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Are potential students looking to achieve a specific degree type able to find your university? If no, then you need a proper strategy to rank your site at the top of the searches.

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Do you need to invest in university SEO to boost rankings?

The answer is Yes. Because without SEO, it’s hard to pop up at the top for specific keywords. Apart from that, do you know Google loves universities? The reason is their domains are considered the most trusted, reliable, and credible on the Internet due to the high authority and great relevance in the industry. That’s the reason, it’s not much challenging to rank your website as your site is already equipped with a wealth of knowledge and information that every search engine likes.


Therefore, at Hukumat Networks, we come up with the rock-solid SEO strategy that brings results to the table in a short time. Let’s share your details with our experts and set up a profitable SEO campaign today.


Why consider SEO services for universities to find more potential applicants?


Universities, colleges, and other higher education institutes need to manage their strong online presence just like a standard business organization does. Now, this is extremely important when an increasing number of people are looking out for reliable universities but couldn’t find your institute at the top of the searches.


What would you do to increase ranking and visits? You must turn to SEO professionals who can implement reliable strategies for long-term growth and ranking. The fact is competition is now tremendously increasing for educational institutions. This race to rank first is getting more intense with time and emerging marketing techniques.


That’s the reason, choosing a company that holds a strong reputation in the industry is your only option to win that race. Drop us a line to connect with Hukumat specialists and let us create a solution that offers unlimited exposure.


Let’s build a strong organic profile with smart SEO strategies for universities


If you want your university to get ahead of the game, it’s time to implement strategies that help build a strong organic profile while increasing leads and conversions for your website. Being the top preference has got more paramount with the increasing competition today, so if you want to win that, you need to get three steps ahead of your competitors- which is definitely possible with our timeless strategies.


Keyword research- a necessary element


Keyword research is the basic thing that helps you get successful in today’s dynamic marketing world. Our experts use dynamic keyword research tools that help identify some competitive keywords in your industry used frequently by your target audience.


After identifying the right set of keywords, we include them in your website content and create articles, blog posts, and other content material around those keywords. We make sure we include long-tail keywords in your content that are more specific in nature and consist of three or more words. For example, using keywords like, ‘best university for computer science’, or ‘university for science and arts’ may be the most compelling and right set of keywords to target.


We also use several tools for keyword research that help us give accurate results and competitive search terms used by the audience.


Keyword placement also matters the most, that’s the reason, we prefer adding keywords in the title, heading tags, and content body by making it sound natural to the readers.


SEO friendly content creation


Our experts love creating engaging and informative content for universities as they already have a lot of built-in authority.


The fact is, creating engaging content is one of the best ways to showcase the knowledge and expertise of your faculty and professors. Especially, videos, images, and infographics are usually the go-to type of content.


We also have had great success creating eBooks, guides, and other interactives, that consistently offer the best solution while being pitched to publishers.


When we create content for your website and articles, we are focused on two main elements. 1. We make sure that the subject or topic engages the broad audience, and 2. The content we create must add value to the topic and give in-depth information to the readers.


When we build SEO friendly articles for your university, we are also focused on building high- quality links. Our experts create content and tend to publish them on high-quality websites that further gives us a backlink. By associating with these sites, your website can easily establish strong recognition in the industry.


Building links


Once we create an informative and engaging piece of content, our next step is to promote and market your content across various important channels.


By doing this, we can simply get a lot of relevant and links from various influential sites. Backlinks are usually the most important ranking factor for Google algorithm, as it determines which sites are important to rank first according to the keyword mentioned.


Now the best thing is, most bloggers and research journalists like and appreciate the content created from other universities as they think the university a highly reputable and knowledgeable source.


That’s the reason, our experts create content so we can help you reach out to multiple qualified professionals and top tier publications. We also write articles for famous news websites and other networks that are considered industry leaders.


Optimization of non-text elements


Many website owners usually make the mistake of only optimizing text content on their website, well yes that is also an important element but there are multiple other things to consider as well.


Our experts tend to optimize all the title tags, meta descriptions, and headers and also check out the alt text of your images.


These minor things may not matter for you or your audience but search engines must consider all these elements for ranking your site.


That’s the reason, it’s essential to pay should pay close attention to all these features so they do not affect the readability and offer enhanced user experience. These elements also make a huge difference in whether your potential students will be able to find your website or not.


Local SEO


Local SEO is another important element in SEO that helps optimize your website for location-based keywords.


For example, keywords like, ‘universities in New York’, or ‘best university near me’ are the top location-based keywords used by your local students for finding the best university. We follow all the innovative methods in local SEO and create a free GMB listing that gives the audience complete details about your university. Your operating hours, location, contact details, and other useful elements.

Frequently Asked Questions!

Rethink your SEO strategy that is not delivering fruitful results!

If you are part of a university admin or related personnel, and not satisfied with your current SEO strategy, then it’s time to rethink your plan and consider a company that can provide guaranteed results according to your expectations.

Also, relying on push marketing strategies like billboards or brochures are notoriously hard and expensive to bring results. If you want something incredible, contact our SEO company for universities that can bring effective leads and traffic to your site while setting an ultimate recognition in your industry.

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