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Pakistan is Becoming the Most Favorite Outsourcing Country in 2025


“When other popular countries were making their way to business outsourcing, Pakistan was struggling with deteriorated economy, inadequate resources, inefficient infrastructure, financial restructuring, and a lot more that wiped out the country badly and resulted in lost opportunities for 2 decades.”


Last night while scrolling through outsourcing trends in Pakistan, I came across these devastating lines in a book and discovered how much we have suffered as a nation for even decades.

But luckily, after this struggling period, due to our continuous hard work and a desire to grow as a financially stable nation, Pakistan is now the 4th most populated country in Asia with over 220 million population which is also home to some of the most talented and well-known scholars.

I got further relieved when our former prime minister said that, “the signs of a failing nation cannot be attributed to Pakistan”. This means, we now have a clear vision, free media, and a strong democratic foundation.

On top of that, I must say that Pakistan is now being one of the leading nations that are working on challenging tasks as well as solving a multitude of intricate issues related to IT and tech.

Don’t you think it’s a big achievement that we are in the process to emerge as an IT hub may be in the next 5 or 10 years?

Well, not only this, but it also has opened the doors of massive success as Pakistan is expected to become the most favorite outsourcing country by 2025;

The country has become a preferred source of designers, developers, writers, programmers, and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) specialists and has also ranked as a third financially reliable location for offshore solutions.

Let’s dive deeper and found out some reasons that are going to make Pakistan the next outsourcing hub.

Bright and brilliant workforce:

Did you know Pakistan has a 5.50% unemployment rate which is expected to rise by 6% by the end of 2021?


This means people in Pakistan are desperately looking for even the lowest-paid jobs as long as they are being appreciated for their talent and hard work.


Now this offers an ideal opportunity for all the international markets and business owners to consider Pakistan for outsourcing jobs.


Pakistan produces thousands of qualified software engineers, web developers, graphic designers, app developers, content writers, and marketing specialists every year. These professional people always lookout for new opportunities to grow their career and gain my exposure by working for international businesses.


So, if you are a startup business owner in the US, and looking for a bright and brilliant workforce, Pakistan is the best choice to outsource for your projects.

Smooth work infrastructure:

Being a developing nation, Pakistan has faced a lot of infrastructure issues in the past. But now the constant economic growth and welfare have developed a completely smooth & modern infrastructure in Pakistan where roads are paved and communication technology has improved.


The telecommunication sector has seen immense growth from the past few years as the sector has helped a lot in bringing powerful 3G & 4G technologies for efficient communication.


Due to such tremendous growth, Pakistan is now in a process to provide 5G services which would further ensure fast internet as well as elevated use of smart devices which in turn bring advancement in digital communication and application development.


Language proficiency:


You must be surprised to know that Pakistan sits 48th on the list of English-speaking countries which definitely proves that language is not an issue in Pakistan.


Pakistanis can fluently communicate with people who belong to the UK or the US and can meet their demands according to the accent and style they expect.


Most shockingly, over 8% of Pakistanis speak it as their first language and 48% as their second language which means 57% of the overall population speaks English. This proves that language can never be a barrier between professionals when it comes to completing outsourcing jobs.


Above all, Pakistan is included in the list of 25 countries that send their youth to the US while more than 25,000 Pakistani students are enrolled in UK top educational institutes.


So, if you are a foreign investor, you can find skilled and proficient Pakistani professionals for your intricate tasks related to any kind of business.


Nothing beats the unrivaled talents of Karachi…


Karachi is known as mini-Pakistan, this is the 7th largest city in the world with 22 million people, which is also a home of rising talents and brilliant minds.


With diverse ethnicity and language groups, Karachi has emphasized a lot over information technology for the past few years, which is why it has become a central hub of business in Pakistan.


This means that the beautiful city is not only famous for delicious foods and attractive landscapes, but it has a wide business infrastructure and offers a lot of opportunities to international entrepreneurs for outsourcing.


Business owners from Australia, Canada, the US, UK, and Dubai prefer to get in touch with IT professionals who belong to Karachi and Lahore. You can find proficient talents from amateurs to professional experts.


Game of Tax is remarkable for the IT industry:


In order to promote the IT sector of Pakistan, the Government has created a lot of meaningful policies in the past few years.


They tend to escalate technical and IT sector by launching several useful programs for youth so they can become more proficient in IT.


That’s why people in power and policymakers have introduced vast trends and remarkable incentives that are helping the young generation in gaining more exposure.


The best attribute is, tax imposition system is quite favorable for the IT sector in Pakistan. That’s the reason, IT and software companies in Pakistan are free to charge a reasonable amount for their services.


The favorable choice for businesses:


Pakistan is one of the best business-friendly countries as it has offered some great business opportunities and investments for foreign business owners. The country imposes quite budget-friendly business laws.


Moreover, Pakistan is positioned as 60th in the list of countries where you have a chance to run your own business. As compared to this, India has 116th position. These amazing factors make Pakistan an ideal option for all international businesses to consider the country for outsourcing in marketing, web development, designing, and other skills.


Youth is zealous and oozing with talent:


Pakistani youth that comprises of aged between 20-23 are either fresh graduates or in the phase of earning degrees. These young people are quite talented, energetic, zealous, and ready to prove their worth. On top of that, they are exploring new skills every day and oozing with talent.


Trust me, it’s hard to find anyone better than these young & talented individuals. They possess good knowledge and proficient IT skills that are ready to work in an affordable range as well.

Final thoughts:

If a sum up this discussion, then I think it’s pretty straightforward that Pakistan is the most favorite choice when it comes to outsourcing as it is home to talent and professional expertise and that too in quite a reasonable amount.

Pakistan is just like a dream location for outsourcing. All you need to do is find a reliable IT company and outsource your work to professionals that suit best for your project.


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