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We’re Emerging As The Leader In Modern Day Internet Marketing Solutions

Hukumat is an Internet Marketing company; we help companies and individuals achieve their goals by bringing more business for them. We create custom strategies for each of our customers based on their exact needs. Our aim is to provide top-notch services to help them grow their business as we totally understand “IF YOU GET BUSINESS FROM US, WE WILL GET PAID REGULARLY”.

Infact, this is part of our company philosophy:to help clients as much as we can. At Hukumat, we actually take an oathon the 1st day, and every new person who joins Hukumat, takes that same oath to help customers as much as we can.

Since the day Hukumat launched on February 15, 2007 by a young guy, Umer Hayat, when he was just 17, we have never looked back and have gone on to achieve success. It wasn’t a straight forward journey for us; success and failures are at every stage, but we never thought about quitting and have firm beliefs that one day we will be successful.

Where We Failed Before — And How It’s Better

Let’s be honest, we are not robots; we failed too like anyother person in the world, but everytime we fail, we take it as a learning opportunity. For instance, we failed when Google updated Panda in 2012, we failed miserably.Even we had to cut our team from 35 members to just 11, but as our foundations were strong, Hukumat recovered and started implementing strategies which Google loves.


We came up with a long-term approach in ranking websites in Google. We follow only White Hat stuff which is a #1 requirement of any SEO. Also, we started web development, web designing operations, Pay Per Click and survived that hard time. Since then, we keep a very close eye on Google updates and work on websites for along-term approach. Also, we created unique strategies to rank local business websites as modern day SEO, it’s quite different to rank general sites compared to local business websites. We can say that we are experts in it; that’s why we offering Guaranteed 1st Page rankings services too.