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Did you know 47% of the audience would abandon your website if it’s not loading within the first 3 seconds? Does that sound the same as your website? Our website page speed optimization service is your road to success as our continued patronage delivers dynamic and the fastest loading websites with 95% to 98% score results! Sounds interesting? Contact us today and discuss how we help load your websites at lightning speed.

Ready to increase your website loading speed to 95%+?


Years committed to providing superior Digital services.


Raving fans and counting


Client keywords ranked on the first page of Google!


Companies we are providing White Label services.


Years committed to providing superior Digital services.


Client keywords ranked on the first page of Google!


Companies we are providing White Label services.


Raving fans and counting

Not just Merely Fast, but Fastest Websites in the World!

Since 93% of search experiences start with Google, so it’s extremely important to cover all the loopholes that affect the performance of your business.


That’s the reason when it comes to the website page speed optimization practice, we manage all the significant caveats, so your website not just loads quickly or merely fast but also becomes one of the fastest loading websites in the entire world.


Especially if you want to offer an aesthetically rich, diverse, and enhanced user experience, then our website page speed optimization service is the only one that helps your small business touch new heights of success in no time!


Let us help you grow your online presence with a smoothly loading website!

Continues to climb!

Increase in page speed score

Increase in overall return on investment

SMEs scored higher with our speed optimization service

Deliver the fastest Website Experience to keep users around!

Unlike other businesses in the industry, we do not rely on any tools or plugins to boost the speed of your website. We don’t even lie on maintaining artificial site ‘loading time’ that has nothing to do with improving the overall speed performance. Above all, we do not believe in selling some top practices suggestions software that is impossible to correlate with the real-world performance of your service. Because the services that convince you to do so are basically designed to manipulate or bamboozle you into paying twenty times more than the actual payment policies. Hence, our skilled and talented professionals are committed to follow the proper page optimization speed practices and consider all those painstaking procedures that help increase your site loading speed.


We test different performance configurations that make your website as fast as possible while decreasing the bounce rate and keeping all the users around 24 hours.


The end result is a custom, performance-driven, robust, self-evolving, and lightning speed website that engages the audience the moment they come across your services.


So, let’s deliver an optimal user experience with a 98% increase in page speed delivered by our super-reliable team!


Select your page speed optimization plan!




Audit of current speed optimization



Dedicate project managers



Image size optimization



Image compressions



Website/CSS optimization


Set up or CDN configuration


Combine CSS & JavaScript files


Https Set up


Optimize PHP


Minify HTML and CSS



Set up caching issues


100+ optimization steps for speed


Gzip compression



Reduce server response time



Minify JavaScript



Specify a cache validator


Minimize request size



Upgrade hosting


Optimize the number of redirects



Set up browser caching



Total investment

Total Website Abandonment Rate!

Remember, if your site does not load between 3-5 seconds, you may experience complete abandonment from the audience


We give Google what it wants!

You may find a great amount of disinformation, misconceptions, self-perpetuating beliefs, and misinformation on the internet about the factors that may Google take into consideration for ranking your websites.

  • So, let us clarify what Google wants and what doesn’t…!
  • It is not everything about the site loading time.
  • It is also not connected with Page Speed Insights of your website.
  • It is not even a score recommended by tools or software like Pingdom, and GTmetrix (etc.

And all the factors that inspire your users, make them stay and explore your services.According to our expert research team, Google has now become more adamant, it prefers above-the-fold content that grabs audience attention the minute they land on the website. It favors websites that apply all the progressive rendering features to run the sites to their full extent. 


And that’s what exactly our team is committed to doing at Hukumat Networks! If you want to know more about how we streamline the speed and performance of your site, just give us a call today.

Did you know a slow loading e-commerce site leads to fewer sales?

There are a lot of elements and hazards that can simply cripple the loading time and performance of your e-commerce website. According to our research, 45% of the audience responded that they won’t buy anything from a site that takes time to load and 36% said that they won’t even return to a site that offers an inefficient loading experience.

