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Not sure which marketing strategy is effective for the growth of your academy? Find out the breakdown of all the marketing strategies we implement for academies.

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Prove your authority in the education sector with academy marketing plans

Academies act as an extension of your school system and opt for the curriculum set by your institution so that they can be a better help in studies, especially they are a great choice in filling gaps that are left unaddressed by school administration or teachers. With such great importance in the education sector, how is that possible if you are not still considering some innovative marketing practices that can highlight you as an authority in your industry?


At Hukumat Networks, we make sure that your academy website pops up at the top when students look for external help for their studies. That’s the reason, we implement advanced marketing strategies that deliver unprecedented success while beating others in your industry.


Boost your admission funnel by implementing academy marketing services


For most academies, marketing is the last priority on their funnel. They are least bothered to try something new than word-of-mouth advertising which is definitely a total waste of time and money. However, with today’s growing marketing services, it’s not challenging to earn more admissions for your academy in a short time.


With Hukumat’s innovative and advanced marketing practices, you can simply earn valuable leads and recognition in the education sector, as we incorporate brilliant SEO methods, PPC, social media marketing, and web design solutions that offer significant growth while offering unlimited exposure in your industry.


We have worked for more than 100 academies and teachers and helped them generate explosive revenue. So, if you want the same for your academy or institution, it’s time to set up marketing campaigns that bring good wealth and fortune every year.


Invest your time & money in the best academy marketing strategy by Hukumat


Have you ever invested in a strategy that generated an unlimited sum of money and boosted your admission funnel within months? If no, then have a look at some profitable marketing strategies we implement at Hukumat Networks that provide guaranteed growth and recognition in your industry.


SEO for academies


SEO is the process of ranking your academy website at the top of the searches to attract a lot of potential students. When you are ranked at top positions, you can be visible to students who might want to become a part of your education system.


SEO processes include various elements such as improving HTML code, creating SEO optimized articles, as well as building backlinks to improve the authority of your site.

Our experts start the process with keyword research. We identify the right set of keywords that are used frequently by your students by incorporating different tools and software and then implement those keywords in your website and other content material.


Once we adjust the keywords in your content, we start optimizing it by following certain SEO procedures. This makes sure that your website will be ranked at the top for specific keywords used commonly by students and parents for finding an academy to meet their educational goals. We tend to target long-tail keywords that consist of more than three phrases, as these keywords are easy to rank and determine specific user search intent.


PPC for academies


PPC mainly works on a bidding system. Our experts help you create compelling PPC ads for academies that are specifically for search engines and social media channels.


These engaging and high-quality ads help you target students by focusing on keywords commonly searched by your audience. For instance, if your potential students are using keywords like, ‘best academy in New York’, then we make sure that we target the same keyword in ads so we can appear it at the top of the searches when people use something relevant to it.


We also target people based on their demographic like, gender, location, age, interest, hobbies, and more.


Now, this hyper-targeted method of expanding your reach simply means that pay per click is extremely affordable for even startup academies because the ads only show up to people who are most interested in getting your help.


The best thing about the PPC campaign is, you are only required to pay when your ads get clicked, and not seen. We help you set a specific budget for your ads so that you can pay an amount that best suits your needs.


The result? More leads and more visits- which in turn provide unlimited growth in revenue.


Social media marketing for academies


Another effective way to promote and market your academy is social media marketing. Combined, all the social media channels have more than a billion followers who use at least each social media channel every single day.


So, if you do not leverage the power of all the popular social media channels, you are missing out on an incredible number of leaders every day.


The fact is, each social media channel has its unique set of benefits, hence they offer you a unique chance to build strong relations with your students and parents so you can persuade them to consider you for their educational needs.


Using social media channels, we update students about curriculum, classes schedule, links to informative articles, a different infographic that attract quickly, and much more to build strong awareness in the market.


No matter what type of content we share, your friends and followers will be able to see, and then share it among a massive audience which ultimately gives you more recognition and unlimited visits.


Website design for academies


Web design is a cornerstone of your marketing campaign. If your academy website is not using a website to promote and highlight its features, then most audiences will never be able to discover it on the internet.


Being a full-service marketing agency, we have a dedicated team of web designers who create an engaging and compelling website for academies while highlighting the benefits, subjects, and programs you offer for certain grades or classes.


When we create a website for the academy, we make sure that its equipped with an SSL certificate for security, features responsive design, fast loading pages, and SEO optimized structure.


Without these elements, your website definitely loses visitors because these are the basic elements that guarantee proven growth and success.

Above all, our experts create compelling content that features competitive keywords so you can rank at the top of search results.

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Want to discover which marketing strategies get you closer to your students? Let’s rely on professionals like Hukumat Networks that launch profitable methods of growth while boosting visits to your academy site.


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