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Results - driven website for home builders that converts visits into leads

When you are building a house, you are not only throwing four walls, a floor, and a roof that inspires the audience. But you need to plan each element quite carefully and intelligently from its plumbing to insulation and several other things, so you can create a plan for the best living place for your clients. Now the same is the case with building a compelling website. Because your website design is something more than making different pages and creates a few blocks of long text.


In order to drive maximum leads, we need to optimize multiple design elements efficiently. At Hukumat Networks, we know what it takes to build a visually appealing site that converts visits into leads immediately. Contact our team today and learn how it works for your business.


Why you need the best website design for builders & construction companies?


For most of the home builders and architects, the website is an online brochure that displays the photos of their previous projects and shows off how you build homes that stand best according to today’s modern standards. But the fact is, the website is not only good for these purposes, but it also creates your online identity and shows your audience how much capable you are in your industry.


At Hukumat Networks, we follow a number of factors when it comes to designing a website of your dreams. We put special focus on creating a secure, high-performing, and scalable website so we can recognize yourself as a leader in the construction industry.


So, if you want your construction website a number one sales generating tool, then it’s time to contact our team now and discuss what it takes to design an engaging homebuilding website.


Web design strategies for builders that outperform big competitors


When it comes to following the best website design practices, our experts create custom plans by analyzing today’s stiffest competitors in the construction industry. Once we take a closer look at all the important factors that set yourself apart in the industry, we create powerful website design strategies that outperform all the competitors and recognize you as a brand in construction.


Good copywriting


Good copywriting is the most crucial element for the success of your campaign as it’s responsible to bring maximum attention to your website.


The basic objective of good copywriting is to offer your audience the maximum information they are looking for while choosing a home builder for their project. When users visit your website, they read all the content and analyze what makes you special from others in the industry. That’s the reason, our experts put special focus on creating a compelling text which immediately converts visits into potential leads.


We also put special attention on creating engaging blog posts that educate readers about the business. We get it ranked on search engines where maximum people find it whenever they use relevant keywords that best define your business.


Responsive design


When we create a website for home builders, we keep this in mind that your website will be visited by lots of interested homeowners who might use it from several devices. That’s why, in order to provide the best user experience, our experts create a responsive design for your home building website.


Responsive design is basically a technique of optimizing your website for all the devices including mobile, tablet, and laptop. Now all devices have different screen ratios, which means your website should be optimized according to the screen size of each device.


If we optimize the website only for desktop, then it would look misaligned and poorly operated on mobile. That’s why we tend to follow the latest mobile optimization standards that ensure the website will be automatically adjustable to all the screen sizes. Another reason to integrate mobile responsive design is, it would certainly rank better in search engines as compared to the sites that are only good for desktop versions. So, if you want to show up at the top of searches, you need a responsive design that looks great across every device.


Fast page loading speed


Page loading speed is another essential element that offers unlimited visits and increased rankings in search engines.


The idea to quickly load all the images and content of your website within 3-5 seconds makes it extremely special for the audience as they don’t like to wait for minutes in order to see the desired details.


Page loading speed is important for ranking as well. Because if your website takes time in loading, it would send signals to Google that users all bouncing away due to slow speed, which in turn makes search engines think that the website is not useful for users. So, it might position it at the bottom which could affect the overall reputation and ranking of your business.


But when your site loads within 3 seconds, search engines believe that the site is great in terms of speed, user experience, and also free from all the errors- so it should be positioned at the top for providing more information to the interested audience.


SSL for security


Other than speed, copywriting and responsive design, security is also a most critical component. If your website is not secure, it would send negative signals to Google and then it would place at the bottom of searches due to inefficient security.


Therefore, we provide a free SSL certificate to your site which enables HTTPS protocol and makes sure that the website is fully secure from malicious errors and hacking attempts.


Moreover, a secure website assures your audience that they can enter all the personal details without any worries. It increases the customer’s trust and credibility of your website.


Including multimedia


You cannot people engaged on your home building website unless it’s filled with attractive images. That’s the reason, in order to keep people busy and interact, we use multimedia which consists of visual elements such as videos, infographics, and images.


Our experts follow the proper image optimization process which involves the creation and optimization of all the images into your website. We make sure that the images are according to the theme of your website and might not distract users from the real objectives. After optimizing images for your website, we make sure that it ranks better and provides a more enhanced user experience.


We also create self-explanatory videos that tell people about why you are special in your industry and how you undertake each construction project. After adding all these visual elements, you will be able to see lots of targeted visits who spend minutes exploring everything about your services.

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