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Want to become a #1 doctor in town? Well, it’s not that easy in this fierce competition. But not that difficult with internet marketing services for doctors.

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Get noticed by 75% of patients with internet marketing services for doctors

Did you know 75% of patients go online to find a reputable doctor, and 89% of people use search engines to solve their health queries? Now to convert such a higher percentage in your new paying patient, internet marketing is the formula you need for long term success.


At Hukumat Networks, we help you dominate the search engines with the best internet marketing strategies for doctors and healthcare practitioners. Our marketing experts help you create strategies that build strong relationships with your patients and position yourself in the healthcare industry.


Internet Marketing Services For Doctors


Rank yourself in the best position with online marketing for doctors


Internet marketing is dynamically changing the world through its magical vibes that happily serve every industry- including doctors, and help them touch new heights of success. Our internet marketing specialists use a variety of methods to help doctors grow their online presence, and develop a strong base of patients.


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At Hukumat Networks, we are committed to bringing new patients to your office by simply following the best internet marketing practices that include, website design & development, SEO, PPC, social media marketing, and much more.


So, if you are a doctor facing strong competition in the medical sector, we are here to help! We have already helped multiple doctors to achieve the biggest milestone with powerful internet marketing strategies.


Contact us today, schedule your appointment, and let us build a plan that can help you make #1 doctor in town.


Why doctors’ marketing strategy matters for quick growth?


Did you know some old advertising tricks like printed brochures, billboards, TV commercials as well as referrals were considered a good source for bringing lots of patients into the doctor’s office? That’s all we had like 10 years ago. But today, these marketing methods do not work, and highly ineffective in this growing era.



What was the reason for their failure? With the tremendous popularity of the internet, patients are also changing their way of searching for a good doctor for their healthcare needs. They are going online, entering a few key phrases relevant to their health needs, and getting a list of reputed doctors serving the whole nation. That’s the power of the internet that has surpassed traditional marketing methods in a few years.


So rather than trusting a printed brochure, or heading to the clinic for discussing symptoms, patients are now considering Google for their queries so they can find review, search symptoms, and discover more solutions online before taking any course of health action.


With millions of patients searching every day for a reliable doctor, internet marketing for doctors should never be taken-for-granted.


If you are a doctor and want to become an essential part of a patient’s decision-making process, it’s important to get there where they are looking for you. That’s what makes internet marketing so popular for doctors which puts you in front of potential patients looking for your help.


Moreover, internet marketing is a cost effective and powerful method as compared to the boring traditional marketing techniques. With internet marketing, you can expect the highest ROI and more recognition within a few months.


Contact our doctor’s marketing team today and find out how we make you a popular and trustable doctor in a crowded marketplace.


Internet marketing strategies for doctors that offer recognition and high ROI


So, are you ready to give a try to our internet marketing strategies designed particularly for doctors? Let us help you discuss each strategy through which you can establish the best reputation of your business and get more patients each day.


Website design and development for doctors


When you are marketing online, the website is a crucial element that plays an important role in your success. Currently, more than 70% of millennials choose online scheduling for their health needs, and the numbers are now growing significantly with the ease and accessibility of the internet. Online appointment scheduling has now become an important thing that is useful for both doctors and patients.


According to experts, more than 70% of health systems would provide the feasibility of online scheduling and 65% of patients will choose self-scheduling. That’s the reason, we are focused to develop an engaging, useful, and attractive website for doctors that showcase their skills and services. We create secure, SEO friendly, robust, and responsive websites for doctors that are crawled and indexed by search engines and help patients find the most talented doctor in town.



Search engine optimization


According to an estimate, more than 4.5 million patients go online to find the best doctors in the US only. That’s the reason, we implement the most advanced and reliable search engine practices in our internet marketing services that can help you appear at the top of search results.


To rank higher in Google, Bing, and Yahoo, we establish yourself as the best doctor in the market. To do that more efficiently, we make your website mobile-friendly, secure, and fast so your patients can easily recognize your worth as soon as they land onto your website. Moreover, search engines also rank those websites that meet such specific criteria. Our experts also create a result-oriented content marketing strategy and create SEO friendly blog posts, articles, press releases, descriptions, and everything for use all over the web.


Our experts also follow local search engine marketing tactics and prefer Google listings through which we create a free profile on Google my business and help patients to find all details about you.


Pay per click


When it comes to doctors’ marketing, our experts suggest both PPC and SEO techniques for instant growth. We believe PPC campaigns can sometimes get tricky, so our experts follow advanced PPC practices from keyword research to creating Ad copy and bid management. PPC marketing can give valuable and instant results as compared to other marketing methods.


When you invest in PPC, you can win the trust of more local patients looking for your help. By clicking directly on your doctor’s Ad, they will be redirected to your website and then scroll down for desired help. We create effective Ad copies that bring more impressions, views, and clicks on the Ad and inspire more people from your skillset.


Social media marketing


Is social media marketing a helpful tactic for doctors? If you said Yes, then you are right. But it’s not much like other industries promoting themselves on social media. Because for doctors, social media is not a platform that presents some special deals, coupons, and contests. But if just offers a more valuable platform to get connected with patients and make sure they are visiting and scheduling appointments for more help.


