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With more than 5,300 colleges in the US, how would you convince students that yours is the best choice for their future? Probably, you need a well-designed website to serve that purpose!

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Let’s stay accessible with engaging college website design services

Did you know your website is the first impression your students get about your college? While visiting your site, they judge the reputation of your college and analyze whether it’s the better place for their educational needs or should they consider applying somewhere else. However, if they find that the programs are suitable and matched to their interests then they immediately lookout for the processes to take admission.


Now it could be challenging to set that impression and turn all the applicants into students. With Hukumat Networks, you don’t need to worry about setting a lasting impression. We design easy to accessible and engaging websites that present your institution in a positive spotlight, let’s find out how!


How do we encourage thousands of visits every day with a website for colleges?


Your well-designed and compelling website plays an extremely crucial role in making a significant impact on your students and competitors. Especially when it comes to comparing between different colleges then it’s important to stand out from the crowd and set yourself apart from others. However, if the website is unattractive or unappealing, it could possibly turn a lot of potential students away from your institution.


But if the design is attractive, modern, fresh & updated, then it always encourages thousands of visitors every day who are interested in learning more about your college program.


We understand that it’s a challenging process and might take time to set that reputation among the seas of colleges in the US. But when you choose a company like Hukumat, you will be able to get an effective site that is equipped with all kinds of necessary elements to attract a massive audience.


So, either you want to design a new site from scratch or update your existing college site, we are here to cater to your needs and give desired outcomes.


College website design inspiration strategies for setting unique impression


Setting a unique impression is not an easy job for most professionals today, but when you choose our expert and dedicated website designers for college websites, you may create inspiration for the whole education industry through a compelling yet user-friendly website.


Building a unique site for college programs


When you have a uniquely designed website for your college, it may go a long way in showing the audience what sets you apart from others in the industry. Because your audience doesn’t want to see some website that is slow, outdated, and offering a bad user experience. With such issues on your site, you would only discourage people from learning more about your college and different programs.


With Hukumat Networks, you will get a site that looks fresh, unique, and modern while reflecting your school’s identity and delivering a true meaning about your system. We create a site that highlights your attributes, college programs, values, and traditions, so you can effectively set a strong impression about your system.


Include interactive elements in your site


Interactive elements and tools always help your audience explore more options as well as find different programs that are specifically created according to their goals.


Now one of the most impeccable interactive elements we add is a filtering option that helps students choose programs according to their interests, preferences, and educational needs. It helps them analyze which courses or programs can best meet their needs. We also use several tools for scheduling classes, or other related tasks students may wish to accomplish using your website.


Now, these types of elements are best for engaging students that can keep them busy on your site for longer. We use various types of interactives other than text, such as videos, images, infographics, tables, and other elements that resonate with your values and college system.


User-friendly experience with easy navigation


Students may search your website for a lot of useful and interesting information, that’s why we tend to make it user-friendly by implementing easy navigations. We tend to make it easy for students to find the information they are looking for at the forefront within minutes and without letting them explore further pages.


When we design your website, we keep all the details in mind. Always think about some necessary information your audience might want to check when visiting your site. We make sure that the degree programs are all visible in the menu bar, and if you are offering some financial aid, then it is also displayed at the front without looking for other pages.


Our experts organize all the important information on your site that is easy for students to access. We ensure that all the important pages are accessible and present within the menu bar, and the rest of the pages are organized accordingly.


Secure and responsive design


Another thing that makes your website appealing to visitors is its responsive design element. Because more than 65% of students and parents access your college website from mobile, and when they visit the site, they expect that all the information is at the forefront without letting them pinch-zoom any element.


However, if they experience something opposite to this, then they might press the ‘back’ button immediately without giving a second thought. Because if your student requires to zoom in and zoom out your program pages, they won’t spend more than 1 minute on your site and better leave for enhanced user experience.


That’s the reason, our experts create fully responsive and SSL equipped websites that offer a secure & safe experience across every device. With a responsive website, your audience can browse all the pages without zooming in and can take the desired action within seconds. On the other hand, when we optimize your site with a free SSL certificate, you can easily protect the site against malicious attacks. Your audience will be able to enter their information easily without getting worried about security concerns.


These elements encourage more visits and interactions and may appear you a credible, trustable, and strong authority in the education industry.


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