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Do you know more than 65% of patients use search engines to find a doctor? What if they don’t find you anywhere on Google? Well, let’s make it possible with SEO.

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Secure top position in Google with the best SEO services for doctors

When we type a quick or a simple key phrase to find a doctor for our desired need, we may find dozens of related results or even thousands of reliable doctors near us within a few seconds. However, for most people, the most credible and legitimate results are those that are appearing at the top of search results. Thus, the only way to get that spot for your doctors’ website is search engine optimization.


Because doctors can never get top position in search results if they are not using the advanced tactics of SEO. At Hukumat Networks, we make the process fast, reliable, and effective by incorporating advanced measures of SEO.


Contact us today and let’s find out why we the best SEO company for doctors.


SEO company for doctors that offer guaranteed traffic and leads


Having your doctor’s website spotted at the first position in Google is a quite challenging task in a world of much-trafficked websites. That’s the reason, SEO has become an important element for every industry- including medicine.


At Hukumat Networks, we have worked with countless doctor clients and helped them get the top spot in a short time. So, we understand the challenges and everything that can prove effective to position yourself as a brand in a huge marketplace. To yield better results and performance, our experts work day and night and come up with plans that can offer guaranteed leads and traffic.


We are specialized in all the internet marketing practices and offer complete SEO solutions for doctors including, cosmetic surgeons, plastic surgeons, ENT specialists, cardiologists, and much more.


Get in touch with our team, discuss your needs, and let them create a plan that is suitable for your marketing needs.


How SEO is effective for doctors?


Search engines constantly crawl and check the internet for the most useful and informative websites that can actually help users in some regard.


So, when your patients will search for doctors, search engines will have huge results and they list all the sites and pages according to their effectiveness and usefulness. By entering just random or simple phrases, your patients will get thousands of relevant results that can guide them about the best doctor in town.


Now the sites that show up in Google are ranked based on several factors. The phrases entered by patients are also present on your site and giving a clue about the service you provide. Google also checks “domain authority” which represents the reputability and reliability of the site. So, websites that have high domain authority always rank well in Google and have the possibility to get the top spot in a short time. Some other factors involve the links received by the website from other authoritative sites.


After a lot of effort, your website starts displaying on the second or third page of Google, which is still not enough to get potential visits and leads. With our strong SEO techniques, we help you get the first page results and top 3 positions through which you can generate hundreds of clicks and visits and reap other benefits that come with the first-page ranking.


Basic principles we follow that rank your doctors’ website high on Google


Among hundreds of principles that play a major role in ranking your website, responsiveness, speed and security are the primary ones that can position your website high on Google within a few months. We include speed because this is the main element that defines how well and efficiently you communicate with the audience. If your site takes more than three seconds to load, then half of the audience will immediately switch to another site that offers a more efficient experience.


Google knows all the facts, and since this flaw can hurt search engine experience so they will never let a website secure top position that gives speed problems.


Since patients are already frustrated due to the illness they are suffering from, so our experts tend to create a website that is fast and gives lightning-fast experience so they can immediately contact a doctor without wasting a second. While speed is not the only critical factor but security as well. If your website is not secure and running without HTTPS, Google will less likely to rank as they cannot afford to rank a website that gives insecure experience to users.


With Hukumat Networks, giving advanced security is not a major issue. We provide free SSL certification that gives HTTPS protocol to your website and offer users a more secure experience without the fear of any malicious attacks.


Another important element that can rank you well on Google is the mobile-friendly site. A website with disturbed layout and alignment can never win the trust of users and leads to bad ranking. Our experts put all the efforts to provide an efficient mobile-friendly experience so you can easily zoom in and zoom out all the details and give search engines a website that offers a responsive experience.


What are the benefits offered by doctors’ SEO?


As mentioned earlier, more than 4 million people search for doctors online, which means your doctor’s website must rank on the first page of Google for more traffic and leads. Without first page ranking, it’s hard to reach those 4 million audiences looking for your help. In addition to getting a top position in Google, there are some other benefits highlighted by our expert team


More relevant leads


Go online and enter a key phrase relevant to your health need, and you will find hundreds of searches according to your requirement. However, when you search for a doctor by entering a particular area or town, you will find that your searches drop immediately and only one or two results will show up. To overcome that scenario which reduces the chances of being found by potential patients, we follow advanced SEO practices that give relevant and more targeted leads. SEO simply puts your website in front of massive people who are looking for your help. Now that everyone looking for your help in the relevant area must find your website at the top of search results which eventually improve your chances of being selected by a potential patient.




SEO is the most affordable technique for every person who wants to get more online visibility. The method is comparatively cheap and yields more targeted results. SEO for doctors offers a chance to increase online presence and get a great boost in the huge marketplace. By investing less, we help you reach more targeted patients and guarantee long term success. Now, this doesn’t only lead to a major return on investment, but you can easily compete for a big community of patients looking for your help, instead of investing huge amounts on heavy Ad campaigns.


