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Wondering how to make an indelible impression while retaining leads and expanding reach? It’s not that difficult especially with a well-designed and functional website for insurance agents.

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Stand out from the crowd with a feature-rich website for insurance agency

As you belong to the insurance industry, you just don’t need a simple website for promotions, you need a professional, aesthetically appealing, functional, and high-converting website that helps you run your operations more easily, efficiently, and smoothly. Because the fact is, most companies and individuals turn to the internet when they need insurance relation help or information which means your website is the first interactive element and communication channel that could keep users engaged while giving all the insights to the business.


At Hukumat Networks, we have years of experience designing websites for the insurance industry. We know what it takes to build a site that strengthens your clientele and online presence. Connect with us to know how it works for you.


Why do you need the best website design for an insurance agency?


The way people search for new information and businesses has been changed for the past couple of years. The reason is advancement in technology. Especially if you are an insurance company, most people rely on the internet today so that could get in-depth details about the industry. Unlike traditional ways, when people flip through phone books, check advertisements or commercials to find insurance services, people trust modern online sources.


Now they can simply use Google, enter “insurance agent” and browse all the options one after another to find their desired service.


And in this fast-paced scenario, if you are running without a well-designed website for insurance, you are losing potential leads and conversions. In this fierce competition where people have plenty of options to choose from, you cannot afford to lose customers who are looking for your help. That’s where Hukumat Networks help. We create websites that offer reliable help and support for everything you want to achieve. Discuss this in detail or keep reading till the end for more ideas.


Important practices for best insurance agency website design


As stated earlier, you just don’t need a random website to have a strong online presence. You need a website that converts visits the moment they land onto your site. And that’s the reason, Hukumat professionals implement some worth-considering practices that take your small insurance company to the next level in no time.


Responsive web design for insurance agents


As we all know that, today a growing number of people use smart devices such as tablets, mobiles, and others to access the internet for finding their favorite products and services. 


And now in the world where every website automatically adjusts according to the screen size of your device, your agency must need a responsive design so that you can easily serve the customers who access a website other than laptop or desktop.


If your insurance company is running without a responsive website, your business could lose an incredible number of visits and leads every day which is definitely great harm to your reputation and recognition. In fact, you are giving your competitors a chance to steal your customers.


Without a responsive design, your visitors would require to pinch-zoom every page and element while reading the content. The longer they have to do this, the more they get frustrated, and chances are, they would immediately leave and find another website for enhanced user experience. That’s the reason, our experts follow smart mobile optimization tactics to come up with a design that caters to the current needs of your customers.


User-friendly layout


Considering a responsive design solution is just one way to attract customers and convert them into leads. However, the fact is, this is not just enough to rank higher in searches or retain leads to the website. 


Because if your website is not attractive or engaging, you are losing an audience who may need a user-friendly, simple yet clean layout to meet specific needs and requirements. 


Therefore, our experts are focused to create a website that simply has a modern, appealing, and easy layout understandable for the audience. 


For example, adding neutral or bold colors for the navigation to make it clearly visible, implementing drop-down menus and skip using old patterned side navigation, and add some attractive graphics to keep visitors engaged and focused. 


Fast loading speed


The slower your website load, the more you lose money and visits. 


Yes, that’s true. Because when your insurance website is loading slow, your customers would definitely lose interest too. They won’t browse the site that’s taking time to load their required information. Instead, they prefer to continue to a better version that loads quickly without keeping them wait.


Especially if your website is not loading between 3-5 seconds, then chances are you would be losing 70% of customers who are in rush and looking for great insurance plans without waiting for a second. That’s the reason, we follow strong page optimization techniques which involve removing heavy images, compressing other videos and graphics, and adjusting different elements on the homepage. 


This reduces your page time to an incredibly smarter speed, and your website would load with a lightning-fast speed of 3 seconds which never let visitors lose interest or keeping them wait to check their desired information on the page.


An effective call to action buttons


An effective call to action is a necessary element to consider for your website. Because without having a compelling CTA, you won’t be able to convince the audience to take the desired action. Therefore, we make sure that your website utilizes all the CTAs that give visitors a direction to take specific actions. 


For example, CTAs like ‘contact us to check more insurance plans’, ‘request an appointment to discuss your insurance needs are some call to action buttons that compel the audience to click and see what more beneficial details you have to offer for their convenience.


SEO optimized design


A website without having an SEO-optimized structure is something that can further reduce your ranking and reputation in the industry. Because your website is of absolutely no use if it’s not able to rank well in search engine results. That’s the reason, we make sure that our website designers and SEO experts work in collaboration to come up with a design that engages the audience and search engines and helps the site rank well while beating others in the competition.


We place long tail and competitive keywords in your content, adjust meta title, descriptions and focus key phrases for each service page and work on speed, security, and other elements that may contribute to the success of your insurance website.


FAQs- learn more about insurance web design companies

Ready to launch a brand-new insurance agency website today?


If so, Hukumat is here to help with their dedicated and proficient team of experts. We have strong hands-on expertise and unlimited knowledge to craft a website that fulfills your dream and establishes a strong customer base. As a leading web design company for insurance agents, we can help you thrive while outperforming others in the industry.


So, connect with our team today, and learn how we help you score countless conversions and leads with our result-oriented methods.

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