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Is your current marketing company failed to generate a huge volume of leads for your university? If so, it’s time to connect with the best marketing company that offers guaranteed results.

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Meet your enrollment goals by investing in marketing for universities

If you are part of a university administration, it must be your responsibility to attract many potential students and help them become the brightest star in their future. However, it’s not that easy in a blink of an eye, especially if you are not armed with the latest marketing strategies that have the potential to generate unlimited leads. With Hukumat Networks, we help you provide the best solution to your marketing needs by providing the most forwarding-thinking solution.


We have a team of dedicated marketing professionals who craft a strategy that offers long-term growth and success. Give us a call to understand the comprehensive plan we create for your unlimited exposure.


Proactively excel in the education industry with the best university marketing plan


Marketing your online learning programs, degrees and your campus culture is a challenging job especially when you have to compete with more than 5,000 universities in the US alone. You need to set yourself apart from others by highlighting the benefits of your unique features, like what programs you offer, what type of career opportunities you have for the students, and who will be the most notable alumni.


Promoting such specific features is possible when you invest in techniques like website design, SEO, content marketing, social media marketing, and PPC. These techniques help increase interest in your university culture and give a detailed insight into your campus culture while obtaining maximum qualified leads every day.


So, if you want to proactively excel in the education industry, it’s time to choose an ultimate marketing solution that attracts a massive audience in no time. Drop us a line and share your requirements to begin the result-oriented marketing process.


Planning for profitability? Let’s crush it with university marketing strategies


For university admins and related members, it’s important to build a system that nurtures growth and self-improvement. However, to promote that system is the responsibility of marketing experts like Hukumat Networks that craft timeless strategies and techniques for improved growth and sustainability.


Get ranked with SEO services for universities


SEO is an all-encompassing strategy that builds a loyal customer base while streamlining the process of lead generation. Our experts kickstart the process with in-depth keyword research that helps us identify some competitive keywords in the industry used most frequently by your target audience. When we have the right set of keywords to include in your content, we can easily target people who may show interest in becoming a part of your university culture.


After implementing long tail and competitive keywords in content, we create articles, blog posts, and other content material around those keywords so we can help your website pop up at the top when the audience enters similar keywords for finding your website in search results.


Another important strategy is backlinking. Our experts help you earn some high-quality links from authority websites which ultimately boost the ranking of your university website. Backlinks are extremely important to your SEO campaign as they show that your website is credible and trustworthy. It significantly builds a strong reputation in the education industry. When any credible website links to your university site, search engines analyze that your content is reputable and rankable.


With our SEO strategies, you can easily get a high ranking in search results while increasing leads and conversions for your institute.


Pay per click campaigns for universities


Generating quick and efficient leads is possible when you implement a solution like PPC advertising. With pay per click campaigns, our experts create ads for search engines and social media channels. Just like SEO, we perform detailed keyword research so we can include competitive search terms in ads used frequently by the audience.


PPC is the best advertising method that draws in maximum interested students. More than 60% of high intent searches always result in clicking the ad on search engines. Now, these ads usually attract people who are already looking for your institution.


This is the best option to consider for your university marketing because you have complete control over your budget. For example, if you want to spend $1,000 on pay per click advertising, we can help you set that fixed amount without going over it. Once you set the budget, there will be no unforeseen charges that disturb your campaign.


Remember, the more amount you invest, the more qualified leads will be able to click and visit your ad.


Web design for universities


Website is one of the most significant elements of your marketing strategy. If you don’t have a website for university, you may not be able to showcase your true expertise and knowledge that convinces the audience to consider your campus.


Therefore, to offer maximum exposure and leads, we help you create a dynamic website that highlights all the attributes and features of your university and give students solid reasons to consider your campus over others in the industry.


While creating a website for universities, we make sure that it’s responsive, secure and SEO optimized so it can rank well in search engines. Without incorporating these elements, it’s hard to stand apart from others because these impeccable features set a foundation for success and growth.


When you have a website, you can easily convey your message while making separate pages for each program or course you offer. This gives detailed insight into your programs and the audience may spend some time exploring each course detail.


Social media marketing


More than 51% of the audience age from 13-17 use different social media channels in the US, which means you have a great chance to interact with youth who might become a part of your university culture in the future.


Social media marketing is another effective form of marketing that provides unlimited exposure and instant lead generation for your university campus.


Our experts help you set up profiles on all the popular social media channels such as Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, Linked In, and Twitter. Once we create your business pages on all the social media channels, we post interesting, informative, and engaging content, send messages to relevant audiences, take part in discussions and launch events and promotions that further give your campus a unique ability to interact with an interested audience.


We also launch paid ads across all the social media channels that obtain leads from people who are actively searching for your university. With this strategy, you get guaranteed visits to your website and social media channels while boosting the process of more traffic and leads.

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