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20 Realtor Instagram Ads Examples to Inspire You

Best Instagram Ads For You

Forget what your girl told you- Instagram is not only for sharing photos, food pics, memes, and quotes.


In fact, for realtors like you, Instagram is a goldmine. It’s one of the most incredible social media platforms that helps you keep active in your client’s news feed, and offer you an opportunity to generate million dollars by promoting and showcasing home listings in a more jovial way.


With 500 million daily active users and the 4th most downloaded App worldwide, Instagram’s ubiquitous nature makes it the most wonderful app for Ads and promotions.


77% of realtors prefer to use apps like Instagram and Facebook. Wondering why?


It’s simple because they can expand the circle of referrals and interact with people by following concrete Ad strategy.


So, let’s forget the old scrappy days of real estate where you need to go door to door to encourage referrals and dispel several questions to clear your position.


It’s time to get inspired by the new wave of technology where more than 90% of millennials begin their search online- even use the platforms like Instagram to connect with property grammers like you. Let’s dive in to see how realtors make most of the real estate business from Instagram Ads.


With that being said, I didn’t mean to interrupt your crazy busy routine, I am just here to show you some inspirational Instagram Ads examples of realtors.


So just hold your hot cup of coffee and scroll through the list of Ads that have already won thousands of hearts!



1. Sold, Sold, Sold- all from the last quarter!

Realtor Bala Logan features some inspirational listings all in one frame with a single captivating word ‘sold’ that is music to the ears in the real estate world.


The realtor showcases his exceptional work by framing all the sales and closings, which is definitely much attention-grabbing for random users.

2. Custom construction- get ready for August 2020

Here in this beautiful new construction house Ad, realtor inspires people from his new upcoming project and defining all the


features in the captions that make this construction unique; and also announcing the completion date for more thrill and interest.

Coming Soon

3. Featuring future developments for more attention

Doesn’t matter if your property is not available in the market for purchase, but what does matter is, how you announce and set forth the upcoming project. This Ad with ‘coming soon’ tag in the middle is all you need to consider as a user, which creates a little spark and curiosity about the new sweet home. So just stay tuned!

4. Just listed!!!

Just listed is another tag that attracts most of the real estate agents and homeowners. This realtor named Adam has posted an Ad that inspires users to a fully fenced yard on dreamful location.


Total area, price, location, and shape of the house everything is mentioned which helps people to just sign an immediate deal without considering anything further.

adam does deals
Open House

5. Open house- an invitation for a tour

Melanie Fuller invites audiences and realtors to take a tour of absolutely gorgeous home she has constructed so far. This open house Ad is basically an open invitation for people who want to get connected with a realtor.


She has framed three images in the Ad by focusing on the main information and the title at the center of the image, which definitely attracts many people at first glance.

6. Buying, selling, or leasing is easy now!

Realtors promote themselves on Instagram by giving a short intro that also helps their clients know about their real estate capabilities and major expertise.


This realtor invites people for selling, buying, leasing, and everything in the market by first considering the client’s interest and budget. What do you need more?

coton house

7. A tale of two markets

Now, this is something unique you must have never come across before. Realtor explains the tale of two markets the buyer’s market and the seller’s market. He has mentioned investor results, average days results on the market, and price appreciation all in one in just a single image. 


This Ad attracts residents in the market and informing them that the days are hot for selling so if you are thinking to invest, now is a perfect time!


Most interestingly, 509 people reacted, isn’t amazing?

8. Which one do you like more?

Jg knows how to attract its audience more by sharing two engaging images and asking people to select which attracts them the most. Realtors post these types of Ads so they can interact with more people and engage them by getting their opinion on their work.


So, what do you think is the most attractive? I guess, it’s 1, right?


9. Special offers and contests

If you want to stand out from the crowd, follow Tfcornerstone as they know how to gain more engagements by posting offers and contests like blade flights.


Maybe Ads like these attract people to win rewards and they start participating more?

10. Real estate tip

Wondering how realtors gain instant likes, visits, and followers on their Ads? Well, this is the secret. They tend to post tips, facts, and information that engage their audience in a more useful way.


