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Thinking about increasing fundraising income and engaging an audience from targeted locations? If so, we are your ideal web design company for charities that deliver promising results.

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Grow your volunteers and supporters’ network with a website for charities

Whether you want to increase your memberships, supporters, donors, followers, or just want to engage a massive audience towards your cause, you always need a website that conveys significant information to your targeted audience. Without a website, you cannot generate leads or deliver your message effectively. As a result, nobody can ever know anything about your cause or fundraising purpose. Contrary to that, when you have a fully functional, attractive, and engaging website, you can easily convert visitors to supporters while sharing everything that makes your cause superior to others in the industry.


That’s where Hukumat Networks help you with. We have a team of website designers who craft websites for charities and include all the essential design elements for building more interest. Contact us to know how it works for you.


Why do you need a charity website design to win the audience’s attention?


Increasing brand awareness and donations for your charity group is a tough job today especially when you have a lot of other communities around that are working for the same cause. In order to stand out and recognize yourself as a more stable and reliable community, you need a website that showcases your skills, dedication, motivation, and passion to provide exceptional support.


With a company like Hukumat, you can easily set yourself apart from others as we have a team of designers who have years of knowledge and experience in building stunning websites for your audience that convert random visits into donors in no time. Our experts design websites that feature all the design elements from security to responsiveness and uniqueness to custom design and layout. 


Let’s explore what makes us the best web design company for charities and nonprofits and achieve something best for your organization.


What strategies are implemented by the best charity web design agency?


Charity website design agencies provide complete support and assistance in making a stunning website. They implement some robust plans and strategies that do not only streamline your long-term growth but also increase your fundraising and donations from all parts of the world. have a look at some common elements we implement that give desired results in a given timeframe.


Mobile-friendly design


With most of the population browsing internet through mobile devices, it has become extremely important to have a mobile-friendly website that showcases your commitment and level of dedication towards a significant cause. 


When your audience visits your website, they judge its appearance in seconds and then decide whether you actually deserve their support and donations or should they move towards another platform. Especially when they see misaligned pages and buttons, and distracting layout, they immediately look for a better version for enhanced user experience.


That’s the reason, our website designers make sure that they follow mobile optimization tactics so the website could easily load across all the devices such as mobiles, tablets, desktops, and others. With a mobile-friendly website, your audience won’t need to zoom in or zoom out every element on the page, they can easily check all the information and connect with your support team to know more details. 


Above all, when you have a responsive website design, Google will rank it higher in search results above all the organic listings that do not follow responsive design solutions. As a result, you ultimately gain more visits, leads, and conversions every day.


SEO optimized structure


Your website has no absolute use if your audience is failed to find it in search engine results. Let’s suppose you have a well-designed website full of colors and functional tools, but the website is not optimized well according to SEO standards. With no keywords and no SEO-friendly content on every page, how could you expect search engines to rank your site at the top and beat all those websites that are following current SEO practices?


To make your site optimize well for search engine results, our experts follow all the latest SEO practices. We perform detailed keyword research using tools and techniques so we could spot the right set of keywords on the site. After that, we create SEO-friendly content while featuring all the keywords we searched. 


We include keywords in headings, subheadings, content, descriptions, and other parts of the content so that when Google crawls the pages it can analyze everything about your site and evaluate the basic purpose of your charity organization. We also make sure that your site is responsive and has easy navigation so that the audience can obtain all the information in seconds without getting confused or frustrated.


With SEO optimized structure, your website can experience increased rankings, more visits, and lots of leads every day.


Secure and protected design


Do you know what makes users more confident while visiting your site and sending online donations? Your security. 


Yes, if your website is not secure and continuously displays warnings like this site is not secure to visit, then surely, your audience would never visit the site or enter any personal detail to send a donation or become a member. 


That’s the reason, our experts provide a free SSL certificate to your charity website that activates HTTPS protocol and protects the site against malicious attempts and hacking attacks. 


With such increased security measures, your audience can confidently enter all the details and send online donations as they believe that the site is secure and won’t steal their information.


The secure websites also send positive signals to Google so that search engines can rank the site higher in search results due to increased security solutions.


Fast loading speed


When your audience visits your site, besides thinking about the design and functionality, they also consider whether the site loads quickly or takes time to show their relevant information. If the site takes minutes to load and not showing all the details within seconds, your audience might lose all the interest and immediately close the window in search of another one with a better user experience.


Therefore, we perform advanced page optimization solutions that help load your site within 3-5 seconds, which is an ideal loading time appreciated and supported by search engines. 


With such lightning-fast speed, your audience can easily get all the details they are looking for. Moreover, you also increase the chances of getting high rankings in search engine results which ultimately improve your dwell time, conversion rate, and engagements.

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