

Lead Generation:

Most of the businesses are spending considerable finances in shifting the attitude towards the lead generation. It has become a part of the customer acquisition plan. It is indeed similarly significant for the automotive industry where lead generation is used as tool to reach the potential buyers, generate consumer interest, and develop internal CRM database. Our experts will facilitate you in doing all this.

SEO Optimized Webpage:

It has been said that 90% of the consumers these days make use of internet to make comparisons between the new and the old car. Hence a web page that is SEO optimized is one of the trustworthy brands for the larger communities among the car enthusiasts. We feel pride in excelling this internet marketing strategy and more than willing to serve you with this.

In a Nutshell:

In order to conclude, it will be right to say that we will make sure that we incorporate all the relevant and effective internet based marketing strategies via several different online marketing channels. No doubt there is no single strategy that can be applied to all the business and hence we will make sure that all the internet strategies that we employ for you will be in compliance with the automotive industry.

We at Hukumat are a team of experienced professionals enjoying expertise in several internet marketing techniques. We have been successful in adorning our automotive industry based clients with the effective internet based marketing techniques and we will be more than willing to serve you the same level of expertise and facilitation.

You can always contact us at +1-716-222-2341. You can also write to us at and see how we can facilitate you.




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