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Are you a home construction company looking to display your portfolio to earn more new clients? Maybe you need a platform like a website to expand your online presence.

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Impressive web design for a construction company that builds qualified leads

If you belong to the home construction industry, you must build everything from small homes to big farmhouses, what you could not build ultimately is your website. So, if you want to grow in this advanced digital era, you must have a website that showcases your past and present projects and convince the audience that you are the best home constructor in the industry.


Remember, 95% of the audience judge your knowledge and expertise with a website. If your website is not well-designed, it’s hard for you to convert visits into potential leads. Contact our specialists to know what it takes to build a professional website for a home construction company.


Why do you need a professional website for a construction company?


The website is a cornerstone of every marketing strategy, especially if you want to outperform your competitors online and recognize yourself in the industry. Our experts create a custom website design for a construction company that helps you gain a lot of targeted leads and visits in no time.


Because the fact is, most of your ideal clients are searching for home builders online, and when they find someone reliable according to their needs, they immediately approach them and schedule a consultation. In this way, they already make up their mind about choosing the right professional for this job and do everything after the final meeting.


Therefore, you need a website that showcases your past and present projects so that people can get an idea about your capabilities and love to consider yours over others in the industry. Your website acts as the first interactive platform that attracts the audience and invites them to hire your services for any kind of construction-related tasks. If you need help in building a website for a construction, give us a call and share your goals.


Construction web design strategies that convert leads into potential clients


When it comes to designing a website for a construction company, the list of important design elements to include is endless. Our experts make sure that they follow every strategy and technique that delivers exceptional results for your business. We are focused to include:


Easy navigation


Your website can never impress your audience if they are unable to find the relevant information they are looking for. That’s the reason, our foremost priority is to create simple and user-friendly navigation for your clients.


Easy website navigation means a simple structure of your website where all the categories are precisely aligned at the menu bar and all the subpages are designed under the main category pages. We help you take the design to next level by creating a drop-down menu on the navigation bar so that the first-time visitors get to know where to look for the desired information.


Follow design principles


Web design a lot of amazing attributes, but it also has multiple elements that should be considered for enhanced user experience. Like our experts prefer to follow some most important design principles such as color contrast, alignment, and proximity. We tend to make sure that we are making a great connection between all the elements.


Because when construction companies are failed to apply all these principles on their websites, they cannot achieve new visits and even the audience does not stay longer on their website. And ultimately, they start losing potential clients as the site leads to a worse user experience. We make sure that text and images are perfectly aligned and the navigation bar is showing a great hierarchy of all the pages.


Mobile responsive design


If your audience is using your website and all they see is disturbing alignment and misplaced text and images, then it means your website is not optimized for mobile. The design is only compatible with desktops and nobody can use it via smartphone.


The fact is, you are losing hundreds of potential leads daily if your website is not compatible with mobile devices, because most of the searches use smartphones while looking for the constructor in their town.


That’s the reason, you cannot afford to have your construction website only suitable for desktops. We follow all the advanced mobile optimization tactics which ensure that your website will be compatible with all the devices such as mobile, desktop, and tablet. Your audience will not be required to zoom in or zoom out any feature, everything will be placed at the right angle and position so your clients won’t do extra struggle to find anything they are looking for.


Engaging content


Creating engaging content for your website is another important need that can make or break the overall reputation of your website. We have a team of expert content creators who craft SEO optimized content for your website which is perfectly equipped with competitive keywords. It makes sure that your website is now able to rank in search engines for specific search terms.


In addition to creating compelling website content, we also create informative and interesting blog posts, articles, guest posts, infographics, and other content materials that guarantee sound recognition in the industry and also educate the audience about the significance of home constructions.


Strong security


Despite having engaging design elements, compelling content, and attractive visuals, website security is extremely important for your audience. If your website is not secure, your clients won’t take a risk to open or explore your services.


Therefore, we provide a free SSL certificate that enables HTTPS protocol on your website and makes sure that the site is free from all malicious errors and hacking attempts. It would further assure that client’s information will be safe and nobody can steal anything or misuse the content of your site.


When we implement SSL, it increases the customer’s trust. They add their personal details with more confidence and surety that the details won’t be stolen or misplaced. Above all, search engines also prefer websites that have SSL certificate. Because Google never ranks the website that delivers inefficient user experience or risk user’s detail by having unsatisfied security measures.

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Are you ready to draw in more prospective homeowners?

Creating a compelling website is the most important need for today’s home builders. That’s the reason, if you are working without a site that showcases your knowledge and expertise, then you are clearly missing out on several potential leads that could convert into lifelong customers.

So, if you are not sure where to start and what to do first for your home construction company, give us a call now and let our experts create custom strategies for long term growth.

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