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Investing lots of time and money on social media but failed to see the results you are expecting? Well, maybe you need to fine-tune your salon’s social media campaign.

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Salons social media marketing – a key tool to generate strong communication

Social media platforms are the lifeblood of your marketing campaign that spread awareness and create brand loyalty for your salon’s business by reinforcing what differentiates your salon from others. With the overwhelming use of all the social channels today, every industry is considering to utilize these platforms to leverage more and more benefits. So, if you are still not active on social media for the salon’s growth, you are missing out on lots of prospective leads.


At Hukumat Networks, we are strongly focused to run social media campaigns for salons and effectively that doesn’t only promote your brand but also increase the number of targeted leads and conversions. Contact us today and find out how we are the best social media company for salons.


Salon social media ideas to win the over-saturated beauty market


All the social media channels offer a great platform to share the specialty of your salons, post real photos of your hairstyles, unique nail art, and tutorials about makeup and hair care. Our experts also run several contests and giveaways that uniquely promote brand loyalty as well as increase recognition of your salon’s business.


In today’s advanced technological era, you won’t find anyone without a single account on social channels, especially young girls who get inspiration from stars, and influential personalities tend to discover beauty tips and salons that can give them the same desired look as they are looking for. Therefore, if you own a salon, it’s your chance to increase your recognition by being active on social channels.


At Hukumat Networks, we have a team of social media experts for salons who create profiles on all the social channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and YouTube. We follow several tricks and tactics that give stunning growth in a short amount of time. Give us a call today and experience the results by yourself.


Salon social media strategies to leverage new clients and effective growth


While creating a new action plan for your salon’s social media marketing, it’s important to figure out which channel can help leverage strong clientele in a short time. After that, our experts create strategies for each channel and start engaging clients to strengthen the reputation of their salons. Here is an overview of our strategies that help us provide effective growth.


Create engaging posts:

Our experts create posts that entice maximum clients who couldn’t resist to respond and give opinions. To create interest and engagement, our experts offer suggestions, recommend options and ask questions, for example, “Summer is around the corner, have you planned your hair cut yet?” or “What do you prefer more in cosmetics?”


Such type of conversation starter questions always gains maximum likes, comments, and shares because these are attractive for salon-goers and they love to share their experience and preferences through these posts.


Post lots of photos and videos


Social channels offer the most effective way to share real photos and videos that best describe your skills and expertise. By posting photos and videos on social media channels, we showcase your talents of polishing the skin, applying makeup, and styling hairs which further attract more and more ladies to consider your beauty salon’s industry.


So, whether your clients are looking for unique manicures or stunning party makeup, we post pictures of real clients to show how you are best than others. Other than that, we also create videos of your salon, how-to tutorials, and capture the overall essence of your salon to attract more people.


Build every social profile as a miniature website


When your audience visits your social media profile, they must be able to explore all the details they are looking for, in a most convenient manner. That’s why, our experts customize the profile efficiently and create multiple tabs that showcase your location, photo albums, service details, contact number, and reviews.


Contests and giveaways


As we all know that people like free stuff, especially when it’s a discounted deal and package related to the salon. So, no matter if there is a $70 gift card to your salon or a discount on a hair-cut deal for the wedding season, we make sure that more and more customers love the offer and being able to choose and spread the information with others. Also, people will be more likely to comment on such types of posts and share with their social circle which leads to more recognition and conversions.


Social media ad campaigns


Social ad campaigns are another effective source to bring lots of engagements and conversions. Our experts create targeted ads based on the client’s preferences and put in front of those who are most likely to click those ads. By doing this, we can effectively engage more and more people towards your salon services.


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