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You took a time to set up a profitable Shopify store and now you may find yourself wondering, how should I promote it for more sales? The answer is, Shopify marketing!

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Multiply your sales and traffic with Shopify marketing agency

Did you know Shopify had more than 45 million visits in the past six months? This means Shopify is the most reliable retail point-of-sale system in the world. This is also a leading eCommerce platform that offers a lot of opportunities to online businesses so they can sell their products through a comprehensive platform.


At Hukumat Networks, we have a team of Shopify marketing specialists who create exceptional strategies to keep you ahead of the competitors. We generate sales and conversions through advanced tactics that offer timeless growth. Curious how it works? Give us a call and get your custom strategy today.


Marketing for Shopify store what should you expect?


If you have just launched your e-commerce or Shopify store, then it could be difficult to decide what to implement, where to start, and what strategies would be best for the Shopify store.


By considering all the facts at Hukumat Networks, our team makes it easy for Shopify business owners to promote and advertise their shopping stores successfully. We implement innovative and advanced tools and techniques that help you stay on top of the trends. By following this, our team manages all the heavy lifting while letting you focus on your shopping store and drive value for your business.


Our team uses all the expertise and knowledge so we can simply develop a result-oriented internet marketing campaign tailored specifically to your business objectives. So, if you want to promote your products through a most reliable platform, contact us today and let us help you set up a profitable marketing campaign that delivers unprecedented results.


Shopify marketing strategy that levels up your sales game in no time!

Achieving a steady flow of traffic and leads is not easy when you do not consider advanced marketing strategy for your Shopify store. That’s the reason, our marketing specialists implement research-backed strategies so you can level up your sales game and 5x your profits in no time. Here is a brief overview of the important techniques we implement.


SEO for Shopify stores


Most of the new business owners wonder how should they establish their Shopify store according to the latest trends. Well, the first thing we implement for your store is, to optimize your Shopify website through SEO on search engines. When people want to search for their desired product, they would use a popular search engine like Google. Now in order to qualify your store for all the competitive searches, we perform search engine optimization that provides targeted sales and leads.


In order to show up your Shopify website on search engines, our experts perform thorough keyword research by using accurate tools and software that help us identify the right set of keywords.


After finding the right keywords, we make a list and then focus on multiple long-tail keywords that contain more than three words, like ‘buy sea salt popcorn’.


Long-tail keywords look pretty helpful for your online store because they are beneficial in getting relevant clicks and leads. Since long-tail keywords are more specific, users are more likely to check your store while entering keywords that best describe your products or business.


Once we identify keywords, we implement them in website content and other places so your online store can get increased ranking in search engines.


PPC for Shopify store


If you are looking to promote your Shopify store more efficiently, then PPC for Shopify is the best strategy to consider for effective, instant, and long-term results. PPC campaigns consist of paid ads that always appear at the top of all the searches even above the organic listings.


PPC ads for Shopify stores help earn huge sales for your business. The best part is, you can easily earn $2 for every $1 spent.


In order to get started, our experts perform detailed keyword research that triggers the ads to appear in different searches done by your target audience.That’s the reason, we need to select keywords that are more competitive in nature and have the potential to drive targeted leads.


Now just like SEO, we consider implementing long-tail keywords in PPC too.Because long-tail keywords have fewer costs due to less competition in the market.


Once we have a list of targeted keywords, our experts bid for top placement of the ad.  We set the maximum bid, like the amount you want to pay when people click your ad. This amount is flexible and you can easily change whenever you want.


Social media for Shopify store


Many people believe that social media is the best source of entertainment and information. But the fact is, social channels are not only limited to entertainment now, they are more than effective for businesses like e-commerce and online shopping stores. Social media marketing for eCommerce stores has many advantages in terms of brand awareness and generating more leads.


Our experts run profitable social media ads on all the platforms so they can target more and more people who are interested to buy products.


Social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube helps us promote and advertise your products and grab the attention of relevant people who are actively looking out for the products you are selling.


To engage the audience, our experts use high quality & attractive visuals, use several ad formats, post interesting content, and monitor & refine all the campaigns for the best possible results.


Email marketing for Shopify store


If you want to know some more instant and reliable methods to grow your Shopify store, then nothing could beat the excellence of email marketing. This is a wonderful option that helps you create tailored content for people you know already interested in your business.


In order to promote your store through email marketing, we maintain a proper list of subscribers. We create this list of subscribers through an email sign-up bar at the forefront of your website so we can catch attention the moment people land onto your shopify website.


Once we generate this long list of email subscribers, our team tends to segment them into various groups according to their preferences. We do not send the same email to everyone, and just to those who are interested in different areas of product categories, so we can deliver them the details they have been looking for.


We send various kinds of emails like newsletters, videos, blog post links, special offers, promotions, and product announcements.

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Want to promote your Shopify store fast?

Now that you know how and why to promote your Shopify store for increased sales, so it’s time to kickstart your first marketing campaign with Hukumat Networks. We have a leading time of Shopify marketing experts who implement proven methods of growth to drive instant sales and conversions.

So, if you feel overwhelmed to apply the tactics on your own, we are here to help. Contact us today and let’s get a top-notch strategy for your business.

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