PPC Advertising for Pest control

Are you wasting 70% of your marketing budget on pest control? Let us position your business with PPC pest control campaigns

Years committed in digital marketing
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since 2008
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major platforms

Pest control marketing through PPC campaigns

Internet marketing is a great way to sustain your pest control businesses- if you are doing it right! Most of your pest control clients are online and looking for a reliable company like you. So if you know how to target them effectively, you are near to achieving your goals- and this can be possible only if you choose PPC services for pest control.

At Hukumat Networks, we have helped 25+ pest control companies grow & succeed online by implementing powerful PPC campaigns that are targeted specifically to optimize their sales goals.

Drive qualified pest control leads through Google Ads

We have a network of 20+ PPC experts who have years of experience in handling pest control Ad campaigns. Our professionals are Google Certified Specialists, which means we have surpassed the benchmark set by Google regarding knowledge and experience to launch a successful Google Ads campaign.

Our PPC experts create custom Ad campaigns based specifically on your pest control services, so when your clients enter the keywords, like ‘best pest control company’ in Google, your company will appear on the top positions in search results.

We have unique experience in handling the Google Ads approach. Our team never used any kind of proprietary software for automation. Instead, we work on the campaigns every day to maximize its value and effectiveness.

Our digital campaigns improve your bottom line metrics.
Hukumat has driven the following results for clients:

Years committed in digital marketing


Local leads generated since 2007


5-star reviews on major platforms

Facebook advertising for pest control to target massive audience

Around 1.4 billion users sign in to their Facebook accounts every day and spend more than 45 minutes each day by doing comments, sharing, and updating.

To grow your pest control business, Facebook advertising makes a great sense that can target a massive audience in no time. In this method, setting up ads is much similar to Google and Bing, through which you need to pay for clicked ads. However, when it comes to targeting the right people on Facebook, it becomes a little more complicated which can be handled by our PPC experts.

Since people consider Facebook a great medium for information and entertainment, which also gives information about local businesses, so we show your pest control ads to a broad audience looking for good exterminators and when they click the ad, it automatically redirects them to your page or website. Facebook Ads always appear in the user’s news feed section, where they can click the ad while scrolling other things.

Pest control PPC campaigns on Instagram

Whilst Google, Facebook, and YouTube are the major PPC Ad mediums, Instagram is also winning the competition as its one of the rapidly growing channels that could help your company target a relevant audience.

Instagram seems to be an unexplored channel for users, but with the population of 500 million active users, we help you target your pest control clients, which include young people and housewives- all by implementing right tactics and you can generate four times more user engagement through this effective visual medium.

YouTube Advertising to establish a strong image of your pest control company

With more than 3 billion searches, YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google where people love to watch different interesting and informative videos every day. To take advantage of that medium, we create video Ads on YouTube as well, where we showcase your expertise and services in 10-15 second advertisement.

We do not only create engaging videos for your pest control clients, but we also make sure that they prove effective in establishing a powerful brand impression.

Unlimited visits, phone calls, and appointments

With compelling and click-able ads created by the huge network of PPC experts, you can expect a number of phone calls, website visits, appointments, and queries that guarantees your Ads have seen and clicked everywhere.

We help you grow your pest control clients by implementing the most competitive and lucrative keywords that give fast, effective, and long term results. With such enhanced-quality click-through rates, your business starts getting maximum leads and bigger orders. Our experts perform continual refinements for selecting the right keywords, manage ad messaging, design content for the landing page, and follow technical campaign management procedure which gives us a chance to deal with the number of people online.

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How our pest control PPC campaigns are different from others in the market?

Hukumat Networks has a team of dedicated paid search professionals who can manage all the campaigns using some popular platforms like Google Ads and Microsoft Ads. Hundreds of companies across the world trust our services and choose us because:

  • We optimize your existing PPC campaigns to drive better results and performance
  • Our professionals eliminate all the wasted ad spend on different costly keywords and manage inefficiently optimized campaigns
  • We drive more sales and conversions from search engines
  • We help you score the first position on Google and Bing search engines.

With our pest control PPC experts, you can see what’s going on!

To manage your PPC campaigns well, our professionals create incredibly detailed reports on costs, clicks, impressions, cost per click rates, phone calls, cost per lead rates, click conversion rates, click-through rates, and form submissions. These reports help track and analyze the progress of your campaign so you can manage your future-growth in a more brilliant way.


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Branding benefits with PPC campaign

PPC is one of the most cost-effective and reliable platforms that help you extend brand awareness. Especially if you are a new business, you can easily build strong brand credibility within a few days.

When we launch pest control PPC campaigns, your clients will repeatedly see your business’s name in search results because your ad is running and attracting the target audience to click. Now 80% of people will click on those ads which increase your sales results. However, if no immediate conversion occurs in response to your PPC ad then the total number of these campaign Ads will automatically add up to a tremendously increasing pool of prospects that may take your services in the future.

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