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Walking the extra mile to sign new deals with potential travelers? If so, maybe it’s time to consider a website that fascinates people from all around the world.

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Travel website design for strong online presence and lead generation

Your website is the most critical component of your business that sets the overall reputation of your travel agency. You need to work hard to manage bookings, schedule flights, sell tickets, and design holiday packages for your potential travelers. However, you can handle these processes efficiently when you have a user-friendly, responsive, and high-performing website.


That’s the reason, we tend to make the processes easier by creating a stunning website equipped with all the online features that help travelers in all aspects. Give us a call to learn how we create a website that offers lots of leads every day.


Why you should have the best web design for travel sites?


If you belong to the travel & tourism industry, you must know that it is the most profoundly competitive business where you need to compete with new competitors every day. That’s the reason, first, you need a compelling website that can set your online reputation and give the audience a platform that covers all their needs.


So, if you want to make an international standard for your travel agency, we are here to help! Our expert website designers create a user-friendly, reliable, and aesthetically pleasing website that generates fast bookings and confirmations according to your expectations. We help you stand out from moderate websites and set valuable recognition in the industry while boosting maximum exposure.


With Hukumat Networks, we prioritize your dreams and help your small agency touch new heights of success. Contact us today, schedule your consultation, and let’s get a chance to create a website that positions you as a leader in the tourism industry.


What to expect from a travel website design company?


Your website has no absolute purpose if it is lacking some essential elements that can set the foundation of your business. There are lots of factors that are the crux of your web design strategy; so, in order to maintain that solid recognition, we optimize your website professionally so you can move above and beyond the competitors.


Responsive design


Do you know what makes your website extra special and high-performing than others? It’s the responsive design element. If your website is not loading properly on mobile devices, it means it’s not optimized for mobile versions and no mobile user will ever find your website helpful.


That’s the reason, we make sure that we create a responsive website for travel agencies that efficiently load across multiple devices such as a tablet, mobile, and laptop. Because if the website is failed to load on such devices, you will miss out on an incredible number of leads which is definitely a great loss for your business.


Our expert website design team incorporates advanced mobile optimization tactics through which your website becomes compatible with several devices. Your audience won’t need to zoom in or zoom out to find your contact details, and won’t leave the site due to disturbing alignment.


Above all, a mobile-friendly website is more likely to rank on search engines as Google tends to provide the best user-experience and consider it the most helpful site for the audience.


SEO optimized website


SEO optimization is the most important element to embed first. Because no matter if your website is engaging and attractive if it’s not able to get found by potential travelers, then it’s absolutely not useful. That’s why, if you want to be discovered by travelers, your website should incorporate all the SEO-friendly elements that can take a position your company at the top.


Therefore, we make sure that your website is properly equipped with advanced SEO strategies. In order to manage this in the best way, we perform detailed keyword research and identify which elements have been used by your audience the most. Once we spot the right keywords, we include them in your content and other areas so we can increase the ranking in no time.


Secure with SSL


No matter how attractive your website looks and how easy to be found by the potential audience, if the site is not secure for travelers, they won’t enter their personal details for booking and neither even contact you for further acquaintance.


Therefore, our expert team offers free SSL certification for your travel agency website that protects against malicious attacks and hacking attempts. If your website is protected, your customers feel more confident and enter all the details without wasting a minute. An SSL-protected website increases customer’s trust and positions you as a strong authority in the industry.


Moreover, if the website is SSL protected, Google may consider it a useful website for the audience so it is more likely to get ranked on search engines because it efficiently protects your customer’s data and maintains smooth client communication.


Speed of the site


Nothing could be more frustrating for your audience than a slow loading website. If your website loads slowly and take time to load all the pictures and travel packages, your audience might leave the site immediately in search of an enhanced user experience.


That’s the reason, following advanced page optimization tactics is the key to the success of your site that ensures fast loading between 3-5 seconds and helps retain the interest of your audience without distracting them away.


Above all, if your website loads quickly without wasting a minute, it sends positive signals to search engines that the site is efficient and instant so it should be ranked higher in the search results. Since Google prefers websites with the fast loading speed, it would figure out all the optimization elements and then position it accordingly.


Easily navigable


Another most important element that makes or break the entire look of your site is easy to navigate design. If your website is complicated and overwhelmed with a lot of pages that are scattered in an unorganized manner, then your audience won’t spend a minute as they are not able to find relevant information so they better prefer to find another website.


Therefore, our experts create categories and place all the pages under those categories so people can easily find what they are looking for. If your website is easily navigable, your audience spends more time which in turn reduces your bounce rate. On top of that, Google also prefers ranking the sites that have an easy navigation system.

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Working with an expert website design company gives you an extra edge of beating stiff competitors in the industry which cannot be managed by the client himself. That’s the reason, choosing a professional company is all you need if you want to thrive in the online market.

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