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Did you know 70% of people purchased food products just because they first saw them on social media channels? This proves social media is now an undeniable part of your business growth.

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Run the best food social media marketing campaigns for unlimited growth!

You probably use Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for your personal life. But maybe never used for your food business. Right? But let me tell you a shocking fact, 371 million people tagged #food and #drinks in their posts lately, which makes social media marketing an essential element of not only your personal life but business life as well.  It’s much likely that customers are sharing your food pictures and posting positive comments & feedback so more & more people love trying the products.


Well, there are a lot more elements that make social media a core component of online success. Especially when you partner with Hukumat Networks, you can easily achieve long-term objectives while connected with people socially.


Why is social media marketing for the food business important to consider?


Social media marketing doesn’t offer you an opportunity to just lurk and start posting random stuff. If you are a business owner, you need to consider a lot of important tactics that are essential for your growth and social recognition. After all, more than 85% of people get influenced by reviews, comments, and feedback and make their purchasing decision.


Social media marketing has not become a next-level marketing strategy as 60% of people check the product on social business pages 2-4 times before making their final decision. This means if your business pages are not crafted uniquely or delivering a bad impact through posts and bad reviews, it’s hard to sell your products and services to a massive audience.


Therefore, if you want to thrive in the food industry, implementing social media marketing accurately is the first most important thing. Connect with our team and learn how it’s effective for your food chain.


Fold into your social media strategy for the food industry that thrives


Today, almost every business is leveraging the benefits of social media marketing so they can easily generate followers and convince people to consider their products over others in the market. However, to make a strong impact, you need to come up with a plan or a robust strategy that works in the long run. Have a look at some strategies adopted by our professionals at Hukumat!


Use popular platforms to interact with followers


There are hundreds of social media platforms that help you interact with your audience every day. However, not every platform is meant for your business. because your target audience is essentially active on some popular channels, so you need to reach out to them just to strengthen your fan base. To make that happen, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Pinterest are the right channels where your followers are most active and looking for your business.


After creating your business pages on these channels, you need to analyze what to post, how to interact with fans, and what value each channel brings to your business.


Post-user-generated content


User-generated content looks like the most effective way to craft some personal bonding with people. And for that, it’s important to hold contests and surveys while asking people to share their meal on different social channels by tagging you in their posts. It’s also effective to award your lucky contestants with a discounted or free meal and present some exciting offers to make them your permanent customers.


Other than that, sharing recipes, posting videos of your food while cooking, and different special items also give people an idea about your product’s quality, taste, and ambiance.


Enhance discoverability with trendy hashtags


Using the right hashtags can help you discover your food chain among hundreds of others in the industry. Especially if you are posting on Instagram, you need to consider using more than 10 hashtags in a row so you can make the most out of your campaign. #instafood, #foodstagram, #foodphotography, and #foodies are some common hashtags used every day in the world.


Run ads for maximum engagement


If you want to get discovered by thousands of people every day who are most likely to become your customer, then running social ad campaigns is definitely the best way. When you run ads, you are most likely to appear in front of a massive audience who is interested in your products and might choose you over others. The great thing is, you can pay the amount that suits best to your needs, and only pay when users click the ad. You are not required to pay for impressions and engagements.

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Let’s execute a profitable social media plan for food businesses today!


At Hukumat Networks, we understand the importance of connecting with old and new customers. That’s why we help you execute highly profitable social media plan for your business that help thrive and produce extremely reliable results.


So, let’s connect with our team today and get a strategy that sets you apart from others in the industry.

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