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Organic acquisition with holistic SEO services for Pharmaceutical businesses

The pharmaceutical industry is quite competitive and huge which primarily accounts for more than a whopping $1,074 billion annually in the US. Now it means, if you are a pharmaceutical professional and own a company, you have a plethora of opportunities to grow and enhance your business. However, we understand its hard for you to grow in thousands of pharmaceutical companies, that’s why we are here to help you with advanced SEO services for pharma.


We understand that you have to strive hard to get your drugs approved by FDA and then sell them to the clinicians and other medical professionals, so it’s essential to improve your online presence for more leads and revenue. Contact our experts at Hukumat Networks and let us build a solid SEO plan for your company.


Pharmaceutical SEO for positive brand reputation


SEO is the backbone of every marketing strategy that can guarantee proven results. Without SEO, it might be possible that your pharmaceutical website can get lost in the huge marketplace and medical professionals won’t be able to find it on Google. Thus, our experts follow advanced SEO strategies that bring in maximum visits and clicks and ensure the positive reputation of your company in a short time.


That’s the reason, we believe that SEO is vital for online pharmaceutical marketing so they can maintain a strong online presence. Consumers and medical professionals feel more satisfied and accomplished when they receive medications to spend a healthy and perfect life. So, when new medical products get created and approved, people need to learn more about them and explore all the benefits associated. With SEO, we share your products with a massive audience and some appropriate medical professionals so that they can sell them to let people enjoy a healthy life.


Remarkable SEO strategies for pharmaceutical companies that drive results


If your pharmaceutical website can drive maximum traffic, leads, and conversions and build trust among a massive audience then more probably you will experience positive results in the long run. To achieve those fruitful outcomes, we implement effective strategies.


Using a simple design and easy navigation


Our experts tend to use simple, user-friendly, and straightforward navigation so we can deliver enhanced user experience. The simpler we create your design, the easier it is for people to search for their desired product and spend minutes for more information.


Although it’s challenging to achieve for newly established pharma companies, our experts follow all the tactics to make the product content accessible after two or three clicks. We aim to make it easy for users so they can see what they are looking for. It also reduces the possibility that your users will leave your site and head over to another website for further details.


Thus, our experts consider all the tactics and maintain an easy-to-access navigation bar as well as a proper sitemap that helps people find all the pages according to their needs.


Increase the speed of site


Consumers and medical professionals looking for the right medical products have very little patience for slow-loading websites. So, if your site takes more than 4 seconds to load, users might switch to another site. Thus, our experts follow the strategies to load your site in the first 3 seconds.


Search engines always consider user experience while providing effective results, and that’s the reason they don’t want searchers to experience frustration and irritation due to slow loading speed. Now, this mainly implies that your site speed is an important SEO factor that can maintain the ranking to top positions. Therefore, our SEO experts test the speed regularly and limit the use of large files and images so they can keep all the pages speedy.


Knowing the right keywords


In order to gain success in SEO, we must search and target the right keywords that are mainly used by your audience for searching for the best pharmaceutical company.


So, the biggest element that comes in SEO is perfect keyword research. This helps us find what keywords have been used by people who are looking for your products. For example, if your audience is searching about “medicines” instead of “pharmacists”, or “pills” then our experts will tend to use “medicines” more often in the website content.


We also consider website optimization for some long-tail keywords that look more meaningful and specific. Though we know that there are not hundreds of searches for such keywords, the audience who searches for those keywords is might be your qualified customers.


High quality and SEO friendly content


It’s important to add high-quality, SEO friendly, and most relevant content in your pharma website. Besides adding effective information about pharmaceutical products, we also create engaging content that simply builds more trust and credibility for doctors, clinicians, and other medical professionals.


Creating engaging, informative, and interesting content for the pharmaceutical industry is quite challenging because many people do not prefer to read the whole blog post consisted of 1000 words. They just scan the headings and pass onto the next. That’s why, our experts follow all the practices that keep your audience busy and engaged for minutes which further leads to more impressions, high engagement rates, and efficient lead generation.


Pages optimization


Every page of your site helps you embrace a new wave of success. That’s the reason, our experts perform detailed optimization of each page so we can bring in more visits and traffic within a short time.


Our experts take care of every little element that can contribute to the success of your site. We optimize title tags, headers, images, content body with keywords, and all the features so they can position the site at the top of search results.


Our experts use keywords more carefully where they look relevant and make more sense overall. Because stuffing a lot of keywords, or using irrelevant search terms can badly damage the reputation of your site’s SEO which ultimately leads to zero traffic and leads. We efficiently optimize headers, titles, and descriptions with keywords so we can increase traffic and crawlers can detect that the site is worth useful for medical practitioners and other consumers.


Local SEO


Local SEO is mainly beneficial for pharmaceutical companies that help you market your products to the local consumers online while they are looking for your help. Our experts follow all the advanced local SEO procedures to rank you higher in search results.


We create profiles on local directories like Yelp, yellow pages, and many more that help people choose your services while looking for their desired products. Besides that, we also create free Google my Business account through which we rank your company on maps with all details including company name, products, website link, images, and other information.


Frequently Asked Questions

How Hukumat Networks help you in pharmaceutical SEO?


SEO is a little time-consuming process, and maybe much more than you and your team can understand. It involves a lot of complexities that are not easy for a common person to undertake. So, if you or your team cannot apply effective SEO strategies for business growth, it’s important to consider a company like Hukumat Networks which has years of knowledge and experience in handling pharmaceutical SEO.


If you are ready to learn more about SEO for a pharmaceutical company, contact our experts today. We have a dedicated team of SEO specialists who are more than happy to assist you in building a perfect SEO strategy so you can stand out in the crowd within a short period.


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