We Ensure Exclusively Phone Leads From the Motivated Customers Looking For Your Services From Your Target Area. Allow Our Experts to Make Your Phone Ring Today So That You Can Turn Them In To Customers


Years committed in digital marketing


Campaigns in 60+ industries


Local leads generated since 2007


5-star reviews on major platforms

IF YOU DON'T SPEAK TO A LEAD, YOU WON'T CLOSE IT! Use Our & Start Closing From Today

78% of the Customers buy from the Company that Calls First

Hukumat will make you to be that first company always

 96% of the Web traffic remains Unnoticed

Hukumat will find them for you and will design a strategy to access them via phone

80% of the Leads are never contacted

Hukumat will only provide you live incoming calls from real people directly

What is Phone Lead Generation? How Hukumat can be Facilitating?

It is the initiation of the consumer’s interest or their enquiry in to the products or services of any business. Leads are created for multiple purposes like sales, list building etc. It is all about capturing and stimulating interest in a product or services with a motivation to add to the sales of that particular company.


As being best in the business, we can help you get direct live calls to your mobile number from your target location via advertising your services to our secret marketing platforms. We can ensure you that your phone will ring from day 1, you just have to close them. How cool is that?


You will not be liable to pay for all the calls that you receive but only for the ones that shows interest in your services. Your exclusive CMS portal will develop side by side and even that completely free of cost. All the calls from day one will be recorded and saved on the portal and you will be able to access them anytime.

Qualified Call Only

You will not have to pay any upfront cost but for the qualified call only. We will make your phone ring and it would be the direct customers looking for your services


Complete Records

You will be able to see the calls that will be sent to you. You can listen to all the recordings and can note down calls that needs some extra force to convert to a sale for you via following up.

Account Manager

You will be helped at every step and our account manager will be there at your service to ensure that things are turning out to be THE BEST for you in every manner.

How We Bring You Phone Leads?

No Lead Selling

As we do not sell leads to your competitors hence we offer greater chances for you to close the deal and ending up in to earning a delighted and loyal customer.


You can always log in to your exclusive panel to review and listen to call recordings. We do not believe in mystery of how we are adding value to your business. We will be offering 100% transparency to you.

No Long term Contracts

You need not to worry about long term contracts like other lead sellers. We will bill you bi-monthly for all the leads you got in that timeframe. You can cancel / pause anytime.