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Did you know more than 75% of law firms use social media marketing to enhance their legal exposure? Yes, social media channels are dominating the market through effective tactics.

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Grow your practice and win more cases with law firm social media marketing

According to recent studies, more than 80% of lawyers use LinkedIn to increase the list of their professional connections. The reason? An absolute increase in recognition. In the same way, law firms are also leveraging the full benefits of social media marketing so they can grow their practice and win more cases every day.


At Hukumat Networks, we have a team of social media marketing specialists for law firms who are skilled in running popular social platforms according to current trends. Connect with our team today and let’s get a chance to get maximum leads and conversions.


Why should you implement an effective law firm social media strategy?


With more than 3 billion people in the world using social media, there is a great chance to get connected with clients who may need your help and support regarding complicated matters of life. With an effective social media strategy for law firms, you can easily interact with a sheer number of audience and listen to their queries. If you are not leveraging the platform, you might miss an opportunity to connect with such a vast audience.


Above all, social media channels are great to establish your presence online and let people know who you are and what you can do for them. Our experts help you set up profiles on every popular social media channel such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest so we can strengthen your client base and recognize you as an authority in the law industry.


Let us build great support for your brand, drop us a line, and connect with our team to initiate this powerful marketing solution for your law firm.


Social media management for law firms that build deeper relationships with clients


Building a killer social media strategy for your law firm is a challenging job today because it involves various complicated tactics that make or break your campaign. At Hukumat Networks, we use social media to the best of the abilities and build strong and deep relationships with clients so they can choose you every time they need help.


Have a look at our social media management solution for law firms.


Research your competitors


You must want to see how others are doing and what strategies have been incorporated by your competitors. In order to provide valuable recognition in law, we make sure that we come up with strategies that generate strong brand awareness and beat big players in the law industry.


We analyze platforms that are used by your competitors, evaluate what kind of content they are sharing and what posts are attracting an audience.


After carefully considering these elements, we generate solutions that help win more cases and outrank your stiff competitors in no time.


Choosing relevant platforms


To run successful campaigns for your law firm, our experts research on competition, evaluate your industry and then choose some popular platforms that make a huge impact.


We analyze which platforms are most used by your audience and what channels are bringing fruitful results in a short time. After analysis, we create profiles on social channels that are expected to generate healthy recognition and nurtured leads. For example, some popular platforms like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram are best for law firms that have billions of fans following. These channels are definitely best among hundreds of platforms that are not even known by a vast audience today.


Planning content


another important strategy we follow is creating unique, modern, original, and engaging content for an audience that gives them insights into your professional while streamlining your strong social presence.


Our experts provide some useful and healthy tips, build stunning graphics, share an interesting news story, give updates about your law firm, and run several compelling ads across social media channels.


We follow a general rule of thumb for posting content on social media that says sharing 20% promotional content and 80% engaging news and activities.


Regularly engage your audience


Posting content for one day and then skipping days without posting anything, is definitely a very harmful practice for your social media campaign.


We make sure that we post content frequently so that we can engage the audience regularly and keep reminding them about your credibility and authority.


We engage followers by responding to comments, sending messages, taking part in discussions and groups, story mentions, post reviews, launch polls and perform several activities that make people believe that you are a credible source in the law industry.

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Tired of generating inefficient leads through word-of-mouth advertising?


Word-of-mouth advertising is no more effective today, especially after the innovation of online marketing methods. That’s why we believe social media is the best strategy that helps generate effective recognition while increasing leads and conversions. 


So, if you are tired of trying all the failed tactics, let us build a campaign that gives results beyond expectations. Set up a call today and let’s proceed towards the profitable process.


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