98% of the websites we optimize run AT LEAST twice as fast

As part of our speed optimization process, we may offer:

Our process

Test the site speed

When you submit your request to test & fix the speed of your site, we perform a detailed audit to check the insights by following our configuration processes.

Get recommendations:

Once we audit the speed of your site, we highlight several errors and issues that affect the performance. We send you a report of recommendations to fix them.

The fastest loading sites!

When we identify all the errors and issues, we follow all the tools, software, and other configuration methods to deliver the fastest loading website.

Client reviews

 Why speed up your website with Hukumat Networks?

The answer is- NO ONE else does what our professionals do to achieve the highest-ranking standards. Our speed optimization experts enable your website to load between 3 seconds that leads to more conversions and a better engagement rate.

Reduced costs!


Did you know it costs ten times more to acquire potential paying customers than it does to simply keep your current customers? It means when your website is fast and loading in 3 seconds, you won’t lose any customers due to a slow loading issue, but on the other side, you may lose 90% of customers when the site is not loading in the estimated time limit.

Increased sales:

More than 10% of the audience who experience any trouble with the performance of the website won’t return to the site and do not recommend others to visit it as well. Likewise, if your website is high-performing and delivering up to the mark results, your audience may stay longer, browse every page till the end, and may recommend others to visit the site which ultimately increases your sales.

Improved SEO results:

Search engines compare your website with other stiff competitors just to match your skills and efficiencies with their segments, attributes, and challenges to analyze whether you are offering a stable user experience or giving something that may not be appreciated by your target audience. When they analyze you are the fastest loading site, they may rank you higher while outperforming others.


WordPress page speed optimization solutions!

In order to improve the speed of your WordPress site, our experts follow a lot of troubleshooting steps and invest a lot of time, energy, and effort to tweak and mess with different issues. Our experts implement several customized solutions to optimize your WordPress site, because if the site is loading fast, you may be able to get unlimited conversions and proven results.

Image optimizations:



One of the major reasons your website loads slowly is heavy images. Our experts optimize your site and set the accurate dimension of all the images and make them visible after the initial page loads. That’s the reason, we compress all the images and follow steps to load them faster while loading other features quickly.

Minify resources:

Minification is a process of removing unnecessary data without affecting the performance and the methods of how the resource is being processed by the web browser. For example, removing unreliable codes, and code formatting or comments. We minify different resources such as HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.

Using a CDN

Content delivery networks help give an ultimately fast experience to the audience all across the globe. With our experts, your content will be deployed across geographically dispersed servers that would immediately make your pages load much faster according to your audience’s perspectives.

What factors contribute to slow loading speed? And how we fix them!

There are a lot of factors that may contribute to the slow loading speed of your website. However, our expert workforce fixes them efficiently in no time!

Jumbled & sloppy coding:

When you have a sloppy HTMP code on the pages of your website, it would load slowly and give ineffective results. HTML code basically tells your page how to look when your audience visits the site. Now, this code is usually created with all sorts of tags that may help tell the page what to manage and how to do it. Because the fact is, every page of the site must have a code.

The large your website, the more difficult code it might have. That’s exactly the spot where your code becomes sloppy and jumbled. Therefore, to keep your pages run smoothly, we make sure that there is not a long or difficult code that may take the server time to read.

Heavy and unoptimized images

Including several attractive images of your website is extremely important to offer an enhanced user experience. When you mention a lot of details on the page, for instance, you need to break up the information in sections and with images or videos to make sure that your audience doesn’t get bore.

However, the fact is, adding all the bells & whistles to your sites like images and videos, might affect the overall performance of your site and may cause it to load much slower. In order to provide the best experience, we optimize all the heavy images, so your site loads quickly within the first 3 seconds and keep the users engaged and busy.