Just look at the way the realtor engages his audience by picturing their furniture in the new apartment they tour and fill the space- such an indirect invitation to buy the property. Isn’t it?

Real Estate Tip

11. Apartment for sale

Well, this is hard to invite people and convince them to buy an apartment. That’s the reason, this realtor follows the trick of showing everything on a single image which includes apartment details, her photo, contact details, and the sale tag.


She has incorporated the location for highlighting more charm and the inside view of the lavish apartment in the same image, which attracts people to know more details.

12. Get the life you deserve!

In this inspirational ad, a realtor merged indoor and outdoor views to better explain his point. They described how useful they are in giving both indoor and outdoor luxuries through the lavish home.


To make the Ad useful, they have added the details of a realtor so people can easily connect with her for more queries.


13. Shelter in place

This just cracked me up.


Can you see how the realtor described all the needs of a homeowner comically? Every homeowner wants stunning views, short commute to his destination, nearby dine-in places, and soothing water views. This just shows how remarkable the lifestyle we expect from realtors to provide.


 Ads like these get more views and engagements because real estate is a little dry niche than others, so users love to see something unique, interesting, and other than the traditional stuff.

14. From dreaming to achieving

Dreaming to achieve something different this year? See how this realtor invites people to turn their dreams into reality by offering them a life they want. In just one frame, realtor wishes her audience a happy new year, showing her real estate capabilities, providing a way to connect and informing people about which company she belongs to.


Now, this technique of adding multiple images into one collage engages viewers and they take some time to comprehend things, which leads to more engagement and interest.

Abdullah city islamabad

15. Limited offer!

Ads that come with limited offer tags usually see more engagement and get more likes. Now, this Ad by Abdullah City offers people to book residential plots at extremely low prices and easy installments.


The overall layout and color scheme are also much attractive and complements the idea of buying and investing.

16. Do you like barn homes?

What are your thoughts on barn homes? According to MBN properties they got tons of requests to design a beautiful barn home on the outskirts of the city. As you are seeing 491 people have liked the idea because the Ad already explains everything about the property.


They have added the dimensions of living space and garage and showed a brief sketch of the house which further educates people about its design. So, I guess it’s much more attractive and appealing than a simple Ad with no touch of uniqueness.

Mbn Properties
Your home sold guaranteed

17. Offering guarantees to sell

When you become partners with realtors like Naira, you will see guaranteed selling Ads and statements everywhere. Yes! Naira engages her audience amazingly by offering great guarantees on selling property- and that too in 24 hours.


Realtor further motivates the viewers by adding if you don’t like the deal, she will buy it. Could you expect such transparency anywhere?

18. Accepting new clients

To keep reminding your clients, realtors post Ads that help viewers know that they are open to new clients and projects.


The realtor takes it to the next level by even saying if you need buying or selling help in another state, she is available for help. It helps differentiate them from the competition.

Accepting new clients
Property Sold

19. We did it again!

Using ‘sold’ tag for the property is good, but when you mention ‘we did it again’ with sold, it’s totallinsane.


As you can see there is nothing much noticeable in the Ad except ‘we did it again! Sold’. This is actually the main idea which realtor wants to convey that he is so much capable in the field can easily help you sell the property for the good.

20. We did it again!

Using ‘sold’ tag for the property is good, but when you mention ‘we did it again’ with sold, it’s totallinsane.


As you can see there is nothing much noticeable in the Ad except ‘we did it again! Sold’. This is actually the main idea which realtor wants to convey that he is so much capable in the field can easily help you sell the property for the good.

Leverage the power of Instagram


If you are a realtor, you must be ready to attract more real estate leads with inspiring Ad campaigns on Instagram. But never forget the key- create carousal Ads for your profile so more and more people get to know you and purchase your services.


From building profitable sales funnel to sparking more interest in the real estate community, Instagram is here to help you in achieving your goals.


The platform offers you a chance to engage directly with the audience and build a large network of buyers and sellers. Create a compelling Ad strategy instead of spinning wheels, and use advanced marketing tools so you can make the most of your real estate business.


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