We create business pages on all social media channels that include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube so we can expand your network and grow fan following. We set up your page, create an attractive logo, set cover photos, display pictures, and mention all the contact information so that people can easily contact you. After that, we promote the page and post content that inspires a massive audience.


We believe people don’t use social media to see different sales pitches, they get inspired by attractive content and visuals. That’s why we share valuable and relevant content on all the social accounts so your users can easily get to know about you and your services.


We share general health tips, articles about diet and exercise, reminders about seasonal illnesses, pictures of satisfied patients, and everything that can help build the trust of your community.


Reputation management


Reputation management is another essential element that increases your online recognition in the growing market. Today, patients have more targeted access to choose doctors online, that’s why we use the platforms carefully to stabilize the positive impression of doctors in the market.


Our reputation management process involves checking and maintaining the ratings, feedback, and reviews of all the patients who have visited your office once while monitoring the online rating process on several directories and websites.


Our experts monitor what’s reviews have been given on social platforms and how people are responding to your practices and treatment methods.


There are only 15% of patients take interest to post their reviews on websites and social channels, and some unsatisfied people are more convinced to post negative feedback and complains that tend other people to avoid your services. However, we help manage that situation and maintain the list of positive reviews and feedback that attract more & more patients towards your medical practice.


We ask patients for positive reviews, respond to negative feedback, and manage reputation on different platforms that can increase the chances of getting more positive recognition from the community.


Content marketing


Internet marketing won’t be completely effective without original and unique content promotion. We have a group of content creators who create unique and compelling content for blogs and other websites that educate readers about your practice and help them discover more about your skills. Our writers create interesting, engaging, and SEO friendly content with the proper implementation of keywords that help you get rank on search engines and boost your site’s visibility.


With SEO friendly content, ranking on the first page of Google is easy, because we are adding the keywords your patients are using. That’s we create a powerful content marketing strategy and cover topics that can get viral in a few days.


Conversion rate optimization


How do you know your website is converting every visitor into a potential patient? We can help you track the conversions through our conversion rate optimization technique through which our experts run some important tests that improve the processes and monitor your visit to lead conversions. By following this process, we have helped several doctors and clinics to double and triple their conversion rates in a short time.


Email marketing


According to research, email marketing drives more patients and conversions as compared to other marketing methods. We have email marketing specialists who create compelling emails that promote your practice and help you target new patients more effectively. Our specialists use free and paid tools & software to build a list of genuine subscribers, create short & attractive subject lines, and schedule timings to deliver emails to the right people. With email marketing, many customers will get to know about your profession and then they must consider you in the future.


Video marketing


Video marketing is the most underrated practice considered for doctors. But this is not the fact, engaging with patients through effective videos is another technique that can win the trust of your audience and attract them to choose you in the future. Our video marketing experts create several promotional, informative, and interesting videos that inspire people from all around the world and they want to learn more about you and your practice.


For example, our experts created a video for the previous client, on the title ‘how to cure cough in winter season’. The video got viral and received more than 2k shares in a couple of days. The idea to engage the audience through videos can give you more recognition and increase your chances of getting appointments from potential patients.


These are not the only marketing strategies we use for promoting your business, but we also rely on multiple other techniques that can increase the worth of your noble profession. If you want to find out more about our plans and strategies, contact us today and let us create an amazing solution for your marketing needs.


Why choose Hukumat Networks for doctors’ marketing?


Our internet marketing specialists have helped numerous doctors in the US and other countries, they can help you too in growing strong web presence.


At Hukumat Networks, we implement the best marketing practices. We have maintained an 85% client retention score that helps us win the trust of all industries looking for marketing help. Our results speak for themselves as we treat your business just like our own. Here are some other reasons to choose Hukumat Networks over other marketing companies.


Dedicated account manager


We give you a dedicated account manager who is responsible to update you about all the activities, listens to your queries, and help you understand the process for efficient results.


No long-term contracts

We won’t involve you in long term promises and contracts as we understand this affects our relationship with you. Our team encourages you to manage campaigns with us for at least 8-10 months to incredible results. During this period, you will get to know about our processes, results, and effectiveness of the campaign and after that, you would love to become our long-term customer.


Costs optimization


Our experts track everything related to marketing costs. We follow advanced analytics practices so our team can optimize the results of your campaigns. This simply means we will help you spend less and earn more in a short time.


Detailed reports


You can keep an eye on all the activities and compare before & after results after seeing a detailed monthly report.


Frequently Asked Questions

Expand your patients’ network with strong internet marketing solutions


If you have read all the details from start to end, you must be feeling a little overwhelmed as these strategies look difficult to apply and take some time to get results.


However, we make the processes easy for you with our advanced online marketing services for doctors. As we are the leading internet marketing company that is committed to offering long term success in the medical business, we expand your patients’ network by following all the major practices for instant growth and recognition.


So, if you are facing challenges in growing your business, we are happy to help and offer doctors marketing services that can increase your online visibility and attract more patients to your website and social networks. We create plans that increase the effectiveness and take your practice to the next level in a short time.


In short, our team helps you with everything related to marketing while focusing on bringing more patients to your clinic.


Still confused about our marketing techniques? contact our marketing professionals today and let them build a concrete custom strategy that gets more patients through the doors.

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