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What if you could start attending 8-10 new patients every month in your orthodontic clinic? Well, it’s all possible with internet marketing services.

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Orthodontists marketing solutions for enhanced growth and recognition

Internet marketing can be overwhelming for the orthodontic profession, where you need to attract dozens of patients every day to run your system successfully. Orthodontists usually get new patients from referrals (friends, family, or colleagues). But, when you implement advanced marketing tactics, you can easily attract people who have just moved to your area or searching web for the best orthodontic who have not visited a dentist for years.


At Hukumat Networks, we offer you a huge opportunity to attract hundreds of new patients every year with orthodontic marketing techniques. Consult with our team today and let them create a plan that solves all your marketing concerns.


Marketing for orthodontics- Earn additional $25000-$45,000 every month


Our experts have years of experience and knowledge in the orthodontic industry; they understand how your practice can efficiently attract dozens of new patients by leveraging the power of marketing methods which include SEO, PPC, website design, email marketing, content marketing, video marketing, social media management, and many more. These techniques can give a significant push back to all the competing orthodontists working for the same goals. Moreover, we help you accomplish your goals in cost-effective ways that don’t kill your budget.


Let’s do some math. As an orthodontist, you also need to look at your practice from a business point of view, where each patient brings a considerable dollar value to your clinic. We understand that every orthodontic patient can quickly get $3,000-$5,000. Now, what happens if you start bringing 2-3 new patients every single day? They would give you a significant return on investment because if you are spending $4000-$6000 on internet marketing, you are also earning $25000-$45,000 every month.


That’s the reason; our experts utilize a combination of powerful internet marketing techniques that bring game-changing growth to your orthodontic practice. Contact our strategists today, and let’s discuss more options to increase leads, calls and revenue.


Browse marketing strategies for orthodontists and earn the best possible ROI


At Hukumat Networks, we create custom marketing strategies for orthodontists that help them attract hundreds of new clients for their practice. We have generated 7,984 leads in past years through advanced marketing tactics, including


Expanding reach with search engine optimization


SEO is the foremost strategy we use that helps us increase your search engine rankings and increase brand recognition. Our successful SEO campaigns for orthodontists yield high ROI and hundreds of leads every year. We perform detailed keyword research by incorporating several tools that help us uncover the phrases used by potential patients. After that, we include those keywords in multiple strategic areas, such as your website content and other blogs.


Our experts also consider local keywords so you can reach more audience near your clinic’s location. We manage this by adding location-based keywords in different places. Moreover, we also create free profiles on Google my Business so you can help patients find your phone number, services, and location details on the map.


Running content marketing campaigns for detailed insights


After determining all the relevant keywords people are using to find your orthodontic practice, we create content on several interesting and informative topics on the blog page of your site.


We post different helpful articles related to your practice that keep people engage and help them learn more about your service. We keep the blogs updated with expert medical advice, latest news, and other useful details that grab user’s attention.


Moreover, we also add attractive visual content such as engaging photos & videos that give your patients a detailed insight into your staff, equipment, clinic’s atmosphere, and the procedures you follow.


More clicks and calls with pay per click campaigns


Pay per click is the most affordable and reliable advertising technique that helps orthodontists to set their budget. We bid on multiple competitive keywords they want to add in their campaign and are more likely to bring massive traffic.

For instance, we also bid for ad space in search engines like when people search “orthodontist in (city name),” it indicates that they are looking for orthodontic services that you are offering. After that, if your users click on the Ad and visit your site, you will be paying the specific for that click. However, if user doesn’t click your ad, you don’t need to pay a cent- but it still offers increased engagement and impressions.


If you want to increase traffic and attract new patients, PPC for orthodontists is the best option to consider for your orthodontic practice. These campaigns send hundreds of relevant patients to your site, which leads to increased Roi and doubled traffic.


Launch a well-designed orthodontic website


A well-designed and engaging website is an essential need to run every business successfully. Your orthodontic website marks the first positive impression on your potential patient; thus, it must show that you are a skilled, professional, and talented orthodontist who has the dexterity and problem-solving skills.


At Hukumat Networks, we have a team of website designers for orthodontists who build a custom site that doesn’t only look professional but also stands well in search results. So, whether you want to refresh your outdated site or create a new one from scratch, our team can help you touch new heights of success with a remarkable design approach.


Build recognition with social media marketing


Social media marketing for orthodontists offers a great chance to connect with massive patients who are looking for your help. We build a robust social presence on channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn so we can develop relationships more and more potential patients and give a detailed overview of your services.


If patients have some concerns about your practice, they approach you on social media and learn more about the situation they are facing. These platforms also establish colossal recognition for your way, as people visit your profiles and check all positive and negative reviews so they can judge how well you treat your patients.


Nurture leads with email marketing


Email marketing is another cost-effective technique that helps your patients learn more about your services. Our professionals’ craft promotional and informational emails that deliver deep insights about your practice so they can convince a massive audience with your organizational skills.


We often send weekly or monthly newsletters to highlight everything about current happenings and further updates about your orthodontic field. It helps patients to keep updated about your service, and they always consider your help whenever they need you in the future.


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