High ranking


To rank your doctors’ site high on a search engine is not a dream with SEO practices. Our SEO experts follow all the advanced measures that reduce the possibility of bouncing people back and offering enhanced user experienced which in turn increases the ranking and traffic volume. Doctors websites that rank well on Google considered more reliable, trustworthy, and legitimate as compared to the ones that have a low ranking. When your site goes up, the public interest will automatically get increases and most of the people click on the site that appears at the top.


SEO strategies for doctors that can yield more patients and visits


Now you must understand what SEO can do for your doctors’ website and how it’s the most important need for your business, it’s time to have a look on some important strategies that help us yield better results and increased traffic.


Local search optimization


Patients always prefer a doctor that is located near to their place instead of going to another state or city, so while searching a reliable doctor, they must include a relevant neighborhood to define their searches. Thus, our experts have a complete understanding of user behavior so they follow local SEO strategies for more fruitful results. We create free Google my business account which is the most popular listing that can help you appear at the top of map results and help users know more about your business, location, and contact details.


We create profiles on other online directories by adding a location in the text, create effective title and description, and make sure the address is highlighted in the footer of every webpage. This practice helps us target local patients looking for your medical help and we can expand the network with people who actually use your help instead of random visitors.


Write original and SEO friendly content


Google consider hundreds of factors before ranking your website. Thus, fresh, engaging, unique, SEO friendly, and original content are among them that can rank the site more efficiently. Fortunately, all these factors are addressed by adding a single page ‘blog’ that consisted of numerous articles related to your medical practice and cover interesting topics in a more engaging and SEO friendly style.


Our expert content creators create new blog posts every week so we can update the look of your website with relevant content.


This practice would educate more people, and they will take interest to know more about your profession and expertise. While creating articles, we focus on the ideas that can get more user attention. We also add those keywords in the content that are used by people to find advice or useful information about their illness.


Above all major factors, we create content that is highly informative, interesting, and offers great advice to potential patients.


Building high-quality natural links


A medical practitioner whose informative content is referenced on multiple authoritative websites receive more credibility as well as get high ranking on search engines. Now the same thing would happen if those reputable websites are linking back to your website. We follow different ways to manage this linking and also create unique and high-quality content that includes guest posts, infographics as well as different useful information.


We increase the exposure of your doctor’s profession by participating in discussions and groups and also post high-quality material on different trustworthy sites. This technique may take some time to produce good results, but it offers health benefits instead of buying a bunch of useless links. Because using short term tactics can result in an immediate ban and penalties from Google that will eventually damage your ranking and business reputation.


Why choose Hukumat Networks for doctors’ SEO?


In addition to getting relevant traffic and leads, we offer a lot of incredible benefits that can take your small clinic to the next level with SEO techniques.


Custom SEO strategy


With Hukumat Networks, you will get a high performing and proven SEO strategy that is particularly designed for doctors and bring them fruitful results in the form of more patients and more appointments.


High ROI in 6 months


When you commence an SEO campaign with us, you will get the highest return on investment in just 6 months. We have designed custom packages that suit all budgets and requirements. You might start receiving profit much earlier than that. Because our campaigns are meant to offer super effective growth at the moment you start the process.


Dedicated account manager


We offer complete benefits to our doctor clients and assign a dedicated account manager who is responsible to handle all the queries during the project. Our dedicated SEO experts will update you about all the ongoing activities, and discuss everything that can help accomplish your practice goals.


Increased conversion rates


Our experts make all the efforts to increase the usability of the website, so the patients can easily learn everything about you while providing increased conversion rates that automatically maximize appointments and patients crowd in your clinic.


Care & responsible


We treat your practice just like our own. We give proper care to your website and follow all the procedures that can bring more sustainability and skyrocketed growth.


Transparent reporting


We prefer a clear, concise, and transparent reporting system and create detailed monthly reports so you can analyze before & after results and keep an eye on everything to manage your campaigns better.


Frequently Asked Questions

Get more leads and patients with medical SEO;

Your patients use Google and other search engines to find a reliable doctor for their health needs, but they won’t find you unless your medical website is optimized well according to the latest SEO techniques. So, if you are looking to get more leads and patients for your clinic, it’s time to choose medical SEO from Hukumat Networks. We also help you in the marketing of a specific area of medicine whether its dermatology or cardiology. We are happy to help all!

Thus, if you need more assistance in improving the visibility of your doctor’s website or looking to increase more leads and prospective patients, don’t hesitate to choose our team at Hukumat Networks, which has years of knowledge and experience in handling SEO for doctors.

Our marketing team can simply create a result oriented SEO strategy for your doctors’ site, so you can gain more exposure and visibility. Contact us today and find out how we are the best SEO experts for doctors.

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