Did you know there are 192 million Twitter active users with 79% of them recommend a brand that they follow on Twitter?Because the fact is, today Twitter users are 53% more likely to convert and buy your products than other users on the platforms.


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Twitter Marketing Services- A Terrible Idea Or A Smart Tactic?

 The reason is, Twitter is one of the most effective, compelling, and user-friendly social media platforms that invite audiences from all over the world and connect them together through tweets. 


However, do you know there are still many people who think that Twitter is a terrible platform for leads and promotions. They believe it’s ill-suited for their needs, and they shouldn’t advertise their products and services on Twitter. 

Why is that so? Well, the reason is, they have not harnessed the power of this popular social channel effectively.


They implemented wrong tactics and ineffective ideas that do not work well in today’s competitive market.


Therefore, the smart tactic is hiring Twitter marketing services that have sufficient knowledge and experience in providing tremendous results. 


The experts do not only increase engagement on your channel but also streamline the process of leads and conversions. 


Want to find out how? Let’s read on further till the end and discover all the strategies we implement for your success and recognition.

Drive brand awareness, engagement, and followers’ count with Twitter marketing campaign

Let us reveal an interesting fact. People who tweet with trending hashtags have a 100% engagement rate. This means if you belong to an e-commerce company and selling products like cosmetics or perfumes, using correct hashtags will help you sell more products as the engagement rate will be high and a lot of people will engage and show interest.


In fact, 67% of B2B companies now use Twitter as a marketing tool so they can engage maximum people towards your services.

How does our Twitter marketing agency work for your goals?

Hukumat Networks has been in the business for more than a decade. We have launched several campaigns and helped startups to grow. This makes us an excellent choice for every business. But what are our strategies and marketing methods? What services do we provide to our Twitter clients?

Running Twitter Ads campaigns

Instagram, Facebook, and Google are not the only mediums where you can promote services through compelling Ads. Twitter is also a wonderful platform that allows you to create ads to convert maximum people for your services. Like Google ads, we search keywords to include in your ad and then optimize them well based on user’s demographics and interests. Once we run ads, you will find plenty of clicks, leads, and conversions as the audience can see the ads in their newsfeed while looking for their desired products.

Building a powerful content plan

Promotion of your content is a crucial part of your strategy. Without effective and engaging content, you cannot entice followers and hence lose engagements and conversions. That’s the reason, our experts do a lot of research in your industry so they can come up with unique and effective content ideas. We work on trending hashtags to include in captions and ensure that the content is engaging, creative, and research-backed. After that, we create and share the content with a massive audience to get maximum shares and visibility..

Increase followers’ count

Increasing followers and fans on Twitter is another objective most business owners have. They want strategic posts and content that engage people and make them a long-term follower. Because without increased fan following, it's impossible to build connections or get conversions. Thus, we launch campaigns, share effective content like videos, images, and infographics, and engage with more and more people so that we can show them that you are an authority in your industry.

Profile set up

Twitter is the best social media channel that helps your audience know what your business is, what services do you provide, and how can you help them in the future.Therefore, we make sure that your Twitter profile is optimized well, and help you boost the visibility of your business while enticing new followers. Also, the Google search engine shows a Twitter profile in search results when someone uses keywords that define your industry, so we create and manage your profile accordingly.

Comprehensive reporting

At Hukumat Networks, you will be working with our dedicated Twitter manager who will be responsible to provide detailed insights about your campaign and implement several methods to get brilliant results. In the end, our specialist will also send you a comprehensive report that tells you about the performance of the campaign so you can judge which elements are working and which needs more improvement.

What makes Hukumat Networks a perfect Twitter marketing agency?

Now you must be wondering why Hukumat Networks? What makes the agency special among others in the industry? 

Well, there are a lot of reasons to rely on Hukumat professionals, such as:

We are not robotic

Unlike other traditional Twitter marketing agencies, we are not robotic, and we hate publishing copied content. This is the reason, we work with creative writers who have years of knowledge and experience in crafting unique, engaging, and compelling content. Our potential clients love to choose us because we provide unique content that engages people. Also, we never used RSS readers to post old or recycled articles. We do not like such automated tactics as they offer short-term results. We handcraft interesting tweets that are specifically tailored for your business.

Custom plans

Yes, we love to create custom plans for our potential clients. Because we believe that you cannot be successful on Twitter without having a proper game plan. And unfortunately, many business owners do not tweet effectively as they are following a bandwagon and not conducting any research before posting online. But at Hukumat, we prefer to know our clients well. That’s why we make sure that we create robust action plans to get the most out of your campaign. This makes us a reliable choice among others.

Full-service agency

Well, yes Twitter is the most reliable and outstanding platform to increase brand awareness. But it doesn’t mean that you should only rely on a single platform. Hukumat Networks is a full-service marketing agency that provides Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook marketing services as well. We create different plans for each platform so you can accomplish your objectives in a short time.

We believe in results that speak louder

Another reason to love Hukumat is, we believe in results and not following the traditional strategies. We are result-oriented which you can also observe on our clients’ page who have chosen us for different projects many times. We create plans for your campaigns that are alread

We do not buy “fake followers” for you!

You must have seen many agencies and experts who claim to provide 1000 followers in just 1 day. Technically speaking, this is not possible because you always need time to engage an audience and earn their trust. In fact, if you are running ads with high investment, it's still not possible today due to a lot of competition. These companies actually buy fake followers that are not beneficial for your growth. At Hukumat Networks, you will experience the opposite. You will get real organic followers within 4-6 months who will be actually buying your products and showing interest in your services.

Whatever Your Goals Are, We Are Here To Serve With Twitter Marketing Strategy

We know that you have some goals and objectives. Some business owners want maximum sales and conversions, and some of them want to drive relevant traffic. Well, whatever your goals are, our experts are here to help you achieve the golden Twitter marketing strategy that sets the foundation of your success.


With Hukumat Networks, you can expect

Extended brand reach

Increased brand awareness

Targeted traffic

Customer loyalty and engagement

Build a strong online community

Improve public relations

Gain new ideas for marketing

Generate nurtured leads

Drive traffic to the website

Differentiate yourself from competitors.

Boost your SEO

Improve authority and influence

Some Salient Features Of Twitter Marketing And Promotion

Besides following strategies and techniques, there are a lot of features connected with our Twitter marketing and promotions such as

Timely engagement

Timely engagement is extremely crucial for your campaign. We make sure that our experts post tweets when most of your relevant audience is active online

Say more with fewer words

Our experts have enough knowledge and experience regarding Twitter marketing, they know how to say more with using fewer words as Twitter limits word usage.

Targeted campaigns

Another feature is you can run targeted campaigns.  Our team ensures that the content reaches the relevant audience while using accurate hashtags.

Order your favorite Twitter Package today!

So, now you have got enough understanding about why Twitter is beneficial for your business, so it’s time to order your favorite package, and let’s get started.



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Failed To Engage The Audience On Twitter? Hire Hukumat And Taste Success After Tasting Failures

Once A Very Popular Indian Actor Akshay Kumar Said


“When you taste super success after tasting super failure, there is a huge relief”.


And we kind of love that expression. If you have also been there, you can understand the meaning behind it. Because when you work with agencies that failed to aspire you and all you taste is disappointment and failure, then when you get in the right hands and taste success after that failure, you always find a huge relief. Isn’t it?