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For electricians, a website is one of the most essential marketing assets that can help them generate qualified traffic. Because more than 95% of users prefer to visit your website before purchasing, so they can learn more about your services and online authority. 80% of users have admitted that they judge the services of electricians through their website design.


Now when we put all the facts together, we can analyze one thing- If your website is not engaging enough, it couldn’t persuade users to get your services, and as a result- you will lose most of your jobs.


At Hukumat Networks, we are here to provide a high-performing, fast, and secure website for your electrical company that guarantees more visits and leads in a short time.


Why electricians’ websites perform so well with Hukumat Networks?


Hukumat Networks is a #1 choice for all small to medium electrical companies due to their promising services. We have helped 10+ electricians to create a compelling and engaging website, as our professionals offer personalized and hassle website design experience to all the potential clients.


Our client’s recommendation score is 100% as we offer affordable prices, transparent reporting, and ideal results. We also assign a dedicated account manager who keeps an eye on all activities and updates you about the progress.


When we choose Hukumat Networks, you will partner with a group that believes in accomplishing long term goals. Our website designers are efficient enough to spruce up your old and new websites to attract more leads and customers.


Contact us to know how we work together with our clients to ensure guaranteed success.


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Important features we include while making websites for electrical companies


Whether you are searching for website design services or website redesign services for electricians, we are here to help! We have managed to create multiple websites for electrical companies and helped them earn millions in revenue in the past years.


Here are a few reasons, why our clients believe us


Responsive design


A responsive website is one of the most important features that adapt the design of your site across multiple devices such as smartphones and tablets. Our website designers create electrical websites that fit all screen sizes to enhance user experience. When your electrician’s website is, you can attract more visitors via mobile which ultimately boosts your conversion rate.


SEO friendly site


With responsive design, we also incorporate SEO methodologies to increase the effectiveness of your website. Our SEO experts collaborate with website designers and implement all the major elements that help your site appear in search results. Because if your site is well-designed but not SEO optimized, then it would fail to deliver expected results as users will never know if your business exists. More than 80% of consumers and 71% of random visitors go online when they have to purchase some service.


When your electrical website is implemented with best SEO practices, your business can immediately improve the visibility in Google, and this is as essential as 85% of people stick to the first page and top results while looking for a company for their needs.


Page optimization


Page speed matters a lot for the success of your business because if your website is not loading within 3 seconds, your customer might switch to another site offering the best user experience.


That’s the reason, we are not only responsible for creating engaging and attractive websites, but also fast and high performing sites that boost the credibility of your business. When you have a speedy electrical site, you can boost the ranking in search engines which automatically increases your sales results by 7%.


Custom and secure


We build your electrical company’s website with custom design and offer perpetual security by enabling HTTPS. Yes, we provide free SSL certification to your electrician website which guarantees more security and protection to your data.


SEO friendly content


SEO friendly content is the backbone of your website. If your site is not well optimized and lacking competitive keywords, then search engines will not be able to rank your site.


Moreover, if you are not using engaging content, you are not having a proper way to connect with your clients, which directly impacts the ability to create more leads and sales. That’s the reason, our copywriters and content specialists create high-quality content immediately grabs the attention of onlookers and they spend minutes to explore your services.


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