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If you are a website owner, you may have heard the term “core web vitals optimization”, but we are sure that you might not understand what does it mean and what benefits it offers to your website.


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Core web vitals optimization to improve the user experience for your website

If you are a website owner, you may have heard the term “core web vitals optimization”, but we are sure that you might not understand what does it mean and what benefits it offers to your website.

However, you don’t have to worry about that. At Hukumat Networks, we take good care of all the technical elements that offer increase performance, speed, and reliability of the website.

In May 2021, Google has rolled out a significant core web vitals update to its ranking criteria algorithm. Now this update is going to have major effects on multiple existing sites.

So, if you already have a business website that generates sales, conversions, and leads that also impacts customer behavior in any way, then this is the best time to speed up its performance while boosting all the minor and major elements on the site. Read on to how this helps you get the most out of your website.

What Factors Are Considered Core Web Vitals For A Positive Experience?

There are a lot of amazing ranking factors that have special impacts on enhanced user experience. For example, if Google identifies the visitors coming to your site are getting positive experiences and spending time exploring things, then all the algorithms will rank the site higher in search engines for those common factors.

However, if Google identifies that the site offers an inefficient user experience and visitors are not getting much information, then it means your core web vitals score is quite weak and you have to increase the speed and performance by working on those factors.

Now you must be wondering what are those factors that should be implemented correctly on the website for offering an enhanced experience.

Have a look at the list of some primary factors of core web vitals.

What is the loading speed of your website?
How many user interactions do your website have?
Is your website visually appealing and stable?

Some other critical factors essential to a good website experience

Core web vitals- important measurements

Some factors are helpful in key measurements, such as

How do we measure your core web vitals?

Once our experts understand the user experience criteria of how Google determines the ranking of your website, we start to measure the performance of your website for all the above factors. At Hukumat, we manage things by performing the process known as a core web vitals audit. We evaluate your website based on each of those factors so we can analyze its position and stability score.

Search engines establish some metrics that help assess the speed of your page its interactivity as well as visual appearance or stability. Google also published a small handy page that helps evaluate the mobile-friendliness score of your website.

We also measure how safe is your website for browsing, or whether it has any malicious error that is disturbing the overall performance of the site. Because sometimes a duplicated or deceptive content also affects the browsing of your website. Also, if your site has HTTPS, it will successfully pass the criteria of security and stability.

Reasons you need to optimize your website for core web vitals

There are a lot of reasons to optimize your website for core web vitals, and if you do not follow that specific criterion, your website may lose its ranking and online visibility.
Your website will only show up on a couple of search engine results pages and where your website shows up, the ranking will automatically fall after a few days and your website will be ranked below your competitors with no core web vitals.

Therefore, you need to optimize your website for core web vitals so you can easily beat big players in the market while ranking high in search results.

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