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Wondering how to get expedient results for your hospital facility in a short time? Well, the answer lies in running a successful PPC campaign for hospitals.

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PPC ads for hospitals that generate a steady stream of leads and conversions

No matter what industry you belong to, you always have a chance to improve your visibility and earn more leads with PPC advertising solutions- which is especially true in the case of hospitals and healthcare centers. The fact is, PPC advertising solution is considered one of the most effective and quickest ways to attract a bunch of audiences who are actively searching for your hospital services.


That’s the reason, at Hukumat Networks, our experts put a laser-like focus on your PPC campaigns to put the ads in front of a massive audience who are most likely to get your services. If you are interested to see quick results with PPC, contact our specialist today and get your custom strategy.


Why consider PPC advertising for hospitals?


There are hundreds of hospitals out there that do not consider PPC solution for marketing their practice, which means you can simply gain an extra edge over them by considering PPC for hospitals and attract dozens of patients looking for your practice. It also helps your practice gain multiple relevant visits and leads along with powerful brand recognition.


Moreover, it seems quite valuable for your hospital when you put an ad in front of a targeted audience in your area. For example, if your patients are using keywords like, “Pediatric hospital near me”, or “hospitals near me”, then they might come across your ad and contact you to know further details about your hospital.


Hospital owners tend to choose the PPC marketing method because it feels quite challenging to rank organically for competitive keywords, especially if you have just launched your hospital industry in a big town. However, PPC makes the process easy, as you can display your ad to a wide audience who might get interested to consider your help.


PPC strategies for hospitals that deliver effective and long-term results


PPC advertising is an ideal method that can deliver effective and long-term results especially for an industry like healthcare or hospital. However, our experts believe that some strategies can give more reliable results in a short time. So, here is a brief overview of how we run your PPC campaigns for hospitals.


Using Ad extensions


Ad extensions that are part of Google ads usually help hospitals to offer more information to their searchers before even clicking to their ad. For example, if you provide services in different locations, then we choose a location extension so that your patients can easily find the closest hospital to their place.


Ad extensions also affect your ranking positively in Google searches, which further influence the placement of your ad and its performance. Our experts consider extensions that share all the essential details including contact number, location, service specialty, and other capabilities that help people reach your practice.


We launch responsive ads


Our experts help you launch responsive PPC ads that help us discover the catchy headline, attention-grabbing description, as well as perfect image combination. By launch responsive ads, our team saves an incredible amount of time without compromising an ad performance. These ads help deliver lots of targeted clients for your hospital facility.


Optimization of landing pages


Landing pages are crucial for the success of your PPC campaign. When patients click on the hospital ad, they direct to the final destination page called landing pages which gives further details about the ad. Now our experts put special focus on the landing page, so we can match the contents of this page with the ad.


If the landing page is different from the content of your ad, your audience might turn away and search for another hospital that might belong to your competitors.

We create separate landing pages for each ad we launch. Our experts make sure that the landing page is created effectively and perfectly describing the things mentioned in the ad. For example, if we create an ad that describes top-notch facilities of your hospital like world-class emergency care, immediate treatment solutions, parking facilities, affordable fees, and others, then the landing page we create will also describe the same qualities in more detail and ends with an effective call to action which might be ‘contact us’, ‘learn more’, or ‘book an appointment’.


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