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Radio station website design for increased listenership and views

Radio websites are important, they act as a tool to an increased listenership and easily disseminate information to every part of the world through a combination of radio channels. You can get details about upcoming shows, music, news, and everything to make your audience informed. So, beyond implementing the fancy layout and attractive graphics, there is much more involved as a core component.At Hukumat Networks, we have a team of leading website designers for radio stations who create stunning websites equipped with all the necessary tools and features to guide your listeners about everything they are looking for. If you are interested to know how websites work for radio stations, give us a call today, and let’s dig deeper.

Why radio station website is important for comfortable streaming?

Your radio station website is the backbone of your strong online presence. It sets the first impression when people visit and scroll channels to find some fun and entertainment. But if the website is poorly designed and missing out on a lot of elements, you might lose viewers and listeners who are making an effort to find something interesting on your radio station website.That’s the reason, to entice more listeners, you need a professionally designed radio station website that is equipped with a lot of functionalities and has amazing features to convert visitors into listeners at the spot. To provide comfortable streaming, our experts launch ultra-scalable no point of failure solutions, offer relay options to host live shows, and automate the website with pilots, schedules, and cloud library.So, if you want to level up your conversions and engagement rates, it’s time to come up with a website that maximizes the audience’s interest and delivers a more positive experience. Interested to explore further? Contact us now and see how it works for your radio station industry.

Web design strategies for radio stations to draw in new listeners

If you want to earn more conversions for your radio station website, it’s important to follow the strategies that can draw in a lot of new listeners in a short time. Here is a brief overview of powerful web design experience at Hukumat Networks

Custom breath-taking design

Breathtaking custom website design tailored according to your requirements is the most preeminent thing for your radio station. While creating a website for your radio station, our experts analyze competitors and think about your target audience.We consider the choice of colors, photos, background, layout, and typography as these are the basic elements that grab the audience’s attention. That’s the reason, for radio station websites, we implement bright and contrasting shades, provoking imagery, and attractive fonts basically the stunning idea that engages your young listener audience.

Simple navigation

The next important thing that needs attention is the simple and easy navigation of your radio station website. Because the fact is, nobody wants to involve in complicated design features especially when they are looking for an entertaining source. That’s the reason, your radio website design always guarantees easy to navigate features as well as you can locate all the desired pages and channel names at the forefront.Also, we don’t believe in creating too many pages and links because it can overwhelm your audience and they do not feel comfortable scrolling all the pages and links.

Introducing your staff

Creating a separate webpage that features your staff definitely sounds great as it offers you a chance to showcase the skills of people you work with. Because when people listen to the radio channel, they feel more joyful and comfortable while knowing whose voice they are listening to. Listeners would automatically develop the connection with their voice and face and they would wait for the shows hosted by their favorite DJs and presenters. We tend to develop more personal connection by giving information about the staff members on separate pages.Mentioning their social networks with their names also gives a chance to increase interaction with presenters, which further increases the trust of the audience they would love to tune-in your channel before any other.

Build a proper schedule

Your audience should have a complete idea about what you are doing and what is the timing of their favorite show. That’s the reason, our experts build a proper schedule and display it on the home page of your site. We also tend to feature all the programs you might plan to broadcast on your channel. Giving simple and catchy description along with attractive images which quickly reinforce the interest of your audience and they would track the showtime for immediate tune-in.

Keep in touch with the listeners

It’s important to stay close to your listeners so you can give them a chance to interact with you personally. We help your audience follow all the activities by highlighting social media pages on the website. We manage subscriptions that keep your listeners informed about the current news and happenings.By adding an instant message button to your radio station website, you can give your listeners a chance to communicate everything they have in mind. We mention phone numbers, email IDs, locations, and everything for the purpose to interact directly with your audience. In this way, your audience would feel assured that you are always here with them for 24 hours.

Security, speed, and responsiveness

Design, functionality, and attractiveness matter a lot for capturing user’s attention, but if your website has speed and security related issues, then you are pushing your listeners away by providing an inefficient user experience. That’s the reason, our experts out a special focus on security by offering a free SSL certificate that enables HTTPS on your site which offers protection against malicious attempts and spams.Other than that, we also follow speed optimization solutions so you can give high performing experience to your listeners. Because they don’t wait for minutes to load all the images, videos, or channels, instead they would shift to another channel for a fast and secure experience.Responsiveness is another element on your radio station website. Because most people use mobile devices to find a radio station website; and if they find that some elements are disturbed and inaccurately aligned, they would immediately leave the website in search of a better one.That’s why offering a completely mobile-friendly experience is our priority so we can encourage more new and repeated visits.

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