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How would you market your college in a world where every institution is aggressively marketing its degree programs? Well, maybe internet marketing can help!

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Foster engagement and increase enrollments with marketing for colleges

Education is one of the most significant investments and every student wants to choose an institution that can make him the brightest star in his future. That’s the reason, there is great competition for being #1 in the education industry, and every college is trying to become a hot topic of discussion that boost learning programs while increasing enrollments. That clearly means it’s hard to beat such aggressive competition- without implementing advanced internet marketing solutions.


At Hukumat Networks, we understand what it takes to promote and market your institution while leveraging hot marketing trends. Connect with our specialists today and let’s create a custom strategy for long-term growth.


Reach more prospective students with college marketing companies


The goal of your college is to educate the future of your country, which is definitely achievable if you are reaching out to more prospective students who are interested in knowing everything about your college. That’s the reason, incorporating some effective marketing tactics to attract students is a major priority we set to achieve your long-term goals.


Our experts implement some advanced marketing solutions that deliver robust results in a short time. Implementing SEO, PPC, social media marketing, website design, email marketing, and other services may prove a great help in boosting college enrollments as today’s youth is more interested and active across the digital world.


That’s why, to address all major concerns, we launch profitable marketing solutions that do not only set you apart from others in the system but also generate a streamlined platform for driving maximum revenue. Let’s discuss your objectives with our team and get a solution that delivers exceptional results.


College marketing strategy that works and attracts maximum students


Wondering what could be the powerful strategies we implement that give proven results? Well, let’s have a look at our tried and tested methods to drive unlimited benefits for your institution.


SEO for colleges


SEO is a process of increasing the ranking of your college website in major search engines like Google.


Today, all the prospective students and patients use Google to find colleges that best fit their educational needs. Now in order to reach all those potential students, we make sure that your website appears at the top of the search results for the most competitive keywords your audience is using.


We also make sure that your college website ranks at the top three positions on the first page because more than 70% of people do not bother to click past it. And if you are not ranked on the first page, then your audience may never find your college, which in turn you might lose great applicants to other colleges with similar degrees because they outrank you in the competition.


In order to gain incredible traffic results on your site, we target competitive and long-tail keywords that are most specific to the search intent of users and might bring loads of potential visits in no time.


After following all the innovative approaches in SEO, we provide guaranteed results in form of increasing ranking, unlimited traffic visits, and lots of potential leads & conversions.


Run pay per click campaigns


If you want to generate instant leads and conversions without spending a hefty amount, then it’s important to invest in PPC campaigns. PPC advertisements usually appear at the top of search results when your audience enters the same keywords related to your industry.


Now just like SEO, these PPC ads are also triggered by competitive and long-tail keywords. Our PPC experts use multiple long-tail keywords as there is less competition for them and they are more likely to draw a lot of credible traffic. Once we select the right of keywords for college ads, we bid for their top placement in search engines.


The amount of bid we set for ad placement is usually the highest bid. This is the basic amount you need to pay for each click on your ad. The best part is you don’t need to set a fixed amount every time. We can set some flexible amount that suits your budget and industry requirements. Once you start getting leads for that amount, we extend it more so you can obtain more qualified leads and visits for your institution.

PC is one of the most fantastic ways to bring interested students to your website. More than 65% of high intent searches usually result in clicking the PPC ad. This means, without this advertising method, you are losing all the potential visits that may become your potential leads.


Active online presence through social media marketing


Social media marketing is a key strategy to promote your college across several social platforms. Because people of all ages and sects, who might become your students, are active on at least one social media channel. We help you connect with all these students through various important tactics.


There are a lot of profitable social media channels we use to connect with your audience. These popular channels include Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Instagram.


Social media channels offer a lot of incredible opportunities for your institution to connect with potential students. These channels allow the audience to get a positive vibe about what it is like to be when they become part of the institution.


Our experts create compelling social media posts and share a lot of colorful photos and videos that give students a detailed insight into your college environment.


This increases your chances to get connected with multiple prospective leads and generate tremendous revenue in no time.


Build a responsive website


Today, most prospective students use tablets and smartphones over laptops and other devices. This proves you have a better chance to reach them out across several devices.


Our experts help you build a solid website that loads perfectly across various devices and give your audience a chance to learn everything about your college system.


When you have a responsive website for colleges, you can easily showcase your system benefits and highlight some important elements. With that being said, your students won’t be required to pinch-zoom any element for getting desired information. They will be able to scroll each page and see all the desired elements on the site without turning to desktops. They can easily read content on their mobile screens and act accordingly.


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