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Wondering how your competitors are outranking your painting company? Maybe it’s something to do with your website. Let us create a refreshing site for more leads.

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Drive more calls & engagements with website design services for painters

When your customers discover your painting website, they judge your services through the overall design, content, and layout. So, if your site looks unattractive, outdated, and boring, you will definitely lose hundreds of leads every month-which is a great loss for your business.


At Hukumat Networks, we are here to assist with unique, modern, and fresh painting website that offers optimal user experience and boost your lead generation process within days.


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Get found online with personalized websites for painters


We understand the importance of a website that converts leads into lifelong customers which is why we create websites that are not only personalized according to your needs but also perform well on search engines and increase your visibility among thousands of other searches.


Our website designers have vast knowledge and experience in creating the sites that best represent your business and give sound recognition in the market. Our website designers tend to make timeless designs that captivate your audience and build more interest in your services.


We know you need to run several marketing campaigns like social media advertising, pay per click, and SEO. That’s why we create compelling designs so that when users land onto the website from different platforms they can get an impressive overview of your business and convert them immediately into a paying customer.


Let us know everything about your business and marketing goals, and wait for the perfect strategy that can give effective and long-term results.


The best practices we follow that nails your painting website


Having a simple painting website without any refreshing touch is boring to your audience and they will never visit the site again. This means, your website plays an important role in gaining the attention of targeted users so they can spend some time and scroll through the bottom to know every detail about your business. At Hukumat Networks, we are responsible to make this experience more fun and pleasing by following some best practices.


Establishing you as a brand


The basic step we take to build an engaging website is we establish you as a brand and develop a unique style so you can get qualified leads from all the targeted areas.


Our experts believe brand recognition is essential for your painting business as it can help you earn profitable leads. People will choose your services if they are already familiar with your company and you have managed to establish a good reputation. That’s why, when they need to decide between two companies, they choose you over the competitors.


We build a unique brand style for your painting company which includes effective color schemes, compelling typography, and writing style. Remember the red and yellow logo of McDonald’s? It’s their brand identity and people recognize them through that combination of colors. We help you establish the same identity for your painting business, so your audience gets to know more about your services.


Responsive websites


Nothing exhausts users more than a website that looks bad on mobile and they feel unable to zoom in and zoom out their required information. Because people will never waste their time browsing the site that is failed to deliver the right message due to disturbing alignment. We help you establish a responsive design that can simply help people to discover more about your services using mobile.


Integrate catchy visuals


Visuals are important to create an effective positive impression of your website. With a well designed painting website, we help you generate more leads and sales.


Our professionals incorporate a lot of visuals that include, images, infographics, and videos. These options can simply enhance the overall appeal of your website. We use original and authentic visuals that showcase your services and make your website more interesting than competitors.


Addition of engagement features


We also add numerous engagement features on your painting website so we can build more trust for your visitors. The features include social media buttons that act as the connecting point with all the social platforms. Email sign up forms that can capture qualified leads for the long term and finally call to action buttons that guide your audience about how to contact with you and know more about the services.


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