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Did you know small businesses that have a high-quality blog get 126% more leads than businesses surviving without blogs? Yes, that’s true. Blog writing and marketing generate 3 times more leads and also costs 65% less than traditional marketing services. 

That’s the reason, we believe that every blog needs a perfect storyteller which we have at Hukumat Networks! Our dedicated and hardworking team of blog writers has created tens of thousands of blog posts for every kind of niche and industry which makes them an ideal choice for your business as well.

Whether you are running a real estate company, establishing home interior businesses, or just have a small shop for repairing phones, we have got you covered with our highly engaging and creative blog writing services.

Before hiring us for your blog writing needs, you can communicate with our writers and find out about their expertise, knowledge, and everything that you need for compelling content creation. 

So, what are you waiting for? Join hands with our blog writers at Hukumat and learn how we help you make a difference in your industry.

Hire the Best Blog Writers that Thousands of Businesses, Marketers, and Agencies Trust

Whether you want power blog posts, microblog posts, industry blog posts, or long-form blog posts, our team of blog writers is here to make things easy for you based on your custom requirement. 

We have been in SEO and digital marketing for more than 14 years. This makes us a perfect choice for every business that wants to set it apart from others in the industry. That expertise has also given ample time to build an expert in-house model of content creation. Our high-quality blog writing services are specifically based on proprietary software, creative storytellers, and hard metrics.

While following the latest trends and writing techniques, we formulate excellent writing campaigns particularly focused on your blog idea, theme, marketing goals, and target audience. We help you get the right eyes on your content that actually appreciates your goals.

Our content mapping process for perfect blog creation

Every blog post we create is based on expert content mapping procedures. We tend to fill your blog with high-quality content ideas that your target audience is already searching for. Therefore, our writers conduct in-depth research and answer some questions before creating a blog such as

Once we carefully plan things, set goals & direction, and identify the real purpose and tone of your blog posts, we start creating high quality, thoughtful, useful and SEO optimized blog posts that actually convert the audience.

How do we help you make your content stand out in a crowded niche?

Our experts create blog posts that are aligned with your goals and business needs.

Why should you hire an in-house blog writer instead of a freelancer?

There are lots of reasons to rely on in-house blog writers rather than a freelancer.

Yes, hiring a full-time blog writer may be a little expensive, but on the other hand, hiring a freelancer is also not reliable and may take a lot of time to complete your posts. Have a look at this comparison chart to get a better understanding.

Content requirementIn-house writersFreelancers
CostsMaybe a bit expensiveSaves you tons of money
Quality 5 stars, high quality3 stars, satisfactory 
Original contentYes, always!No, duplicated (mostly)
Turnaround timeFaster turnaroundsSlow turnarounds
Scalability x
Versatility x
Customer service24 hours availableAvailable at specific time
SEO optimized High-level SEOMid-level SEO
Rights transferred Yes Depends

So, what would you choose? High quality 5 stars rated service, or a mid-level 3 stars rated freelancing expert? Read on further and understand what makes us an excellent choice for your blog writing services.

Promotion and distribution of your content

If you know something about blog writing, you must understand that the strategy doesn’t work well if you just create blog posts and don’t share them with the public. 

Once you get a high-quality post for your blog, the next step is to distribute and promote it to a massive audience. You need to ensure that maximum people know about your ideas and content. Therefore, content promotion and distribution are the building blocks of your overall strategy.

Our dedicated account manager will help you promote your content on some exclusive and highly engaging channels where you can get the most eyes on your post. That may include social media channels and several bookmarking sites.

So, no matter what plans you have for distributing content, our team will always help you. Our social media team, dedicated managers, technical integration specialists, content creators, and others working on the project, always ensure that you get high-quality service while having more views and shares of your content.

We write for humans, not for search engines

If you think that your content should be mainly focused on search engines, equipped with high-level keyword targets, have complicated backlinking strategies, and professional keyword placements, then it’s time to revise your strategy.

Because, you are a human, your audience is human, and yet our blog writers are also human, then why are you writing content for search engines? Does it make any sense? Obviously, no!

However, you need to follow some strategies to make that content visible to humans.

We have a team of blog writers who have sound knowledge of SEO and have higher degrees with different specializations and courses such as creative writing, English, Journalism, and many more. This helps our writers incorporate smart and clever writing practices into their content.

We have professional writers, editors, journalists, and SEO experts who have hands-on expertise on every topic. So, if you want higher search engine rankings, consult with our team today and let us help you find the right way to get visible.

Benefits of hiring Hukumat as your blog writing agency

If you want to become a thought leader in your industry and boost SEO, then it’s quite essential to hire Hukumat as your blog writing agency. The benefits of hiring us are

High-quality content

We help you craft original, high-quality, and engaging content that helps you get maximum conversions, traffic, and leads.

Guaranteed uniqueness

We ensure guaranteed uniqueness in your content. The content will be 100% plagiarism-free and equipped with modern, unique, and creative ideas.

Added polish

By adding a touch of uniqueness, creativity, and extra polishing to your content, we get extra eyes that convert and help you become an authority in the industry.

SEO friendly

Our writers have great knowledge about SEO trends. So, while creating content, we make sure that the content is aligned with the latest SEO practices.

Our blog writing process

We are experts in our field, we know how to target your audience and the overall internet community. But since you know your audience best, we want you to be involved as much as we create your blog posts. Therefore, we follow a streamlined process, such as

We provide you a dedicated account manager who provides you regular updates about blog writing, will be in touch with you 24 hours, give instructions, check progress, update you, and adjust things as you want.

Tell us the details about your ideal customers, their expectations, your requirements, how you want people to feel when they visit your site, and what elements you want us to focus upon. We can help develop personas for your desired audience.

You can also advise us on choosing the topic, tone as well as phrasing to best grab the attention of your audience. You can tell us whether you want the blog post a serious one, a light-hearted one, or a formal one. We can make it casual or professional that best suits your niche.

Once we are done, you can check the content and review as much as you want or as little as you desire. Our experts are confident in their writing and know what it takes to create a compelling post that converts the audience and appeals to search engines. You can tell us what you did not like in the post and what you want us to remove, our team will do the best to meet your expectations.

After your final approval, we will post it on your blog and distribute it as recommended.

What guidelines do we specifically follow while creating a blog post?

In order to outrank your competitors, our blog writers follow specific guidelines that are paramount to your blog planning and strategy.

We stay on your brand’s message

Publish fresh content as per the client’s requirement

Write for specific buyers

Understand the value of each reader

Highlight clear and effective calls to action

Include custom images, illustrations, and videos.

Include internal links and outbound links

Optimize the content for social sharing

Update your old or top-performing blog posts

Ensure 100% relevancy, uniqueness, and creativity

Frequently Asked Questions!

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