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Want to generate a vacation-worthy return on investment for your travel agency? Let’s kickstart with the most profitable PPC advertising for unbelievable success.

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Increase your reach with credible & reliable PPC for the travel industry

You must be thinking that PPC is going to cost you a lot for your travel agency due to its competitive nature. But what if we told you that PPC has become the most affordable yet profitable method for your business? Because the days are gone when people pick up their phone and call the nearest travel agent to plan their trip. Now they prefer to go online and look for the best travel agency that looks more credible and reliable among others. But the competition is, how to win customer’s trust and make them believe that you are the one they are looking for!


At Hukumat Networks, we make sure that your audience finds your travel agency at the top of the searches for all the specific keywords that reflect your services. Give us a call to understand how the process is effective for your agency.


Why you should invest more in the best travel PPC campaign?


Did you know the travel industry has become the 3rd major competitive market in search engines? It is also the third most expensive industry as it spends has exceeded $3 billion worldwide.


That’s the reason, every travel agent and travel-related companies are investing more and more in PPC because its return on investment is positively amazing.


According to research, the conversion rate in the travel industry is surpassing 2% more as compared to other businesses. So, if you are not investing in PPC advertising and running crazy profitable campaigns, you are losing out on 80% of the audience who plan their trip online with the help of travel agencies like you!


With Hukumat Networks, you don’t need to worry about the costs and related solutions, as we have a decade of experience in running PPC campaigns. Contact us today and find out our methods that deliver exceptional results.


Developing a powerful travel industry PPC strategy for driving maximum leads


Driving maximum leads with PPC is not much challenging for random businesses, but when it comes to the travel industry, you need to be much more careful and specific. Because being the third most competitive industry, you are not alone who is working hard to get potential leads in the market. However, we implement a powerful travel industry strategy that helps you get the most out of your campaign.


Find the best keywords


Before we continue your PPC campaign, it’s important to determine what keywords your audience is using for finding your travel agency.


Keywords are the basic search terms used by people to search for something they are looking for. So, in order to run the PPC campaign successfully, it’s important to identify which are the frequently used search terms by people.


We use several tools and software to find accurate results so we can implement them in the ads and bring maximum interested visits and clicks.


Build the best landing page


Landing pages are important to run your PPC campaign effectively because they are the final pages that solve user’s concerns and deliver more information about their query.


That’s the reason, we tend to build the best landing page for your campaign that reflect your ads and guide users more about your services. We make sure that your landing pages are perfectly equipped with competitive keywords so your user won’t disappoint after landing on the page that doesn’t solve his concerns.


Create effective ads


Now after creating a landing page and the list of right keywords, the next step is to create an effective ad for your campaign. Your ad consists of two main parts. The title and description.


We make sure that we are adding keywords in the title of your ad, and also making it precise, catchy and according to the user’s interest. It gives information about the travel agency and entices people to click and visit.


After that, we put special attention on creating compelling descriptions. Because this is the part where you either convert your audience or push them away in search of a better experience. That’s the reason, adding all the necessary details with unique selling propositions is the key to make your campaign effective & successful.


For instance, we help you target people according to their location, interests, and other demographics so you can interact with the audience who is the right fit for your practice.


Our highly-targeted PPC approach enables you to deliver messages to the audience who is most likely to convert at the time which is more convenient for them.

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