Lots of redirects:

Redirects will be created when we replace all the relevant links to your webpage by adding references to the new ones. These redirects are basically the bits of code that can be placed within the .htaccess file in your server, so you could create as many links as possible while replacing old pages on the website.

However, when your website has tons of redirects existing on the same pages, then the site may take some time to reference your .htaccess file to locate the new places where all the links are pointing. Now, this is basically loading links twice on the website that impacts the loading time of your page.

Location of the server and its performance:

Another important factor to understand is, the farther the server, the longer it may take time to load the website. Now with that being said, you need to consider the location of your server. For example, if your company is located in the US, do not choose a server in China.

The performance of your server is also correlated to the type of server you select. For example, if you choose a shared server, the website may take time to load due to other sites. But if you choose a dedicated server, your site may run smoothly without any delay.

“The metrics that matter the most are the ones that represent real user experiences”

Philip Walton– Engineer at Google

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some important questions that may have in your mind!

What login details you need from me?

In order to begin the process, our expert team may require your WordPress administrator-level password, or your Cpanel access as well as your domain registrar details to make Cloudflare migration.

However, if you don’t want to share the domain registrar logon, our experts provide you with DNS servers so you can point the domain once we switch to Cloudflare.

How do you measure the speed of my site?

Our experts use several tools and software such as GMetrix and Pingdom that provide detailed insights and information about performance errors. However, we do not rely on the tools only and follow our own page optimization tactics that further deliver exceptional and authentic results in a short time.

How can you help me score 100% on Google PageSpeed Insights?

If you want to get a perfect 100% score for your website, then you have come to the right place. At Hukumat Networks, we follow several processes and procedures such as browser caching, HTML minification, AMP implementation, image compression, and much more that contribute to the overall perfect score.

My WooCommerce site is not loading within the first 5 seconds, can you help me with that?

Yes absolutely. We do not only optimize speed for WordPress sites, but also deal with Shopify, WooCommerce, and other E-commerce platforms. In fact, 65% of sites we optimized so far are e-commerce platforms. We understand that your online shopping platform needs proper optimization because if it’s not loading quickly, your customers will switch immediately.  Therefore, we follow different techniques and tactics that help your site load according to the estimated time.

Are there any websites that you can’t deal with or fix speed related issues?

Well, there are certainly not any websites that we can’t deal with. But note that, if your website is running on a Windows server, following some difficult WordPress multisite setup, or running on VPS that has issues, then this would be definitely outside of our scope.

What are the costs of your website speed optimization service?

The costs may differ according to your requirements and the plans you choose. We have two plans- basic and professional, and these are created by carefully considering your requirements. When you discuss your needs with our experts, we create a custom quote based on your budget and site details. After that, we craft a free quote that best suits your business needs.

Do I also need to switch my hosting?

No, don’t worry you don’t need to switch or move the company, our experts will optimize the website loading speed with your old hosting.

Does it take time to boost the speed of my website?

No, it’s not a time-taking process unless it involves some severe or complicated errors as it takes time to identify the factors that impact the speed and performance. However, the overall process takes a minimum of 24 hours. After that, you may have a perfect 95-100% page score site at your disposal.


Hukumat Networks- a full-service internet marketing company that knows cutting-edge page optimization solutions!

As mentioned above, Hukumat Networks is a full-service internet marketing company that knows what it takes to build a top-notch strategy not only for page optimization but also for other marketing services that highlight your name at the top in the industry.

So, besides looking for striking website optimization, we are here to provide SEO, social media marketing, PPC, and other services at market competitive costs.

Strategies like website design, local SEO, and other solutions may affect your ranking in SERPs and have great impacts on your overall online business.

So, why only relying on website optimization when you have an opportunity to do a lot for your sustainable business growth?

If you still have any confusion, you can visit our clients’ page and see how we are benefiting companies and helping them outrank stiff competitors in the industry.

Contact us today and allow us to drive impeccable results while generating a steady stream of leads.



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