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Did you know there are more than 7,800 dermatology practices in the US? To beat this competition in the industry, you need to follow PPC for a dermatology practice.

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Constructing PPC ads for dermatologists to accomplish long term goals

PPC is the most affordable advertising model in the online marketing world because it helps you set your own budget, and a person can easily decide how much he should pay for each click to his site. The results are easy to track & monitor, which means you can create the most compelling ads for your dermatology campaign.


At Hukumat Networks, we make the process easy by building a robust PPC campaign for dermatologists so you can get more and more clicks and visits to your site. If you are interested to learn more about how PPC works and why it’s the best technique to reach your goals, contact us today and let our professionals share some valuable things for effective campaigns.


Why is dermatology PPC necessary for your practice?


PPC Ads for dermatology actively reach patients who are searching for your skincare treatments.


PPC campaigns are quite helpful in tracking the effectiveness of your ads so that our experts can improve them further and craft a more useful strategy to bring hundreds of clicks per day. With the help of traditional advertising techniques, it’s not possible to understand the behaviour of users or notice how many people have interacted with the ad and how many of them considered it trash.


Average business Google ad provides every $2 on $1 ad spend, now that amount is the double of your return. Similarly, when we invest more in dermatology ads, you will be more likely to receive doubled traffic and leads within hours. Even if people don’t click on the ad, only listing your practice name at the top would increase impressions and engagement, which leads to enhanced recognition.


Get noticed with your dermatology PPC campaigns


There are multiple elements to consider when it comes to launching your dermatology campaign. Our experts put particular focus on creating effective ads that grab user’s attention as soon as they come across your ad on Google.


Here is a brief overview of our campaign management procedure.


Research on competitive keywords


Keyword research is a primary step in launching a dermatology PPC campaign. Without research on frequently used key phrases, it’s not possible to target the people who are most interested in your services.


With keyword research, we find out what your patients are searching online and what’s the average cost-per-click (CPC) rate, total searches and competition for keywords. After research, we incorporate the most competitive keywords that are more likely to bring clicks and visits.


Build landing pages


After clicking your dermatology ad, users direct on landing pages for more details. Our experts build useful landing pages where users can spend minutes in learning everything about your practice.


The landing pages we create always reflect the facts promoted in your dermatology ad. For instance, if we put an ad that offers free treatment of acne, then the landing page would act as the next thing that gives users more details and offer them a way to schedule an appointment.


Setting up Google ads


Google AdWords is a platform that allows you to post dermatology PPC ads on Google.


Our experts set target keywords efficiently, and find out how we need to bid for each keyword, after that we set up the landing page and then design the ads to promote your service.


Tracking campaign


It’s essential to track and monitor the results of your campaign. But if you don’t, then the PPC ads will never be as effective as they would be with regular monitoring, testing and tracking.


Our experts run several testing solutions to check the performance of an ad campaign, so they can keep checking which element needs improvement.

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Let’s get started with PPC campaigns for dermatologists


If you are ready to kickstart your dermatology campaign, contact our PPC experts today and let them create a strategy that works for your dermatology marketing needs. We can’t wait to hear from you soon!



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