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How to capture more leads and win more bookings for your motels every day? A custom internet marketing strategy can help you do so while giving you a chance to drive more guests!

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Upgrade your online performance with motel marketing plans

Hospitality marketing always seems overwhelming, especially when you have just launched your motel and hardly find any tactics to grow while beating competitors. However, the problem could be resolved easily with the implementation of internet marketing strategies that help maximize more bookings each day and attract people from local and distant areas. So, if you don’t know where to start- let Hukumat professionals manage!


We have proficient specialists who run campaigns that drive new tourists and visitors to book their stay and enjoy your hospitality. Let us upgrade the online performance of your motel by connecting with our expert marketing team. 


Motel marketing companies that help increase bookings and visits


If you belong to a food or motel industry, you must understand the challenges of getting new guests every day, because there is tremendous competition in the field and every small motel is trying to show up at the top in search engines which means your competitors already know what it takes to build a strong online presence.


So, if you are still not implementing strategies to win more guests and beat stiff competitors then definitely, you are falling behind the competition and giving your rivals a chance to attract your clients to gather bookings.


To make sure that people choose you over others in the industry, it’s important to come up with plans that offer long-term growth and sustainability in no time. Our experts implement SEO, social media marketing, PPC, and website design solutions that guarantee proven results even beyond your expectations.


So, what are you waiting for? Discuss your goals and let’s get started with a profitable campaign for motels today.


A motel marketing strategy that ensures long term growth & sustainability


Let’s face it, internet marketing has taken over, and traditional advertising techniques are no more effective today. If you want to win bookings and achieve long-term growth and sustainability, then implementing a motel marketing strategy is all you need to do while outranking big players in the industry.


Have a website that reflects your professionalism


Now the first step in your internet marketing campaign is having a website that truly reflects your expertise, knowledge, and professionalism. When we say a website for motels, we do not mean that adding 3,4 pictures, creating long blocks of content, and building a one-page website that doesn’t even showcase your knowledge and expertise. 


With a website for motels, we mean a well-designed, organized, and attractive website that features all the amenities, compelling real images of your motel lobby, parking, rooms, dining halls, and reception area. Because the point is, you have to attract visits and make them believe that you are the best choice that can make their stay more pleasant and welcoming. And in order to do so, it’s important to follow all the elements to confirm more bookings every day.


Besides making it attractive, we also focus on other design elements that provide the best user experience. For example, user-friendly layout, easy navigations, secure design, SEO friendly structure, compelling content, and responsive design solutions along with fast loading website so your audience never thought leaving without booking a room in your motel.


SEO- the backbone of your marketing strategy


Do you know SEO is the backbone of your marketing strategy? This means if you are not implementing SEO, you are giving all the potential leads to competitors who are ranking at the top of the searches. 


Yes, because SEO is the process of ranking your site high in search engines for competitive keywords used commonly by your target audience. It gives your motel website strong visibility and strengthens your online presence while outperforming your big competitors.


That’s the reason, our experts implement the strategy by exploring some top innovative methods that further give exposure to your business. especially if you are competing with three nearby motels, you have to come up with robust plans to beat them all.


Therefore, we perform detailed keyword research and identify which search terms are used by your audience to find a motel. After identifying keywords, we implement them in your website and follow certain other tactics to improve their position in search results, so we can show up on your website each time when your audience enters a related keyword in search results.


Besides that, we are also focused to target location-based keywords for your motel so we can bring in more local and nearby visits every day. Targeting keywords like, ‘motels near me’, or ‘motels in New York’ are more specific in nature that help us drive the local audience to your door. This practice is far more beneficial than others because it gives you more real and authentic visits.


When we create a free Google My Business listing for your motel, it gives brief information to your audiences like contact, location details, name, operating hours, and other elements that help people decide whether you are the best choice for them.


Want fast leads? Run PPC ads


If you looking to generate fast and qualified leads, PPC is the only method that does the needful. 


The method involves setting up your ads around targeted keywords, like “Motels in New York”, and then we have to bid on the keywords, if we make the highest bid, we can easily rank your ad at the top of the searches while beating others. 


You don’t need to pay for your ads unless your audience clicks the ads. If they click, you are required to pay a certain amount that is already fixed by our professionals.


Especially if your motel is located in a tourist location or an area with a lot of other hotels and motels, then PPC is the best way to gain maximum attention from the right audience. We create compelling ads that generate fast results and convert visitors into guests the moment they click your ad.


Generate a strong presence with social media marketing


Social media marketing is a bit tricky for motel owners. Because almost every motel leverages the power of the internet today and strengthening its presence on different social media channels. So, if you are not using it to attract visits, you are missing out on leads that use social channels before visiting the motels personally.


Our experts set up your profiles on all the popular channels such as Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest so we can engage the audience across every channel and convince them to use your services while making their stay more enjoyable and unforgettable.


For motels, social media is the perfect source to encourage interaction with all old, new, and future guests. We post engaging content and interact with people using different ideas so we can persuade them and make them believe that you are a trustable authority in the hospitality industry.

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Ready to earn more bookings with motel marketing companies?


Now that you got a perfect idea about motel marketing solutions and the benefits it offers, so it’s time to kickstart your campaign with Hukumat professionals that have more than a decade of experience running successful marketing campaigns.


So, just reach out to us for help and find out how we are the best marketing company for motels that generate solid results.

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