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Did you know 70% of travelers go online to plan their trips? This means if your travel agency website is not ranking at the top, you are losing more than half of the interested population!

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SEO for a travel website to compete with stiff competitors in the industry

As we all know, the last decade was quite challenging for the small and medium travel agencies throughout the world, especially the ones who were near to success and have been facing hard competition from the authorities of the tourism industry. There are lots of factors that are giving a tough time to travel agents such as increased marketing costs, tough regulations, and rising competition. Since these elements have made it extremely difficult for small players to win the game.


That’s the reason, SEO is considered the only marketing strategy that helps travel agents deal with all the issues by ranking their website at the top of search engines. Confused? Give us a call and learn how it works for your agency.


Why do you need travel SEO to drive more visits and leads?


If you want to give your travel website the attention it deserves, then it’s time to invest in travel SEO as this is the only foolproof technique that can help generate maximum exposure and the highest return on investment.


Especially if you have just launched your business, it’s important to position yourself as a more professional and astounding company in the tourism industry- which is definitely possible through powerful SEO methods. With travel SEO, you cannot only reach out to thousands of travelers every day for planning their trips but also generate recognition and reputation.


At Hukumat Networks, we provide the best travel SEO services that can help gain potential customers organically while increasing your sales and visits in a short period.


So, are you ready to take your small business to the next level with a travel SEO agency? If so, connect with our team now, and let’s schedule a consultation to discuss your goals.


A travel SEO strategy that works effectively in reaching your goals


Want your travel agency to stay at the forefront so your audience chooses your services while looking for a travel agent? Well, this is only possible if you apply the right SEO strategy for a travel agency that works effectively in optimizing your website. Here is a brief overview of how we plan SEO processes for your travel website.


Targeting the right keywords is the key


Since you are a travel agent and your job is to plan trips and send people out to their desired destinations. So, in order to manage the process successfully, it’s important to target the right set of keywords that truly reflect your services and people’s search queries.


This means you need to be very specific while finding the right search terms. You need to target keywords that your audience is commonly using for planning their trip. So, in order to show up your website whenever people enter travel-related keywords, we perform detailed keyword research.


Our experts use several tools and software that help identify the best SEO travel keywords for your business. We mainly focus on targeting long-tail keywords. For example, ‘flight from the US to Paris’, ‘buy affordable plane tickets’ and ‘travel agency near me’.


By using sound variations of these keywords, we can target people specifically according to their search intent. This means, these keywords describe your customer’s requirements precisely and they are more likely to convert when they come across your website by using such phrases.


As the travel and tourism industry never tolerate any vagueness, so we need to be very careful while implementing technical SEO methods. Besides that, we also target location-based keywords as without considering them, it’s hard to know the requirements of people who belong to a specific area.


Run travel blog


Blogging is the best technique in SEO that even works effectively for the travel & tourism industry. You cannot gain potential backlinks for your travel website unless you are creating an SEO friendly content for your blog.


In order to make your travel agency an exciting and exotic business, our experts help create interesting blog posts that reflect your services. We create content on stunning landscapes, historical places, popular cultural events, and affordable places in the world to travel- so we can target people from all niches and interests to gain plenty of website visits.


This method doesn’t only help promote your business while using the right keywords, but also educates the audience and people take more interest in discovering your services.


Get links from authoritative websites


Now think from your traveler’s perspective. If an interested traveler wants to go on a holiday trip with his family, what would he do first? He may choose the best travel agency that suits his needs. But how would he make this choice?


He would prefer the sources that look most credible to him. He may even listen to his acquaintances who have previously used the help of any travel agency. But if they don’t have any reference, he may rely on search engines and judge the services through his experience.


So, if your travel agency website has the least authoritative sources or links, do you think the travelers will still choose you?


No, they will consider the agency that is linked to some high-quality websites and offering a lot of information sources in search engines so the company looks credible and authoritative.


That’s why we maintain high-quality backlinks for your travel website by creating informative articles and content and then link it to the highest-ranking website. By doing so, they will give your site a link back and you can associate yourself with the best website.


Place easy navigation


Every travel website consists of lots of pages for guiding users about their services. Now the best strategy is to put these pages into specific categories and subcategories so your website navigation system looks nice and easy to the audience.


We believe that your main service pages should not be more than 2-3 clicks away from the audience. Because if your audience is feeling difficult to get relevant information, he may not waste his time on your site- instead he will switch back and find a better site with enhanced user experience.


Moreover, if your website has easy navigation, Google may consider it the most useful site for the audience and more likely to rank it at the top of searches in a short time.

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SEO offers a lot of incredible growth opportunities. The requirement is to choose the right agency that helps solves your concerns and guarantee strong results in no time.

At Hukumat Networks, we know what it takes to build a strong SEO plan for your travel agency. So, if you are interested to know how it works, contact us now, and let’s grow together.

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